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Survey Dates 2017
Wheat 5/22 - 6/2 5/29 - 6/9 6/5 - 6/16 Season Final
Fields Surveyed and Crop Stage* image image image
Bacterial Leaf Blight-Incidence
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus-Incidence image image
Black Chaff-Incidence
Flag Smut - Incidence
Glume Blotch-Incidence
Leaf Rust-Incidence image image
Leaf Rust-Severity image image
Loose Smut-Incidence image
Scab-Severity Index-Zadok >70
Septoria SSP-Incidence image image
Septoria SSP-Severity image image
Spot Blotch-Incidence image
Spot Blotch-Severity image
Stem Rust - Incidence
Stripe Rust- Incidence image
Tan Spot-Incidence image image image
Tan Spot-Severity image image image
Wheat Powdery Mildew image image
Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus    image
Aphids image image image
Cereal Leaf Beetle image
Wheat Stem Sawfly - Adult image
Wheat Stem Maggot image
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