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November 2010

Minutes of the November 2, 2010 NDEAFCS Meeting

ND NAEFCS Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2010

Meeting called to order by President Lori Scharmer at 7:30 am.

Members Present: Peggy Anderson, Julie Zikmund, Karla Monson, Vanessa Hoines, Donna Anderson, Megan Myrdal, Callie Johnson, Margaret Tweten, Gayle Gette, Julie Garden-Robinson, Karen Armstrong, Beth Roth, Kristi Berdal, Megan Ness, Christina Rittenbach, Marcia Hellandsaas, Mary Froelich, Rita Ussatis, Sam Roth, Donna Bernhardt, Macine Lukach, Dena Kemmet, Ellen Bjelland, Stacey Heggen, Brenda Langerud, Glenn Muske, Deb Gebeke, Lori Scharmer

There were no additions or corrections to the agenda.
Motion passed by Peggy Anderson.

Donna Bernhardt did not receive the Community Partnership award as previously stated on the agenda. The change was emailed prior to the meeting.

Gayle gave the Treasurer’s report:
• Ending balance (11/2/10) in NDEAFCS account: $2,322.67.
• Balance on NDEAFCS Managed Fund Account: $9,322.14.
• Members were reminded to update their profile and pay dues on the website. They are due December 1st.

Discussion about raising the dues to an even $100 took place:
• Marcia Hellandsaas made a motion to increase local dues  to $15/year, making dues = $100/year. ($85 national dues + $15 local dues = $100) Ellen called for the question.
 All in favor. Motion passed.


Sam Roth gave the award committee report:
• National Awards were presented to:
• Julie Garden-Robinson –Distinguished Service Award
• Peggy Anderson- Continuing Excellence Award
• Award Tips Sheets were handed out to all present. State deadline is  Feb 1, 2011 due to Sam. We would like at least 10 applications to forward to nationals.
• Unanimous ballot was cast for Gayle Gette- Distinguished Service Award and Macine Lukach for Continuing Excellence. Motion passed.

Karen Armstrong gave the Member Resources report:
• New members include: Megan Ness, Megan Myrdal, Christina Rittenbach and Glenn Muske
Rita Ussatis gave the Public Affairs committee report:
• PILD- April 4-6th, 2011- NEAFCS has 20, $150 scholarships available
        - Application information is on the website under member services.
        - Let your district director know if you’re interested.
• Living Well Resource Books. ND association has earned $970 so far. Encourage all members to sell more. Order through Gayle Gette.
 NDEAFCS Friend of Extension. Application due to Rita by February 15th.
 Gift proposal
        - We present the retiree with $2.00/year for membership in NDEAFCS.
        - No gifts will be presented by the association for any other occasion.
        - Rita moved. Marsha Hellandsaas seconded it. Peggy Anderson called for the question. All in favor. Motion passed.

Lori Scharmer gave the Professional Development update:
• $250.00 is available for a professional development opportunity.
     - Scholarship applications will be due Dec. 15.
     - A reminder will be sent to all membership by email.

Lori Scharmer talked about the Fundraising Committee:
• Discussion took place on a previous committee conference call for the following questions:
        - Do we need money? What is the money for? What is the source of funds? (dues, cookbooks)
• Members are encouraged to sell cookbooks at booths at different events such as health fairs, Big Iron, NDNC, LTC, etc. or at FCE county meetings
• A silent auction is being considered. Each county and research center would be asked to contribute something to the auction if they wished.
        - A show of hands revealed that it is a popular idea to pursue.
 Lori will present it to JCEP to discuss further.

Sam Roth gave the 4-H foundation committee report:
• She is at the end of her 3-year term but is willing to serve another term.

Donna Anderson gave the state fair committee report:
• The meeting is on November 18th.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Gayle Gette will have the proposed 2011 budget in the spring.
Lori Scharmer talked about the JCEP Leadership Conference.

Callie Johnson and Vanessa Hoines talked about the New Extension Performance Review forms. Forms are to be completed for annual appraisals.

Lori Scharmer talked about Impact Statements. There are 5 topics available on the NEAFCS website. We can contribute to the impact statements yearly.

Vanessa Hoines, Lori Scharmer, Rita Ussatis, Margaret Tweeten and Ellen Bjelland talked about the National Meeting. Peggy Anderson shared pictures.

NDJCEP meeting report was given by Lori Scharmer.

Deb Gebeke handed out the new NDSU Extension Folders.
• She talked about the office makeover and introduced Glenn Muske.
• We are asked to promote 2-1-1.
• The importance of impact reports was emphasized.
• Promote the “Gearing Up for Kindergarten” curriculum.
• April 12-14th training is joint with 4-H.

President Lori Scharmer adjourned the meeting at 9:12am.

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