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Spring 2000

Minutes of the Spring 2000 NDEAFCS Meeting

The Spring 2000 meeting of the NDEAFCS was called to order at 3:30 PM by Vice President Macine Lukach. Members present were Jamie DeVries, Andrea Becker, Peggy Anderson, Vanessa Hoines, Briana Lever, Janelle Wiedrich, Kari Ellefson, Karla Monson, Ellen Dunlop, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Eunice Sahr, Rita Ussatis, Ellen Bjelland, Colleen Svingen, Karen Zotz, Teresa McElroy, Barb Holes-Dickson, Gail Slinde, Joyce Merkel, June M. Kraft, Marcia Hellandsaas, Anita Rohde, Merry Green, Marilyn Lesmeister, Julie Garden Robinson, Macine Lukach, and Verona Lechler. Two guests, Lynelle Jordheim-Bregel and Kathy ? were also present.

The meeting began with remarks by Dr Sharon Anderson regarding position status. She stated that we are looking for the 0 to 12 position in many places and it will be included in extension initiative. She explained merit and it will be included in our 2001 - 2003 budget Request. She explained merit pay, beyond base. Merit pay is based on performance review and equity is to address disparities in pay within the system. There will be a person devoting time to MIV program. Technology training will continue but in a different way.

Karen Zotz discussed the herbal information with guidance on aroma therapy. SBARE met May 1 in Fargo. There is base operating money for 0 to 12 specialist position. We need people other than extension staff for support talk of the 0 to 12 position. We could use 2 or 3 people from business, industry, human services or communities, or someone with clout in a community who is articulate, who can speak to the need for 0 to 12 position. It is important also to have them testify at committee. We are developing a chart for SBARE to show what the Department of Human Service provides and what we provide in columns related to various categories.

A question about how FCS relationship will change as a result of national membership - or not. Karen doesn’t see our relationship changing. Serve as in past.

Mary and Julie Flatland are co-chairs of 2000 NCR Forum. There are over 50 workshops and tours lined up. From Attitude to Action. Estimated goal between 5 and 600 people. Would like good representation from ND. There will be a price-break for teens. Encourage all to come.

Marilyn Lesmeister encouraged us to have volunteers attend the 9 to 11 am shopping spree and dessert at J C Penney’s.

Initiation was held with Kari Ellefson, Joyce Merkel and Andrea Becker joining our association.

A motion was made and approved to accept the secretary's’ report as presented on the web.

Marcia presented he treasurers’ report: over $8,000 Oct. Pin sales over 1700 since October.

Socials and gifts - Pam Bernstein, Pam Haijeck, Eunice Sahr, Carol Bromberger, card to Gerald Sturn, Brenda Langerud.

Dr Sharon Anderson returned to discuss our contacts with decision makers encouraging us to talk to them NOW about what we are doing. E-mail them during the session asking support for our legislation and a “thank you” after. Faxes go directly to their desk. We shouldn’t all be at the capitol. Discussed the possibility of having some youth and volunteers involved.

Committee reports:

Awards and Recognition: Ellen Bjelland, interim chair; Lynette Flage 5 plus 5 newsletter, Verona Lechler DSA.

Member Resources: Welcomed Janelle Wiedrich, Briana Lever, and Gail Slinde. We have 37 total members with 32 National and 5 State.

Public Affairs: Karen Armstrong encouraged us to share our success stories with Key holders in our communities, county board of commissioners, legislators. Remember to complete evaluations and EARS Reports. Please consider taking part in NEAFCS Challenge 2000 Program. Karen will forward form via e-mail or form is available in Spring Communique.

Professional Development: Anita Rhode; Core competencies would like to get suggestion on web page.

Old Business: Pin Sales; Sharon reported that she has 5 gold and 35 silver on hand. Verona made a motion, seconded by Marcia that we continue to sell people pins to further member attendance at national meetings. Motion carried.

Rita made a motion, seconded by Peggy to order 300 gold and 50 silver pins Motion carried.

Margaret made a motion to set aside $5000 for scholarships for furthering professional education in ones’ emphasis area. Barb Holes Dickson amended the motion, seconded by Marilyn Lesmeister.

Verona made a motion seconded by June Kraft that the Professional Development committee research how to invest the money, determine qualifications and authority to apply. Motion carried.

Marcia moved that Sharon Kickertz Gerbig and Verona be rewarded for their hard work in the pin sales. The motion was tabled.

Eunice notified the group that this is the term of her advisor ship and the position goes with the new president or if not interested, someone else willing to do it.

Macine Lukach attended the North Central Leadership meeting in Cedar Rapids. Maxine questioned he value of us sending a representative and reported on her trip.

National meetings in the future are : 2000 Baltimore Oct 15 - 19 $250 registration. 2001 Oregon, 2002 Missouri, 2003 Galaxy

Elections were held: Verona Lechler was re-elected Secretary Motion by Vanessa, seconded by Eunice Vice President, Maxine Lukach, Notion by Ellen, seconded by Marcia President, Peggy Anderson, Motion by Anita, seconded by Barb Membersexpressing an interest in attending National Meeting in Baltimore: June, Anita, Peggy, Verona and Margaret. Margaret made an open invitation to a retirement for Ellen in June. Time and place to be announced.

Ellen Dunlop made a motion, seconded by Vanessa that the Executive Board meet decide how to reward Sharon KG and Verona for the pin sales project.

Respectfully submitted, Verona Lechler

Verona Lechler, Family Resource Center Coordinator 'Talk to ya later -- Verona


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