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October 2009

Minutes of the October 14, 2009 NDEAFCS Meeting

ND Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science
Fall Extension Conference
October 14, 2009

President Vanessa Hoines called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.

In attendance: Peggy Anderson, Donna Anderson, Karen Armstrong, Kristi Berdal, Angela Berge, Donna Bernhardt, Ellen Bjelland, Sean Brotherson, Mary Froehlich, Julie Garden-Robinson, Deb Gebeke, Gayle Gette, Stacey Heggen, Vanessa Hoines, Dena Kemmet, June Kraft, Brenda Langerud, Macine Lukach, Callie Maddock, Karla Monson, Beth Roth, Samantha Roth, Eunice Sahr, Lori Scharmer, Margaret Tweeten, Rita Ussatis, Julie Zikmund

A representative from Heartland Trust Company, holder of 4-H Foundation funds, presented the current financial situation. Neal Jordheim explained why finances were moved from CDs to stock. An explanation was given on the long term outlook of making this change. He encouraged the NDEAFCS to consider keeping our funds with the 4-H Foundation funds.

Director Duane Hauck gave an update to the association.
• We currently have FNP in 37 counties. Duane would like to see other counties have FNP involvement.
• SBARE update. First meeting will be October 23.
• Duane talked briefly on the new professional development piece.
• Legislative visits are encouraged again this year. We are encouraged to showcase what we do and the impacts we make in our communities.
• Duane discouraged our association from moving our funds out of the 4-H Foundation.

Deb Gebeke addressed the group and discussed the possibility of having a one day retreat. We were encouraged to begin framing our thoughts around ways to work our vision into “agriculture”. This is encouraged as per the establishment of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) in the 2008 Farm Bill. June 1 was chosen as the best possible day for a retreat.

Secretary’s report was posted on the website prior to the meeting for review.  Sam Roth moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approved as written, second by Eunice Sahr. Motion approved. 

Treasurer’s Report: Gayle Gette reported a balance of $2,245.17. Donna Bernhardt moved to accept the report as presented. Second by Brenda Langerud, motion approved. Gayle reminded members to pay dues for 2010. Renewals can be done online then printed and mailed to her with a check. This needs to be done soon.

Committee Reports

Member Services – Macine Lukach reported the nominations for President elect – Lori Scharmer and for Treasurer – Gayle Gette.  Karen Armstrong will step into the Vice President for Member Services position.

Awards/Recognition –Vanessa reported that Julie Garden-Robinson received an award at the National Meeting in Birmingham. Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig was chair of this committee and has since retired. Anyone interested in chairing this committee should contact Vanessa. Members were reminded that they need to apply for awards.
Public Affairs –Eunice Sahr reported that the Friend of NDEAFCS for 2009 was presented to Char Heer at the ND Nutrition Council meeting in Minot.  Members were encouraged to consider attending the PILD conference and if interested to contact Vanessa.

Professional Development – Lori Scharmer reminded members of the $200 scholarship available for professional development. In light of the current financial situation some concern was raised about continuing the $200 scholarship. Eunice Sahr moved to use $200 from our general budget to continue the scholarship, second by Macine Lukach. Motion approved. Lori will send out applications.

4-H Foundation Representative – Samantha Roth updated members on recent activity with the foundation. Samantha gave everyone flyer regarding payroll deductions.

State Fair Representative – Donna Anderson reported that exhibit numbers were down the previous year (2008).

Unfinished Business

National Meeting Report – Julie Garden-Robinson and June Kraft reported on the national Meeting in Birmingham. The 2010 meeting will be in Maine.

JCEP – The council discussed ideas of how to thank President Chapman for his continued financial support for professional development. Photos for his office have been considered.

Investments with 4-H Foundation – Ellen Bjelland recapped the initial concern for looking at the fund placement and lack of growth. Ellen moved that we leave funds in the current location with the 4-H Foundation. Second by Eunice Sahr, motion approved.

Epsilon Sigma Phi – The National Meeting was a success and thanks to everyone who helped at the event.


New Business

Election – Peggy Anderson moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Lori Scharmer as President Elect and Gayle Gette as Treasurer. Second by Samantha Roth, motion approved.

Living Well – More than a Cookbook. Vanessa explained the fundraiser and suggested that our association consider supporting this. Orders need to be in soon. Eunic Sahr moved to have the association purchase a box of cookbooks for promotional purposes. Second by Samantha Roth, motion approved.
National Committees –All are encouraged to become involved with committees.

Upcoming Dates:
• Living Well Book order – October 15th
• JCEP Regional Workshops – February 2-4, 2010 – Nashville, TN
• PILD – April 26-28, 2010 – Arlington, VA
• 2010 NEAFCS Annual Session, September 20-24, Portland, Maine
• 2011 NEAFCS Annual Session, September 26-30, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Samantha Roth moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Ellen Bjelland. Meeting adjourned 9:05 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Dena Kemmet

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