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ND Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science

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October 2019

North Dakota NEAFCS Meeting Minutes

Fall 2019

Guests: Adrian Biewer shared needs for 4-H Camp help throughout the summer to provide quality camping programming. Greg Lardy updated members on past legislative session, current status within Extension and SBARE listening sessions.

Administrative Update- Lynette Flage updated on work/events happening within FCW.

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Rita Ussatis on October 23, 2019 at 5:50 p.m. at the West Fargo Conference Center, West Fargo, ND.

Attending: Christina Rittenbach, Rita Ussatis, Vanessa Hoines, Nikki Johnson, Stacy Wang, Lynette Flage, Katalin Quale, Julie Garden-Robinson, Dena Kemmet, Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske, Ellen Bjelland, Sara Laite, Cindy Klapperich, Deb Lee, Susan Milender, Karen Armstrong, Kari Helgoe, Rebecca Yarger, Donna Anderson, Marcia Hellandsaas, Holly Arnold, Acacia Stuckle

Guests: Kendra Metcalfe, Ronda Gripentrog, Kim Rullifson

SECRETARY REPORT: Minutes presented. Motion to approve by E. Bjelland, seconded by V. Hoines. Motion carried.

TREASURER REPORT: D. Anderson presented treasurer’s report - checking account balance is $4,795.82. The 4-H Foundation account balance as of January 31, 2019 was $11,468.53.  Motion to approve by D. Kemmet, seconded by S. Zieman-Bolinske. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Awards/Recognition- Christina Rittenbach reported that J. Garden-Robinson, C. Klapperich and Kristi Berdal received second-place Central Region Communication Award in the education curriculum package category for the Healthwise for Guys program. J. Garden-Robinson also was a member of the North Central Region Food Safety Team which received a first-place Multistate Collaboration Award in the North Central Region and nationally for its work in food preservation education throughout five states.  Application portal opens December 1.

Public Affairs- V. Hoines brought members to NEAFCS Public Affairs tab on national website to view upcoming events and encourage to utilize site. National Dining Out, state impacts, PILD and first time scholarship opens Feb. 1st. If interested in PILD let Kayla Carlson know.

Member Resources- E. Bjelland brought members to NEAFCS Member Resources on national website. Members encouraged to utilize the website more and to look into ways to get involved in national committees. Inviting four new individuals to join NDNEAFCS.

Professional Development- M. Hellandsaas encouraged members to utilize professional development tab on national website. Webinars available, how to submit proposals, and more. E. Bjelland has organized NDNEAFCS outing December 5-6 in Garrison.

State Fair Representative- No report, annual meeting in November.

4-H Foundation Representative- D. Lee reported Penny Dale bringing focus to foundation. 4-H Camp has been a big project. Working on additional funding, partnering with NDSU Foundation, actively pursuing other funding sources, updating list of former businesses that donated in past. Encourage families to fill out Century Families forms. Reminder Extension staff must sign scholarship forms. Giving Hearts Day will be in February. Staff encouraged to donate to Foundation. Looking for representation from southwest.

Old Business:

Submit Impact Reports, needs in state, interdisciplinary

Constitutional update – committee still working on updates. (Committee – J. Garden-Robinson, K. Carlson, S. Ziemann-Bolinske)

NDEAFCS Conference – Vanessa Hoines, Ellen Bjelland, Julie Garden-Robinson, Rebecca Yarger, Rita Ussatis, Nikki Johnson, and Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske attended. Ussatis thanked E. Bjelland for running for President. V. Hoines elected Central Regional Director. J. Garden-Robinson elected Vice President of Awards and Recognition.  Reports heard from attendees.

New Business:

National perspective – V. Hoines shared opening for National Finance committee in North Central Region. Contact Hoines if interested.

International Federation for Home Economics – E. Bjelland shared IFHE next conference will be in Atlanta, August 2-8, 2020. E. Bjelland moved to contribute $100 to an international attendee to attend  IFHE. J. Garden-Robinson seconded. Discussion. Motion passed.

Bob Bertsch requested sponsorship for International Conference of the Community Development Society to meet July 12-15 in Fargo. D. Anderson moved to sponsor $100, D. Kemmet seconded. Discussion. Motion passed.

Deb Gebke offer sale of her children’s book for fundraiser for group. D. Anderson, D. Lee, and  D. Kemmet serve on committee to explore options.

Recognized visitors.

E. Bjelland moved to adjourn. M. Hellandsaas second.


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