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October 2007

Minutes of the October 16, 2007 NDEAFCS Meeting

ND Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science

Fall Extension Conference

October 16, 2007


President Macine Lukach called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

In attendance: Karen Armstrong, Donna Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Kristi Berdal, Donna Bernhardt, Ellen Bjelland, Julie Garden-Robinson, Deb Gebeke, Gayle Gette, Jeanne Hochhalter, Barb Holes-Dickson, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Marcia Hellandsaas, Vanessa Hoines, Sue Isbell, Dena Kemmet, June Kraft, Judith Konerza, Macine Lukach, Floramay Miller, Karla Monson, Sharon Query, Samantha Roth, Eunice Sahr, Lori Scharmer, Gail Slinde, Colleen Svingen, Margaret Tweten, Rita Ussatis

Guests included:  Greg Sanders, HDE Associate Dean, Callie Maddock of McHenry County, Angela Berge of Cass County, and Beth Roth of Grant County.

Greg Sanders spoke on behalf of the College of Human Development and Education.  He congratulated Dena Kemmet of Mercer County for successfully completing the defense of her master’s program.  He congratulated Sean Brotherson on contributing to a textbook.  Mini grants from Extension to HDE included a lesson on home modifications for older adults, clothing/body image and suicide.  Greg shared a HDE fact sheet.

Secretary’s report had been posted on the Web site and was available for review.  Gail Slinde moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written, seconded by Donna Bernhardt.  Motion approved.  Jeanne shared the following correspondence: a thank you from the MNEAFCS group for donation to the national conference and a thank you/congratulatory note to the Dept of Human Services for the application submitted for the Friend of FCS Award.

Brittany Andersen and Paul Lukach, North Dakota State 4-H ambassadors, presented a power point and information about Extension Youth Conference to be held in June at NDSU.

Brad Cogdill, representing Duane Hauck, spoke on several issues.  They included plans for the Western 4-H camp (4-H Camp will be a statewide priority including funding and effort), Sharon Query’s involvement in the Tufts University longitudinal study (to document documentation back to decision makers), fine tuning the 4-H program (what is needed for youth to participate, volunteers to volunteer and staff to administer), and a staff study to be conducted by Brent Young and Mari Borr documenting the supply/demand of extension professionals.  There will be Basic 4-H Training in Bismarck Nov 27 and 28 followed by SET training November 28 and 29.

Rick Schmidt spoke on behalf of the 4-H Foundation.  It is the 50th year of the ND 4-H Foundation.  You can use payroll deduction for contributions to the 4-H Foundation.

Treasurer’s Report:  Gayle Gette reported that the beginning of the year the balance was $2,407.94.  The ending balance is $1,985.23.

Awards/Recognition - Sharon Kichertz-Gerbig

Donna Anderson placed 3rd in radio in the central regional.

Macine Lukach received the DSA award.

Applications are on-line and you can submit several applications

– even the same program in different categories.               

            Applications due by March 15 – to Sharon KG

Member Services - Donna Bernhardt

            Shared ideas to encourage membership

            Agents that have counties pay – you are lucky!

            Copy of creed to new members

Public Affairs - Eunice Sahr

            Building support/global affairs

            External marketing

Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference – April 28-30, 2008

Professional Development - Gail Slinde

Floramay Miller received the scholarship and went to the national meeting.

4-H Foundation Representative

            Sue Isbell resigned as board representative.

Samantha Roth volunteered to be the new representative.

Discussed mileage to meetings – Could it come from district director funds?

State Fair Board – Donna Anderson

            Meeting is November 15.

National Meeting Report

Macine Lukach, Vanessa Hoines, Ellen Bjelland, Karen Armstrong, Sue Fagerholt, Donna Bernhardt, Julie Garden Robinson, Floramay Miller, Brenda Langerud and June Kraft attended.

            Julie Garden-Robinson did a concurrent session and a poster session.

            North Dakota Soybean Council provided soynuts for hospitality.    

NDJCEP – Ellen Bjelland reported

--Discussed agents-in-training, retention and mentoring

            --Encouraged FCS participation in the paid internships - applications to the

            Grand Forks office, due 1/15; selections made by 2/15.

By-Laws/Constitution Revisions – Lori Scharmer

Moved by Ellen Bjelland, seconded by Rita Ussatis to approve the revisions (mainly terminology home economics to family/consumer science and housekeeping items). Motion approved.

Rita – moved to table by-law revision of membership categories to include FNP/EFNEP until spring conference.  It was noted that a special invitation be issued to FNP and EFNEP staff to attend the spring conference meeting.  Motion seconded by Marcia.  Motion approved.

New Business

Our association will be asked for monetary support for Epsilon Sigma Phi  hosting their national conference in September, 2009.

Barb Holes-Dickson volunteered to help review survey mentioned by Brad Cogdill for staff study documenting the supply/demand of extension professionals.

Deb Gebeke – Assistant Director

            Congratulations on awards

            We need FCS “commodity groups”

            Parents Forever

Revised materials

-need to add a link to order handbooks

Offered anyone a chance to step forward and take the lead

            Parent Education Network – extension, schools, social workers

            Summary – Countdown to Kindergarten

            One-pagers were passed out.

Julie Garden-Robinson – Materials available on folic acid, prematurity awareness and healthy eating in pregnancy.

Colleen Svingen moved to adjourn the meeting. Vanessa seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Hochhalter


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