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October 2020 (unofficial)

North Dakota NEAFCS Unofficial Meeting Minutes

Fall 2020


The meeting was called to order by President Cindy Klapperich on October 29, 2020 at 3:15p.m. via Zoom.


Attending: Kayla Carlson, Cindy Klapperich, Donna Anderson, Holly Arnold, Kari Helgoe, Amber Stockeland, Jacey Wanner, Julie Garden-Robinson, Christina Rittenbach, Courtney Hoikkala, Danielle Dinger, Debra Lee, Dena Kemmet, Ellen Bjelland, Erin Berentson, Gabriele Nelson, Jeanne Erickson, Karen Armstrong, Katie Henry, Katie Thompson, Kendra Metcalfe, Kimberly Hermanson, Marcia Hellandsaas, Molly Soeby, Rita Ussatis, Sara Laite, Shaundra Bolinske, Susan Milender, Vanessa Hoines

Guests: Greg Lardy, Lynette Flage, Penny Dale, Carrie Johnson

Courtney Hoikkala read NEAFCS Mission.

Danielle Dinger read NEAFCS Vision.


SECRETARY REPORT: S. Laite presented secretary’s report. Motion to approve by E. Bjelland, seconded by R. Ussatis. Motion carried.


TREASURER REPORT: D. Anderson presented treasurer’s report. Checking account balance is $3,235.34. The 4-H Foundation account balance as of January 31, 2019 is $11,468.53. Motion to approve by V. Hoines, seconded by D. Kemmet. Motion carried.


Our Family Farm Fundraiser Update: $356 was raised from five members who sold books and notecards. Donations received from Eunice Sahr ($60) and Suzanne Stluka ($100). Total benefit to date is $516. There is a holiday special Nov 1st, so we can continue selling books. Members encouraged to purchase books from those selling.


Committee Reports

Awards/Recognition: C. Rittenbach reported award winners from the year as well as upcoming dates and deadlines. Neafcs.org website has information to help complete the application process. Members can check out the Awards-at-a-Glance document for a summary of all of the awards that are available as well as applications of previous winners.

NDEAFCS Members who received NEAFCS awards this year at annual session:

Julie Garden-Robinson and team: Family Health and Wellness Award, 1st place in Central Region and 1st place nationally for On the Move to Stronger Bodies

Cindy Klapperich and team: Innovation in Programming Award, 1st place in Central Region and 2nd place nationally for Healthwise for Guys and Healthwise for Women

Acacia Stuckle and team: Community Partnership Award, 3rd place in Central Region for Germans from Russia Partnership

Julie Garden-Robinson and team: Food Safety Award, 2nd place in Central Region for North Central Region Food Preservation Outreach and Evaluation

Julie Garden-Robinson and team: Multistate Collaboration Award, 1st place in Southern Region and 2nd place nationally for food, nutrition and health webinars

Nikki Johnson and team: Multistate Collaboration Award, 1st place in Western region and 1st place nationally for Diabetes Prevention Program

Upcoming dates and deadlines:

December 1: Awards system goes live. Members can start getting awards ready now and will be able to start submitting on December 1.

December 31: State dues are due to national by this date; you cannot receive an award if your dues are turned in late. Please get your dues in on time.

February 15: State awards deadline.

March 15: National awards deadline.

Member Resources: E. Bjelland reported that next year’s national meeting will be held in Michigan, the Central Region. Asked members to send email to C. Rittenbach to tell her of awards won. Reminder that Service Awards include number of times attended national meetings and years of service. Has updated membership list on listserv and welcomed new members. During the Spring Annual Meeting elect new officers. Should put two names in for each position. Kendra Metcalf will be taking over for E. Bjelland as VP of Member Resources.

Public Affairs: V. Hoines reported that Mandy Slag was our choice to receive the Friend of NDNEAFCS award. NEAFCS Website has changed and gave members a tour. Dining In for Healthy Families is Dec 3rd. Encourage and share resources. Living Well Month is in March.

Recommends that each member print in color and hang up NEAFCS Creed. All states are asked to share stories/impacts that are compiled into NEAFCS Impact Statements; due Feb 1st. Looking for short impacts, pictures. Showed members an example. Erin Berentson will take over for V. Hoines as VP of Public Affairs

Professional Development: M. Hellandsas reported that North Dakota has tried to have opportunities. Not enough signed up for last year’s Dickens Festival opportunity, so had to cancel. Can’t do in person professional development this year due to Covid-19. At the National level, there are opportunities for program development, reviewing conference proposals, choosing sessions, etc. Courtney Hoikkala will take over for M. Hellandsas as VP of Professional Development.

National Committee: S. Bolinske reported new resources available Feb 1st. Look at different national committees available to follow efforts. Due March 15th. Discussed mentoring and leadership committee.

FCW Promotion Committee: K. Carlson reported about recent Film Club; more than 50 attended. There will be another Film Club in December. Will have updates and goals for the future.

Administrative Update: Greg Lardy discussed changes during pandemic and local Legislative sessions. Looking for testimony for state Legislative session; could be stakeholders, ordinary citizens using/benefiting from our programs. Governor’s Budget will be coming out Early December. Lynette Flage urged members to continue to share stories, impacts, etc. with Legislators. Welcomed new staff to association and encouraged to join. Discussed Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference in Washington, ND. Someone from each association can go; President provides nominations. Community Forums Update: 300+ registered; 6 different forums; details are being finalized; good response coming back from survey. Advertising for interim FCW program leader has started.

4-H Foundation Representative: D. Lee introduced Penny Dale, Manager of 4-H Foundation. Dale reported we are meeting our financial commitments; building relationships with possible donors/donors (could do more); foundation provides funds for things you can’t purchase with public dollars. Encouraged members to dream about what you would utilize the funds for. Last year’s NDSU Day of Giving raised over $7,000 plus a $10,000 match to 4-H. Due to lack of time Dale will send us a written report with more information.

State Fair Representative: No report, no 2020 ND State Fair.

Reports from NEAFCS

K. Quale put together a basket for the silent auction for NEAFCS National Conference.

C. Klapperich discussed national conference and asked members who attended to share one word that described the conference.

K. Carlson reported Bylaws and constitution as it currently reads with the markups from the committee. Proposed changes will be discussed at a separate meeting in the future.

Cards and Gifts Committee: E. Bjelland and V. Hoines reported it was decided to send cards from the association only for retirement; $ per year of service. VP of member resources takes care of this. This is a clarification of the policy.

J. Garden-Robinson noted accomplishments of our affiliate Check out new website. ND mentioned in food safety, obesity, child nutrition, and Covid Response Impact Reports.

Professional Development Summary: S. Laite reported on the form discussed at last meeting and since put together by N. Johnson, K. Metcalf and herself. Moved to adopt form by S. Bolinske. Seconded by E. Bjelland. Motion Failed.

Unfinished Business:

Onboarding and sustainability/strategic plan for the future: V. Hoines moved to table this discussion. Seconded by D. Kemmit. Motion carried.

New Business:

V. Hoines advised members to look at National committees. Need a volunteer to review proposals for sessions that happen at JCEP or PILD.

J. Garden-Robinson Updating awards manual and awards at a glance, Dec 1st. Judged by the state affiliate.

R. Ussatis, Nomination Committee, encouraged members to put name forward as a national officer.

Upcoming events: PILD

Katie Henry led us in reciting the NEAFCS creed.

Motion to adjourn by D. Anderson, seconded by M. Soeby. Motion carried.


Submitted by,

Sara Laite, Secretary

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