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March 2007

Minutes of the March 27, 2007 NDEAFCS Meeting

March 27, 2007

President Macine Lukach called the meeting to order.

Present based on signed attendance roster:  Donna Anderson, Ellen Bjelland, Vanessa Hoines, Jeanne Hochhalter, Karla Monson, Marcia Hellandsaas, Samantha Roth, Dena Kemmet, Donna Bernhardt, Lori Scharmer, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, June Kraft,  Margaret Tweten, Karen Armstrong, Peggy Anderson, Debra Pankow, Sharon Query, Brenda Langerud, Floramay Miller, Rita Ussatis, Eunice Sahr, Jane Edwards, Barb Holes-Dickson, Colleen Svingen, Kristi Berdal, Gail Slinde, Gayle Gette, Julie Garden-Robinson, Sue Isbell, Deb Gebeke.

Macine welcomed the guests in attendance:   Sean Brotherson, Cherron Johnson, Callie Maddock, Dean Virginia Clark Johnson, Duane Hauck

All attendees recited the creed.  A sign-up for attending the national meeting was circulated. 

Virginia Clark Johnson shared information by passing out a “Quick HDE fact sheet”, invited members to check out the scholarship opportunities on the Web site, mentioned the Extension minor (undergrad) that is available, stated that HDE is the second largest college on campus, the number of on-line courses have been increasing, the mini-grant process with Extension and the college has been successful and noted that there was recently a HDE Research Day held.

Deb Gebeke provided an updated schedule for upcoming IVN training, mentioned a professional development opportunity to hear Joye Norris speak on the dialogue method of teaching (at the fall FNP/EFNEP conference), mentioned that updates will come through the IVN sessions rather than liason calls, check out the school wellness Web site within our extension site, mentioned the mini-grant projects that are underway in the HDE department, passed on information about the senior health insurance counseling program.

Duane Hauck talked about summer field tours that would include President Chapman and his President’s Council.  He said these would be special events to interact with alumni and an opportunity to meet and greet the public.  Duane encouraged everyone to get involved in eXtension, that “energy” is a highly relevant topic right now, encouraged everyone to be actively involved in student recruitment for NDSU and mentioned that the Civil Rights review has been completed and results of the climate assessment would be forthcoming.  He encouraged everyone to make a special effort to market the opportunities for youth at the Western 4-H Camp which is in partnership with the Lewis and Clark Foundation.   Duane was asked about “jackpot funds” to go to national meetings.  He responded that there is funding for 10% of the membership for this.

Secretary’s Report:  Peggy Anderson moved and Dena Kemmet seconded that we dispense with the reading of the secretary’s minutes and approve them as posted on the Web site.  Motion carried.  There was no correspondence.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sue Fagerholt provided a list of current members.  The current checking account balance is $2,398.42.  The bank account had been moved to Gate City since the last meeting.  There was a discussion on scholarship expenditures.  Sue moved and Jane Edwards seconded a motion to approve the treasurer’s minutes.  The 2007 budget was accepted as presented on a motion from Sue Isbell and seconded by Eunice Sahr.

Committee Reports

Awards/Recognition – Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig
The deadline for awards is April 1.  It was suggested that a committee pick some potential award nominees and ask them to submit an application (especially for Distinguished Service and Continued Excellence) in future years.

Member Resources – no report

Public Affairs – Eunice Sahr
Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) conference – Sharon Query is attending and received the national first-timer’s scholarship toward registration costs.
The Friend of NDEAFCS award will be given on March 28 at the Extension Conference Award Luncheon.  Recipients are Marlys Baker, Paul Ronnigen, Tara Muhlhauser and Gladys Cairns from the Child and Family Services Division, North Dakota Department of Human Services.  They will receive framed certificates and a free lunch.

Professional Development – Gail Slinde
Floramay Miller received a scholarship and will be attending the national NEAFCS meeting in St. Paul in September.  She expressed her appreciation for the opportunity as she does not receive Chapman funding.

4-H Foundation – Sue Isbell
Sue says she enjoyed serving on the board and will do it for one more year and then would like someone else to have the opportunity.

State Fair Representative – Donna Anderson
Donna mentioned that the State Fair will be getting a new grandstand.

Unfinished Business
NEAFCS National meeting is in St. Paul September 17-20.  Vanessa could use some help with registration.  There will be an opportunity to help out at the hospitality booth.  North Dakota is to donate 800 of something to the hospitality booth.  Rita Ussatis will be in charge of obtaining this.  Eunice Sahr moved and Lori Scharmer seconded a motion to donate $200 to the St. Paul meeting.  Motion approved.

New Business
Election:  Donna Bernhardt was on the nominating committee and presented several candidates.

Vanessa Hoines was nominated for president-elect.  Ellen Bjelland moved and Peggy Anderson seconded a motion for nominations to cease and to cast a unanimous ballot for Vanessa Hoines.  Motion approved.

Gayle Gette was nominated for treasurer.  Barb Holes-Dickson moved and Rita Ussatis seconded a motion for nominations to cease and to cast a unanimous ballot for Gayle Gette.  Motion approved.

Bylaws Update
The bylaws were last updated in 1998.  A vote will be taken in the fall.  Changes include:  terminology from Home Ec to FCS, there isn’t a reporter anymore.

A suggestion was made to invite Family Nutrition Program (FNP) and (EFNEP) staff into membership in the organization.    The terms affiliate member and associate member aren’t well defined in the bylaws now.  A committee to look at possible changes to bring before the membership includes Sue Isbell, Ellen Bjelland, Donna Bernhardt and Lori Scharmer. 

Macine announced that the ND Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) will be meeting in April with Duane Hauck.  Any issues or ideas should be provided to Macine.

Deb Gebeke gave a brief update on how the Parent Resource Centers are faring in the state legislative process.

The National JCEP meeting will be in St. Louis.  The “Galaxy” conference will be in 2008 in Indianapolis.

Macine welcomed new member Samantha Roth.

The ND Family and Community Education meeting is in June in Dickinson.  Newsletters were put in county boxes.

Macine asked for volunteers for the fall Extension Conference planning committee.

Rita moved and Eunice seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeanne Hochhalter, Secretary



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