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May 2016

North Dakota NEAFCS Meeting Minutes

Spring 2016


The meeting was called to order by President Samantha Roth on May 2, 2016 at 5:15 p.m. at the Meadow Room on NDSU campus in Fargo, ND, during the spring FCS professional development.

Attending: Callie Johnson, Marcia Hellandsaas, Christina Rittenbach, Vanessa Hoines, Ellen Bjelland, Deb Gebeke, Rita Ussatis, Amy Lick, Karla Mattson, Acacia Stuckle, Desire’e Steinberger, Deb Lee, Kristi Berdal, Brenda Langerud, Divya Saxena, Donna Anderson, Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske, Macine Lukach, Kim Bushaw, Samantha Roth, Karen Armstrong, Julie Garden-Robinson, Kari Helgoe, Lori Scharmer, Karen Bettenhausen, Molly Soeby, Amanda Dahners, Holly Arnold

Guests: Chris Boerboom, Margaret Fitzgerald, Carmen Rath-Wald, Jamie Medbery

SECRETARY REPORT: Motion (Ellen Bjelland) to approve secretary’s report, seconded and passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Donna Anderson reported the checking account beginning balance (Apr. 29, 2016): $3,668.29. 4-H Foundation account balance (August 31, 2015): $11,361.30. Motion (Macine Lukach) to accept the report, seconded (Molly Soeby) and passed.

Extension Director Chris Boerboom visited with members on: 1) SBARE ranked three current initiatives for Extension Service: A. Enhancing Extension infrastructure, (all program areas) requesting funding to increase core capacity for larger projects to address needs identified needs from community forums; B. Farm safety education (youth and adult), 1 FTE; C. Enhancing agricultural economy - need farm financial specialist, water quality specialist, ag-value added specialists, pollinator/entomologist (5 FTE’s)

 2) Legislative Day at Capitol – Extension stakeholders interact at local level to communicate messages and utilize an Extension-user testimony approach during appropriation hearings

3) Creation of a visual report-out/map of how Extension has responded to community forum input in past year.

Current employment circumstances - soft-freeze mode for specialist unless they are fully funded. County-wide, authorizing county positions to be filled.

Mountrail County – Extension has worked diligently with county officials to support Extension programs (4-H) for youth and citizens. Extension is working hard to have a successful program in the county and resolve the situation.

Learn and Lead results for 2016 coming soon. The incentive program will likely be on hiatus for 2017. Director is moving ahead with salary exercise, 3% is the average.

Margaret Fitzgerald, Dean of the College of Human Development and Education – upcoming events for the college, including scholarships, hooding for students, commencement with college reception. Department updates and programs.


Awards/Recognition (Christina Rittenbach):

Seven applications were submitted to nationals. Questions were raised about the application process so Christina will organize a Skype training on how to apply for awards. Two state awards, Ellen Bjelland, Continuing Excellence Award, and Kristi Berdal, Distinguished Member Award, will be recognized at national conference. 

Member Resources (Ellen Bjelland):

Elections held for vice-president and secretary positions. No new members since last meeting. Guest was Jamie Medbery, Walsh

Public Affairs (Vanessa Hoines):

Friend of NEAFCS, suggested to rotate between financing, food and nutrition, and human development. Looking for nominees and suggestions for the committee

PILD – (Macine Lukach/Holly Arnold):

“The highlight was going up the Hill to speak and interact with our representative and senators. It was a good experience.” - Macine

“Thank you for opportunity to attend. Macine and I did our best to represent FCS.” - Holly

Professional Development (Molly Soeby):

Professional development for 2017 to be developed. Molly is looking for one representative from each area of state to help with planning. NDNEAFCS Facebook page – reminder to “accept” invitation from Samantha Roth

4-H Foundation Representative (Deb Lee):

Scholarship selections completed - 63 applicants in 2016

State Fair Representative (Ellen Bjelland):

C. Johnson reported 4-H exhibits and open class exhibits down a little

FCS Promotional Committee (Amy Lick/Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske):

Extension Day at the Capitol – S. Ziemann-Bolinske reported on discussion held with having all Extension associations being represented. It was determined the focus will be having constituents visit with local legislators. Considering doing something focusing around Citizenship in Action.

Suggestion to draft a letter to send out the Invest Now Pay Later promotional piece to legislators not able to attend legislative update sessions, invite them to a program and follow up with a phone call.

JCEP Report

Julie Garden-Robinson reported on highlights for national conference in Montana including lodging, theater-style awards program, opening session tailgating party with parade ($50 red wagon and decorate for parade, donated to childcare center). She encouraged members to consider volunteering to serve on national registration committee. Awards will be due in March. Blogspot is available for NEAFCS Montana 2016.

Julie wrote Food and Nutrition Impact report for PILD. She encouraged members to share/submit to NEAFCS journal.




Motion (Julie Garden-Robinson) to buy a red wagon for $50 NEAFCS national conference parade, seconded (Desire’e Steinberger). Discussion held. Motion passed.


Holly Arnold and Molly Soeby will co-chair NDNEAFCS auction at fall conference. Vanessa Hoines from SW and Deb Lee from SE will help coordinate.


Election results – Vice-president, Acacia Stuckle and Secretary Kari Helgoe.


Motion (Ellen Bjelland) to pay new member dues for first year from this point forward, seconded (Vanessa Hoines). Discussion held. Motion passed.


Amy Lick volunteered to update NDNEAFCS webpage.


Affiliate Annual Report – June 1st

NEAFCS 2016 Annual Session: September 12-15 Big Sky MT – need commitment asap

NEAFCS 2017 Annual Session: October 15-19 Omaha NE

NEAFCS 2018 Annual Session: September 24-27 San Antonio TX


Motion (Donna Anderson) to adjourn, seconded (Brenda Langerud). Meeting adjourned.


Kari Helgoe, Secretary

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