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CEO, Nutrition in Action - Jenny Steinhaus

By: Katie Odland, Student Liaison

Jenny Steinhaus M.S, L.N.

What is your job title?

CEO Nutrition in Action and Faculty at Lake Region State College.


Where do you work?

Nutrition in Action, I develop nutrition education materials for young children. I operate the business out of my home.   As Faculty at LRSC I am completely web based as well. I teach all of the online nutrition courses.  So although I work for LRSC, my work location can be anywhere!  I most often work remote but I do have an office at the college.

In my spare time I also have been substitute teaching this year.  This is usually a lot of fun and gives me a new location for work which is refreshing.  It’s great because I can say yes only if my schedule allows.


How did you start Nutrition in Action/what is the history behind it?

I started Nutrition in Action 6 years ago to develop curricula for educators. I saw a need for grab and go nutrition and health education materials for young children.  I own four copyrights and have developed materials including:

  • Music & Movement Nutrition in Action, a 9 lesson curriculum which combines nutrition education with children’s literacy, music, and physical activity.
  • Hand Washing Germs are Everywhere teaching kits.
  • Family Meal Time: We have Table Manners teaching kits and placemats.
  • I also carry nutrition and health related books but can order nearly any book.   I have had many bulk orders for story books. It is wonderful for an organization to use grant funds to give nutrition related storybooks to children!    
    • For product information visit my website at

I sincerely believe music and story books are an under-utilized resource in nutrition and health education. Partnering music and story time grabs children’s interests and provides an outlet for high spirits and creative energy. I try to incorporate story time and music as much as possible in the materials I develop. Nutrition in Action is a creative, fun, and innovative way for children to learn about nutrition and physical activity.  I am currently working on education materials to meet the need of educators using the new common core curricula. 


What do you do on a typical day of work?

It all depends, sometimes I am assembling products for shipment to catalogs or direct orders from my website and running to the post office or UPS for shipping.  Other days I am grading papers for my work at LRSC. When I am not doing either of those I am open to substitute teach.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is selling a product that I have developed myself and hearing positive comments from educators!  


What education requirements, college degrees, and licenses are needed for your career?

I have my Masters Degree and I am a licensed nutritionist.


What do you wish you knew (but didn't) when you first contemplated this career?

How rewarding it really is every day to do something that you are passionate about. Also, nutrition jobs in a non-clinical setting are hard to come by. I wish I would have had a minor in business or marketing to complement my degrees.

What are the working conditions like (stress, pace, physical comfort, travel, environment, relocation, hours)?

Stress and pace come with orders.  When I get an order from a catalog stating that they have the item on back order and are completely out and I am scheduled to work at the college it is very stressful and on those days long hours are put in trying to assemble kits and ship the items.

Physical comfort is great….I work from home most of the time!   Travel is depending on my own schedule, what conferences I choose to go to and when.

Why are you an NDNC member?

I am an NDNC member for many reasons, networking, great conferences, and having access to knowledgeable professionals from throughout the state.

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