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October 2003

Minutes of the October 16, 2003 NDEAFCS Meeting

Tuesday, October 16, 2003
Doublewood Inn, Fargo, ND

President Rita Ussatis called the meeting to order at 4.30 PM.

In attendance were: Donna Anderson, Donna Bernhardt, Ellen Bjelland ,Colleen Boerner, Jane Edwards, Sue Fagerholt, Julie Garden-Robinson, Merry Green, Vanessa Hoines, Sue Isbell, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, June Kraft, Brenda Langerud, Verona Lechler, Karla Monson, Beth Roth, Lori Scharmer, Gail Slinde, Colleen Svingen and. Rita Ussatis.

Vanessa H. moved, seconded by Gail S. that the secretary’s report be approved as corrected. Motion carried

A letter and certificate of appreciation from Epsilon Sigma Phi in appreciation of our financial donation to the Epsilon Sigma Phi development campaign were read.

The treasurer’s report showed a balance of $5,032.25 as of October 3, 2003. Verona L moved, seconded by Vanessa H. that the treasurer’s report be approved as submitted. See attached report for details.

Committee reports:

Awards/Recognition by Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig. Sharon presented two certificates to Julie Garden-Robinson for first place on the national level in the category of food safety and second place on the regional level in the category of written news. NDEAFCS received an award of $250 and recognition at Galaxy as regional winners for our efforts on the television PSA’s for the "Living Well" series. Sharon attended the national committee meeting for Awards and Recognition while at the Galaxy Conference and she will be continuing her efforts to encourage us to apply for the different awards. She has several hints and tips for submitting applications that she will share with all applicants. Two new award categories are: "Excellence in Out-of-School Programming" and "Excellence in Housing." The silent auction at Galaxy netted close to $2,500. Please contact Sharon if you have any questions.

Director Sharon Anderson joined the meeting. Sharon thanked our association for our work and stated that is has been a real strength to ND. She encouraged us to become involved with our National Association and to apply for the various awards. She commented that "if you’ve done it , it isn’t bragging." She thanked us for the open door policy of our association and urged us to continue that policy with the new director. She felt the bottom line is thank you for the friendship, support and quality of work done. She is working on transition issues. Every position that comes open is being looked at carefully for both current and future funding. As resources are tight equipment purchases are one area being carefully examined. She urged us to be creative as to how we stay in touch with County commissioners and legislatures and to present a unified picture from our offices. Sharon concluded her comments with again thanking the association for our work.

Dean Virginia Clark-Johnson joined the meeting. Virginia updated us on what is happening at the college. She stated she hears "good things about your work." There has been an increase of over 10% in enrollment at the college with the doctoral program off to a good start. There are now two web based master’s programs available. She thanked us for "all you do." and urged us not to hesitate to ask questions. There are currently thirty students with a Family Consumer Science Education major and there is a nation wide shortage of FCS teachers.

Karen Zotz, Program Leader joined the meeting. Karen distributed a current membership list for the Citizen’ Support Group for Nutrition, Youth and Family Science. She encouraged us to invite them to our programming efforts. Members of that group will possibly testify for us during the ND Legislative session. Karen will try to shortly provide us with a updated list of faculty. In the future, FCE lessons will be called organizational lessons as they are used with a multitude of groups other than FCE. The format of the lessons has been changed to a CD/ROM disc so it can be updated quickly. She reminded us to discard materials from past years if they contain dated information. May updates will be moved to March or April so Ag Comm has amply time to revise materials and put on a CD/ROM. There was a question on the FCE State Board making choices for the lessons. It was suggested to add other groups for this selection process as separate county FCE groups have a substantial number of members also. The Board of Human Sciences has asked for increased funding for EFNEP. The same funding formula has been used since 1969. The National NELD program may merge with other leadership development programs. There was a question on what the future looks like for the Parent Resource Centers. Karen stated that the Region 5 position is to be refilled as a full-time position and urged us to write letters of support to the Citizen’s Support Group, the Director of Extension and the District Directors. She suggested the letter include why there is a need for the Parent Resource Centers, what their outreach is, what type of educational programming they do, how behavior has changed and what their impact is. Karen termed impact as the "so what?" factor. She also shared some information of sources of funding for each of the Parent Resource Centers.

Committee Reports:

Membership Resources: Sue Fagerholt. A reminder to please pay dues by the end of the ear and to invite new staff. Colleen B. attended the meeting of Membership Resources at Galaxy.

Public Affairs: Eunice Sahr. ND received one of four national awards for work with the "Living Well" series. The next educational campaign will include print ads and has been given to Becky Koch to be included in the choices for quarterly ads. The Public Issue Leadership Development Conference will be held May 2-5, 2004 in Washington, DC. Eunice submitted a written report which is attached to these minutes.

Professional Development: Gail Slinde. The next national meeting for our association will be held in Nashville. Gail urged us to submit a proposal for a poster or concurrent session. Gail distributed application forms for those sessions and also application forms for National Task Force members.

Old Business:

The $250 award received for the "Living Well" campaign will be earmarked for use in further professional development Report from June, Margaret Tweten and Verona with a recommendation interest earned each year on the $5,000 we have being held by the ND 4-H Foundation be used to create a scholarship for professional development. The process would be modeled after the request form used for Chapman Dollars minus the supervisor signatures. It is recommended that the award be in the amount of $200. Applications for this award would be reviewed by the Professional Development committee. The committee also recommended that we encourage people to donate to the scholarship fund. Motion by Verona, seconded by Vanessa to accept the report. Motion carried. The committee hopes to have the guidelines for this award posted on our web site by mid December of this year.

People Pin Sales. Currently we have 128 gold and 30 silver pins on hand. Motion by Verona, seconded by Ellen to continue with the pin sales project and to order more pins to have approximately 150 gold and 50 silver on hand. Motion carried.

Membership Changes. The National organization again voted down changing their membership guidelines. Our state membership form is posted on the web site.

National Meeting: Galaxy was a great event with fun time had by all.


Reminder from Sharon K-G to continue holding "Day-To-Ourselves" events.

New Business:

Motion by Colleen S., seconded by Verona that the Social and Gift Committee present a gift to Director Anderson in the amount of approximately $100 in honor of her retirement. Motion carried.

Prioritization of bulletins: There has been a request for us to print more bulletins off the web site. In turn, our association would like to request that the bulletins be available in PD. files so the appearance is better. Members were asked to take a copy of the list of current bulletins, prioritize 10-15 to be changed to PD. format shortly and return it to Rita by November 1st. As bulletins are revised they will be posted in PD. format.

4-H Foundation Representative: June has served in this position for seven years and would like to rotate the opportunity. The 4-H Foundation meets three times a year in a variety of locations. Verona volunteered to serve as our representative.

4-H Dress Code: Vanessa read a proposed revision to the 4-H Dress Code which dealt with tank tops and short tops. Our opinion is requested and we are asked to provide input to Vanessa, Brad Cogdill or Jackie Buckley.

President Rita reminded us to attempt to attend the National Meeting in Nashville, TN, October 3-6. She also thanked us for staying til the conclusion of this business session and then adjourned the meeting.

Respectively submitted,

Brenda Langerud


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