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October 2014

Approved Minutes of the October 2, 2014 NDEAFCS Meeting

North Dakota NEAFCS Meeting Minutes

Fall 2014

Prior to the meeting a welcome and tour of the newly remodeled NDSU Foods Lab was given to members by Dr. Virginia Clark and Dr. Sherri Stastny. 

The meeting was called to order by President Samantha Roth on October 2, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall on NDSU campus in Fargo, ND.

Attending: Brenda Langerud, Karen Armstrong, Molly J. Soeby, Amanda Dahners, Deb Lee, Callie Johnson, Lori Scharmer, Holly M. Arnold, Cindy Klapperich, Christina Rittenbach, Dena Kemmet, Kristi Berdal, Marcia Hellandsaas, Rita Ussatis, Acacia Stuckle, Vanessa Hoines, Deb Gebeke, Divya Saxena, Donna Anderson, Samantha Roth, Julie Garden Robinson, Kim Bushaw, Kari Helgoe.  

Director Chris Boerboom introduced the proposed incentive programs for Extension Agents and Educators - NDSU Extension Learn & Lead and NDSU Extension Advanced Degree Opportunity.

SECRETARY REPORT: Motion (Marcia Hellandsaas) to approve secretary’s report, seconded (Donna Anderson) and passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Lori Scharmer reported the checking account beginning balance (Oct. 15, 2013): $4,017.10 Ending Balance (Oct. 1, 2014): $4,240.11 4-H Foundation Investment Account Ending Balance as of February 28, 2014: $11,442.69.  Motion (Molly J. Soeby) to accept the report, seconded (Vanessa Hoines) and passed.


Awards/Recognition (Samantha Roth): Awards to Julie Garden Robinson and team-First place, Central Region and National Winner for Communications: Newsletter; Kim Bushaw-Second place, Central Region for Communications: Educational Curriculum.

New committee chair – Christina Rittenbach

Member Resources (Karen Armstrong):

I thank all of you who voted on-line during our spring elections. Our new vice-president is Callie Johnson and our incoming secretary is Kari Helgoe.

I encourage member to take advantage of NEAFCS webinars and social media sites. You are encouraged to go to the National site and update your profile and renew your membership if you have not yet done so.

Members joining in 2014 – Janet Wanek, Susan Milender and Mary Beth Black and as a state member Divya Saxena.

Welcome to Amanda Dahners, Grant County, as an incoming new member. We hope you will feel comfortable in calling any of us with questions. You are now part of the NEAFCS family.

New committee chair – Ellen Bjelland

Public Affairs (Julie Garden Robinson):

The North Dakota Cancer Coalition (NDCC) was chosen as the 2014 “Friend of NDEAFCS” and a representative would be receiving a plaque at the Awards Brunch. Julie will follow up with an article for the NDCC newsletter.

Julie circulated a copy of the national impact sheet showcasing “On the Move to Better Health” among others. The national 2014 Impact Statements were about childhood obesity; community health and wellness; financial management; food, nutrition and health; food safety; healthy homes and the environment; improving children’s lives; and protecting our resources – family life. Members are encouraged to submit impact statements and to participate in the ongoing free webinars offered by NEAFCS.

New committee chair – Vanessa Hoines

Professional Development (Callie Johnson):

There were no applicants for the scholarship this past year, even with the change of deadline. There are still plans for having a spring professional development/meeting that we will bring up under new business.

New committee chair – Donna Bernhardt

4-H Foundation Representative (Dena Kemmet):

The 4-H Foundation:

  • Gave 11 scholarships this past year.
  • Will again be participating in Giving Hearts Day in February.
  • Will hold a Recognition Event on November 21, 2014, in Fargo. Here is where major donors and award recipients (i.e. Century Families) are recognized.
  • Continues to request donations for the Paving the Way campaign to raise funds for the 4-H camp renovations and equipment.
  • There are 19 applicants for the position of 4-H Foundation Director. Screening of applicants will begin very soon.

State Fair Representative (Ellen Bjelland):

No report.

National Association Meeting Report

Kristi Berdal, Julie Garden Robinson, Kim Bushaw, Samantha Roth, and Deb Gebeke reported on sessions of interest they attended at the annual NEAFCS session in Lexington, Kentucky. Kristi reported the role of textiles in the formal/informal education in STEM and that sewing fits into the scientific method and engineering design process. Julie commented on meals on the grill and the collaboration with grilling foods that is available through FCS.

Kim shared how a keynote speaker spoke on the healthcare act and charged all to remind of the marketplace sign up dates and visit the website. Samantha highlighted two programs, Rent Smart from Wisconsin and Unlocking Keys to the Home Ownership from Tennessee. She also shared authentic Kentucky bourbon balls with members as a treat. Deb shared that Ron Weiderholt also attended the national session.

FCS Promotional Committee (Mary Froehlich, et. al):

The committee is exploring whether to make the front page of the FCS booklet into a poster format for all counties to have for further marketing. Deb Gebeke suggested a pull-up tabletop version. The PowerPoint is also available for use.

JCEP Report (Callie Johnson, Marcia Hellandsaas and Samantha Roth):

Samantha will send an electronic copy of the Learn and Lead Incentive program and the Advanced Degree Incentive program brought forth by Director Boerboom.




Motion (Vanessa Hoines) to designate $500 of unused scholarship funds from previous two years to the ND 4-H Foundation Pave the Way campaign, seconded (Dena Kemmet). Discussion held. Motion passed.

Motion (Callie Johnson) to hold a professional development event for NDNEAFCS members May 13-14, 2015, at the ND 4-H Camp (tentatively), seconded (Donna Anderson). Discussion held. Motion passed.

Samantha shared each Association can nominate a member to attend JCEP and PILD. Members who have not attended were encouraged to let Samantha know if interested.

National webinar trainings are free and a good way to connect at the national level to other members.

Samantha will put together a step-by-step guide how to use the NEAFCS website to enroll as a member and sign up for committees, state positions, etc.

The 2015 NEAFCS Annual Session will be held Nov. 2-5, at Greenbrier Resort in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Members were encouraged to attend.

Meeting adjourned.

Kari Helgoe, Secretary

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