North Dakota Nutrition Council


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  • Article 1 - Name

    • The name of this organization shall be the North Dakota Nutrition Council, hereinafter referred to as the Council.
  • Article 2 - Purpose

    • The purpose of the Council  is to improve the nutritional health of North Dakotans through the promotion of accurate and current nutrition information, and to support nutrition professionals in their roles as educators and health advocates.
  • Article 3 - Activities

    • The activities of the Council are:
      • To formulate a position on pertinent legislative issues, and to develop/support legislation which furthers the purpose of the Council.
      • To create an awareness of potential job opportunities and careers related to nutrition.
      • To create an awareness of the nutritional value of and uses for North Dakota Products.
      • To publicize existing food and nutrition programs and services and make recommendations for the public.
      • To provide accurate information to people who are dispensing nutrition information.
      • To sponsor and support seminars, symposiums, conferences and similar discussion on food and nutrition issues.
      • To encourage graduate and undergraduate study in nutrition by awarding scholarships to Council members for such study, contingent on the availability of funds.
      • To provide members with an opportunity to access funds to enhance nutrition education programming efforts, contingent on the availability of funds.
  • Article 4 - Membership

    • The membership shall be students or individuals who, because of their work or personal concerns, are interested in promoting adequate nutrition and in providing accurate nutrition information. No person shall be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, sex, disability, minority group or national origin.
    • There shall be two categories of membership: student and individual.
        • Student: Any student interested in nutrition and who has paid student dues. A student must currently be enrolled in a college or vocational school.
        • Individual: Any individual interested in nutrition and who has paid the annual dues.
      • Article 5 - Rights of Members

        • Members have an equal right to attend and participate in all meetings.
        • One vote may be cast by each member who has paid current dues.
        • Minutes from council meetings and Council Executive Board meetings will be highlighted in the newsletter to the membership.
        • Members have an equal right to hold office and serve on Council committees.
      • Article 6 - Governing Structure

        • The Governing Board shall consist of an Executive Board composed of the elected officers, standing committee chairs, past President, and AD Hoc committee chairs appointed by the President of the Council.
          • Executive Board meetings may be called by the President or at least two other board members. A quorum will be attained by five Executive Board members, or 50 percent of the current board members
          • Executive Board decisions may be made by phone, email, Internet connection or at scheduled face-to-face Executive Board meetings.
      • Article 7 - Officers

        • The elected officers shall consist of President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Vice-President shall be elected from east or west geographic areas of the state on alternating years  when possible and shall serve a one-year term as vice president, followed by one-year terms as president-elect, president and past-president.  The Secretary and Treasurer shall serve two-year terms and shall be elected in odd-numbered and even-numbered years, respectively.  In order to serve in any NDNC office, the person nominated, and appointed/elected, must be a current NDNC member.
      • Article 8 - Duties of Officers

        • President:
          • Shall preside at all meetings.
          • Shall be chair of the annual conference and co-chair of Program Committee
          • Shall appoint all committee chairs to represent the whole state.
          • Shall serve on the Executive Board following the term of office.
        • President-Elect:
          • Shall perform the functions and duties of the President in the absence of the President
          • Shall assist the President in planning Executive Board or other meetings
          • Shall organize annual sponsors for NDNC and mentor Vice President
          • Shall chair Exhibits and Vendors Committee for annual conference and mentor Vice President
          • Shall serve as President during the term following the term as President-Elect
        • Vice-President:
          • Shall serve as an advocate for effective nutrition legislation
          • Shall assist the President-Elect on organization of annual sponsors for NDNC.
          • Shall assist the President-Elect on the Exhibits and Vendors Committee for annual conference
          • Shall serve as President during the term following the term as President-Elect.
        • Secretary:
          • Shall record minutes of all meetings
          • Shall conduct all general correspondence
          • Shall organize a slate of candidates, at least one name per office, for each elected office as specified in Article 9
        • Treasurer:
          • Shall receive funds and deposit them in an account set up by the Executive Board
          • Shall record all receipts and disbursements and submit these records for audit with every term of the treasurer
          • Shall issue checks for authorized expenses
          • Shall publish annual budget and annual financial report
          • Shall co-chair Registration Committee
        • Past President:
          • Shall serve on Executive Board, following the term as President
          • Shall be co-chair of Annual Conference Program Committee
          • Shall review bylaws annually and recommend needed changes to the Executive Board
          • Shall chair the North Dakota Nutrition Council Grant Committee.
          • Shall coordinate the yearly archiving of NDNC records at the State Historical Society of North Dakota
      • Article 9 - Elections

        • Election of officers will be by electronic ballot via email or mailed ballot. Names of candidates shall be submitted to voting members via electronic survey at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting. The Technology Chair will serve as teller and will report the results of the voting to the Executive Board
        • In the event of a vacancy of any office, the Executive Board shall appoint a successor to serve until the next election
      • Article 10 - Chair Duties

        • Committee Chairs shall be appointed by the President of the Council. Standing committees shall include but are not limited to: Education, Membership, Public Relations and Technology. They shall be appointed for a term of 2 years. Public Relations and Technology shall be appointed in odd-numbered years; Education and Membership shall be appointed in even-numbered years. Chairs may appoint committee members as needed to perform assigned duties. Committee chairs shall review and update all duties of their committees annually and shall submit any changes to the Past-President of the Council.
          • Education:
            • Shall coordinate the award of scholarships
            • Shall coordinate the continuing education units for the spring/summer conference
            • Shall chair the selection committee for the nutrition education project award
            • Shall develop evaluation for annual conference
          • Membership:
            • Shall seek new members in all categories
            • Shall maintain and update membership directory
            • Shall co-chair Registration Committee
          • Public Relations:
            • Shall produce and edit newsletter and other publications when directed by Council members
            • Shall develop annual conference brochure
            • Shall chair Hospitality Committee
          • Technology:
            • Shall facilitate the use of online technology to promote the mission of the Council
            • Shall organize all AV equipment during annual conference
            • Shall facilitate all online elections
            • Shall manage the NDNC listserv
      • Article 11 - Meetings

        • Membership meetings shall be held a minimum of once a year. Other meetings may be called by the President and/or the Executive Board.
        •  Membership meetings will be held at the annual conference
        • When appropriate, membership meetings shall be scheduled in conjunction or coordination with meetings of allied professional groups.
        • Voting is carried by simple majority.
        • Robert's Rule of Order shall govern all parliamentary procedure.
      • Article 12 - Adopting and Amending Bylaws

        • Changes to bylaws may be made by email, via electronic survey, or at the annual membership meeting. Members shall have 15 days to submit their vote via electronic survey. If bylaw changes are to be voted on at annual membership meeting bylaw changes should be presented to membership no less than 15 days prior to annual meeting. Bylaw changes must be carries by two-thirds vote of ballots received or voting members present. Accommodation will be made for those without email access upon request. 
      • Article 13 - Financial Matters

        • The fiscal year shall run from July 1 to June 30.
        • Membership fees shall be established and/or approved by the Executive Board.
        • Meeting registration fees and membership fees shall be processed in accordance with established procedures.
        • An audit of the accounts and records of the Council shall be made with every change of the Treasurer.
      • Article 14 - Dissolution

        • In the event of the final dissolution and liquidation of the Council, the Executive Board, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all liabilities of the Council, shall dispose of the remaining assets.
        • Article 15 - Annual Conference Committee Duties

          • Program Committee
            • Shall be co-chaired by Past-president and President
            • Shall identify conference theme and topics
            • Shall book facility and reserve room blocks at hotel
            • Shall facilitate speaker contracts and accommodations
            • Shall facilitate the sending of thank you notes to speakers and contracted payment if needed
          • Registration Committee
            • Shall be co-chaired by Membership chair and Treasurer
            • Shall develop and have available registration forms in electronic and hard copy form
            • Shall set fees for annual conference, in conjunction with committee
            • Shall design name tags for annual conference
          • Exhibits and Vendors Committee
            • Shall be chaired by President-elect with Vice President's assistance
            • Shall coordinate all venders and exhibitors
            • Shall contact current mini-grant recipients to display
            • Shall organize door prizes
            • Shall develop all necessary signage
          • Hospitality Committee
            • Shall be facilitated by the Communications Committee
            • Shall work with conference facility or caterer on menu for meals, snacks and beverages
            •  Shall arrange/facilitate decor for room: e.g. banners, signage and table center pieces
        • Article 16 - Student Liaison

          • Shall be a sophomore or junior working toward a nutrition degree or a related degree
          • Shall serve a 1 year term
          • Shall act as liaison to college student population
          • Shall attend NDNC board meetings

        1/10/78 North Dakota Nutrition Council Task Force
        3/30/79 Revised North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        6/80 Amended North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        9/17/82 Revised North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        9/18/84 Revised North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        5/17/91 Updates North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        12/10/93 Amended North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        1/2/95 Revised North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        4/30/98 Amended North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        4/29/99 Revised North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        4/27/00 Revised North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        3/15/02 Revised Articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        6/3/04 Revised North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        4/7/05 Revised Articles 10 and 11 North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        4/18/07 Revised Articles 7 and 11 North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        4/15/08 Revised Article 10 North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
        1/28/13 Revised Articles 6,8,9,10 and 12. Adopted Articles 15 and 16 North Dakota Nutrition Council Bylaws Committee
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