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October 2015

Unapproved Minutes of the October 14, 2015 NDEAFCS Meeting

Prior to meeting Director Chris Boerboom reported on: 1) incentive programs are continuing for 2016; 2) status of open and filled positions within Extension; 3) thanked those that helped at community forums in which Extension gained valuable input.

The meeting was called to order by President Samantha Roth on October 14, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. at the Radisson in Bismarck, ND, during the Fall Extension Conference.

Attending: Callie Johnson, Marcia Hellandsaas, Christina Rittenbach, Vanessa Hoines, Ellen Bjelland, Deb Gebeke, Rita Ussatis, Amy Lick, Megan Ness Ditterick, Karla Monson, Acacia Stuckle, Desire’e Steinberger, Deb Lee, Brenda Langerud, Sean Brotherson, Divya Saxena, Donna Anderson, Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske, Sue Quamme, Macine Lukach, Cindy Klapperich, Dena Kemmet, Kim Bushaw, Samantha Roth, Karen Armstrong, Julie Garden-Robinson, Kari Helgoe, Colleen Svingen, Jane Strommen, Lori Scharmer

Guests: Chris Boerboem, Kayla Bakewell

SECRETARY REPORT: Motion (Vanessa Hoines) to approve secretary’s report, seconded (Rita Ussatis) and passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Donna Anderson reported the checking account beginning balance (Apr. 24, 2015): $5,114.35. 4-H Foundation account balance (Feb. 2015): $12,195.10. Motion (Brenda Langerud) to accept the report, seconded (Callie Johnson) and passed.

Dues are due December 15, 2015 to D. Anderson. Members are to update status on NEAFCS webpage.


Awards/Recognition (Christina Rittenbach):

Award to Julie Garden-Robinson and team - Nourishing Boomers – First place Central Region; Third place national award. Encouraged more to apply for awards and will send out an email reminder. 

Member Resources (Ellen Bjelland):

Welcome and introduction of three new members, Amy Lick, Bowman; Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske, Burleigh; and Desire’e Steinberger, Williams. Welcome to returning members Megan Ness Ditterick and Sean Brotherson. Guest was Kayla Blakewell, FCS agent-in-training, Richland.

Public Affairs (Vanessa Hoines):

The Bank of North Dakota was awarded and recognized as the 2015 “Friend of NDNEAFCS” at Fall Conference awards ceremony. It was suggested to continue to highlight the different pieces of FCS and HDFS when selecting awardees. Members are encouraged to submit impact statements (best two sentences, great quotes) on NEAFCS website to make ND FCS present at national level (report under public affairs tab - affiliate impact statement, usually due end of February).

Professional Development (Molly Soeby, new chairperson):

Samantha Roth reported on professional development retreat in August. Feedback was very positive. A closed NDNEAFCS Facebook group was formed as result of event.

4-H Foundation Representative (Dena Kemmet):

Dena Kemmet’s term expires in November. Update on 4-H Foundation fundraising goals. Looking for board members in Units 2 & 10. Members can email Meredith Gilroy with potential names. Also shared information about the ND tax credit incentive program.

Please keep the opportunity to serve as Foundation representative in mind. If anyone is interested contact Samantha Roth or Dena Kemmet. The Foundation meets 4x a year.

State Fair Representative (Ellen Bjelland):

Donna Anderson reported exhibits were slightly down.

National Association Meeting

November 2-5, 2015, West Virginia – seven members and one guest will be attending. Julie Garden-Robinson will present on the Nourishing Boomers and Beyond program and International Year of Pulses during annual session.

FCS Promotional Committee (Amy Lick, new chairperson):

A. Lick will be forming a new promotional group and creating a survey looking for suggestions to best present FCS at the legislative updates. Also talked about having a tagline.

Extension Day at the Capitol – All Extension associations will be represented. S. Ziemann-Bolinske will help spearhead FCS ideas; 2-3 representatives from each association will help man booth and would like to include hands-on activity or invite someone who’s participated in programming. It was suggested to have information to lay out for legislators and information/ statistics be broken by districts. It was also suggested to work with the Extension branding committee for cohesiveness.

JCEP Report

Samantha Roth reported an idea was suggested to look at rotating office chair responsibilities on a term basis. Program leaders are looking at new data reporting systems; Members were encouraged to complete quarterly narratives in a timely manner so the Director can potentially send to SBARE members. 




Motion (Dena Kemmet) to allow delegates to decide at national session to approve national by-law changes, seconded (Macine Lukach). Discussion held. Motion passed. 

HNES, HDFS and Community Vitality update programming will combine together in spring 2016. Doodle poll to be sent out to determine available dates. 

Recommended to hold spring 2016 meeting in conjunction with spring FCS update. 

Deb Gebeke shared on several topics: 1) Health Extension and partnering agencies; 2) documents members can use during legislative updates; 3) newspaper article ND’s rank of adult obesity and relating ND data to be available in SharePoint file; 4) GMO’s - future exploratory efforts by food sciences and plant sciences.


JCEP Leadership Meeting – February 10-11, 2016 Las Vegas – Julie Garden-Robinson attending

PILD – April 10-13, 2016 Arlington VA – let Samantha Roth know if interested in attending

NEAFCS 2016 Annual Session: September 12-15 Big Sky MT - discussion held on having this be a professional development event/opportunity

NEAFCS 2017 Annual Session: October 15-19 Omaha NE

NEAFCS 2018 Annual Session: September 24-27 San Antonio TX

National webinars – encouraged to submit proposals and also attend

Motion (Ellen Bjelland) to adjourn, seconded (Callie Johnson).

Meeting adjourned. 

Kari Helgoe, Secretary

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