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March 2011

Minutes of the March 30, 2011 NDEAFCS Meeting

NAEFCS Spring Meeting  


Members Present: Rita Ussatis, Ellen Bjelland, Deb Gebeke, Julie Zikmund, Donna Bernhardt, Marietta Good, Stacey Heggen, Jesse B. Jurgenson, Macine Lukach, Callie Johnson, Peggy R. Anderson, Dena Kemmet, Sam Roth, Kristi Berdal, Abby Gold, Brandy Buro, Sharon Smith, Donna L. Anderson, Karla Monson, Margaret Tweten, Beth Roth, Mary Froelich, Carmen Rath-Wald, Karen Armstrong, Marcia Hellandsaas, Brenda Langerud, Megan Myrdal, Vanessa Hoines, Lori Scharmer, Gayle Gette, Colleen Singer, Floramay Miller

Lori Scharmer called the meeting to order at 7:15am.

Guests were introduced to the group.

Secretary’s Report: No updates on former minutes.
Sam Roth moved to accept, Peggy Anderson seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:
• Beginning Balance:  March 26, 2010: $2060.98
• Income: $4618.69
• Expenses: $3886.50
• Ending Balance:  March 28, 2011: $2793.17
• Proposed 2011-2012 Income: $455
• Proposed 2011-2012 Expenses: $420
Ellen Bjelland moved to accept. Dena Kemmet seconded. Motion passed.

Deb Gebeke shared information about fiscal issues. She will have a follow-up webinar call to address questions about fiscal issues and the daycare center on campus in the coming months.

Duane Hauck answered questions and shared some information about the fiscal progress. Things are positive. The Gearing Up for Kindergarten program has received a lot of attention and members are encouraged to help with implementation.

Committee Reports:
• Entries are:
Continuing Education-Macine Lukach
Distinguished Service Award-Gayle Gette
Newsletters-Julie Garden-Robinson
Press Releases- Brenda Langerud
Marketing Package-Julie Garden-Robinson and Kim Beauchamp

• Discussed State Awards-Outstanding Extension Agent (1-5 years and 6-10 years)
• Decided wanted to continue/re-start, recognize with certificate and form is a one page application

Member Resources:
• Please welcome our new members-Glenn Muske, Megan Myrdal, Megan Ness, Christina Rittenbach
• 32 Active members, 5 Lifetime members  
• Membership pins were presented to new members present.
• Since fall meeting we have had one member retiree. (Eunice Sahr) A card and gift of money was sent to Eunice.
• Karen is working membership data base including years of national and state membership.  A members’ list was passed around to collect total membership years including the current 2011 year for state or national membership.
• Effort to purchase pins at the National Convention will be made so they can be available at Fall Conference.

Public Affairs:
• Two nominations were received for Friend of FCS - Joan Enderle, North Dakota Heart Association was selected.
• Gayle Gette and Julie Garden-Robinson will be attending PILD. Gayle received the scholarship.
• Members are encouraged to continue to sell Living Well, more than a cookbook.
• As requested by the State FCE Board, please look in your offices for Oral History Books.

Professional Development:
• 2 members applied for the scholarship.  Macine Lukach was chosen as the recipient for the $200 scholarship, which she plans to use to attend the NEAFCS meeting in Albuquerque, NM.

4-H Foundation Representative:
• KK Bold is working with Foundation in a marketing and public relations campaign. We are encouraged to help with radio/television/newsprint ads. 
• Western 4-H Camp-signed letter of intent, waiting on camp association to agree with plans for transfer around August 31, 2011
• Clover Classic Golf Tournament-we need teams, please promote
• Ideas for potential sponsors
• Giving Grain proposal

State Fair Representative:
• Attendance was down, but outlook is positive with the new grandstand.

NDJCEP Meeting Report:
• Professional development- Extension Leadership is encouraging the Professional Associations to be more involved in offering a facilitating Professional Development for Extension staff in their respective disciplines. The NDAEA will be organizing an Ag tour this summer as professional development for Ag agents. The Extension Professional Associations will hold an auction during each Fall Extension Conference; the associations will take turns hosting the auction. The host Association will receive 55% of the profits the other three Association will each get 15% of the profits. NDAEA will host the Auction in the Fall of 2011, our NDEAFCS Association voted to offer to host the Auction in the Fall of 2012. (Sam Roth moved to host the 2012 auction; Vanessa Hoines seconded. Motion passed.)
• Our national NEAFCS association is offering professional development webinars on a variety of topics for members only. The topics are timely and relevant, and can be accessed live from our personal computers and are also archived for later viewing and can be found at http://www.neafcs.org/content.asp?pageID=1878
• Vanessa Hoines stated that there is talk about streamlining titles to simply Family and Consumer Sciences, without listing emphasis areas on titles, business cards etc..

National Association Report:
• 2010 NEAFCS Association Annual Meeting was held in Portland Maine, Sept 20-24. Eight active members and two lifetime members attended. Lori Scharmer, Peggy Anderson, Ellen Bjelland, Vanessa Hoines, Rita Ussatis, Eunice Sahr, Julie Garden-Robinson, Margaret Tweten, Anita Rhode, June Kraft.

Election of new officers:
• President- Marcia Hellandsaas
• Treasurer- Julie Zikmund
Sam moved to close nominations. Donna seconded. Motion passed. Vanessa moved to pass a unanimous ballot for positions. Donna Anderson seconded. Motion passed.

The group discussed ways to grow the organization. Lori stated that she’d like us to have a stronger voice within the whole of the organization.

Sam moves to have committee chairs form a committee to talk about growing the membership.  Macine seconded. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30am.


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