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March 2006

Minutes of the March 21, 2006 NDEAFCS Meeting

Minutes of the Spring 2006 Meeting
North Dakota Extension Association of Family & Consumer Science
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

President Ellen Bjelland called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon.

In attendance were:  Gayle Gette, Peggy Anderson, Floramay Miller, Ellen Bjelland, Merry Green, Macine Lukach, Brenda Langerud, Karen Armstrong, Gail Slinde, Dena Kemmet, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Jeanne Hochhalter, Luann Dart, Donna Anderson, Sue Fagerholt, Sharon Query, Barbara Holes-Dickson, Julie Garden-Robinson, Karla Monson, Linda Hauge, Rita Ussatis, Eunice Sahr, Jane Edwards, Colleen Svingen, Sean Brotherson, Lori Scharmer, Marcia Hellandsaas.  GUESTS: Rita Wilhelmi, Marlo Udento (United Tribes Technical College)

Eunice Sahr moved, Peggy Anderson seconded to dispense with reading the minutes of the October meeting.  Motion passed.

CORRESPONDENCE:  A thank you was received from Sheila VanderWal for the Professional Development Scholarship that she received from the Association.

Treasurer Sue Fagerholt presented her report showing a balance of $6885.63.  Marcia Hellandsaas moved, seconded by Gail Slinde, to accept the report and put on file for audit.

Awards/Recognition:  Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig announced that April 1st would be the deadline for submitting a National Awards Application and the applications for our ND Outstanding Extension Agent for 1 to 5 years and 6 to 10 years.  She also stated that members must attend three national meetings to be eligible for the “Continued Excellence” Award.

Member Resources:  No report.

Public Affairs:  Eunice Sahr explained the “Friend of NDEAFCS Award” that was given for the first time this year.  She then introduced our 2006 recipient, Rita Wilhelmi, from Stanley.  This award is given to Rita in appreciation for her support of North Dakota families and youth.  Rita’s application will now be forwarded to the national competition.
 Eunice also reported on the “Living Well” campaign in North Dakota.  Brochures and bookmarks will be sent to each county office.  Eunice is also exploring an opportunity for us to put information in the BCBS Health Newsletter provided through our NDPERS health insurance benefit.  She also encouraged members to consider attending PILD conference.  Sue Fagerholt will be attending this spring.

Professional Development:   Gail Slinde reported that two applications were received for the Professional Development Scholarship.  Sheila VanderWahl was selected to receive $200 to help her attend a Human Development conference in Myrtle Beach, SC.

4-H Foundation Representative:   Sue Isbel is our representative and has been attending the meetings.

State Fair Representative:  Linda Hauge attended the fair annual meeting held in Minot, this past November.

Sean Brotherson shared the results of the ND Parenting Survey and presented key strategies for using this information.  Some suggestions included:   Presentations by Human Services to SBARE defining the 
difference between “us” and “them”.
       Need for impact statements from families
       Cost/Benefit analysis or Economic Value for parenting education
       Letters of support from other organizations
       Develop further partnering at the state level
Discussion also followed on finding grant funding sources for the area Parent Resource Centers, and as well educating local legislators on their importance in a community.

Meeting was adjourned until 5:00 p.m.

Discussion continued on the possible funding sources for Parent Resource Centers, and how do we make our case to SBARE to support the initiative asking for $200,000 to fund five centers across the state.
It was stated that SBARE members feel that “our issues” do not fall under the legislative intent of the purpose and direction of SBARE.

Director Hauck joined the meeting and spoke to the association about the name change from “agent to educator”.  Our association has supported this change.  He also addressed the plan to add two additional state 4-H specialists and how we should meet with local legislators and SBARE members.


Our association continues to support the name change from “agent” to “educator”.

The proposed 2006 budget was presented and explained by Sue Fagerholt, Lori Scharmer and Vanessa Hoines.  They proposed that we budget funds for the following opportunities:  $150 for PILD, $200 JCEP and $200 Scholarships along with a $50 donation to the ND 4-H Foundation.
The budget committee also recommended that $5000 from our general fund be invested in the ND 4-H Foundation Endowment Fund to increase our interest income.  Rita Ussatis moved, seconded by June Kraft that we accept the proposed budget and transfer the $5000 to the Foundation.   Motion passed.

Macine Lukach reported on the JCEP meeting held in St. Louis.  Macine also announced that the 2006 National Meeting will be held in Denver, October 3 to 6.  Early bird registration needs to be in by July 7th.  Macine will be attending.

It was also announced that the 2007 national meeting will be held in St Paul.  We need to inquire if they will need help from ND in hosting the event.


Donna Anderson was nominated for Vice President elect.  Rita Ussatis moved, Karla Monson seconded, that a unanimous vote be cast for Donna.  Motion passed.  Merry Green was nominated for Secretary.  Peggy Anderson moved, Colleen Svingen seconded, that a unanimous vote be cast for Merry.  Motion passed.  Rita Ussatis moved, seconded by Gail Slinde that a unanimous vote be cast for Macine Lukach, as President.  Motion passed.

Dena Kemmet, Sharon Query, and Jane Edwards were installed as members of the association.
The newly elected officers were officially installed.

A thank you was extended to Ellen Bjelland for serving as president of our association.
Ellen also presented thank you gifts to her officers.

President Macine Lukach adjourned the meeting.

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