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March 2002

Minutes of the March 22, 2002 NDEAFCS Meeting

Friday, March 22, 2002
Doublewood Inn, Fargo

The North Dakota Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences was called to order by President Peggy Anderson on Friday, March 22, 2002 at the Doublewood Inn in Fargo, ND.

Attending were: Donna Anderson, Karen Armstrong, Andrea Becker, Kristi Berdal, Kris Bjelde, Ellen Bjelland, Nancy Bollingberg, Colleen Boerner, Jane Edwards, Julie Garden-Robinson, Shauna Grove, Linda Hauge, Marcia Hellandsaas, Vanessa Hoines, Barbara Holes-Dickson, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Brenda Langerud, Pamela Leino-Mills, Karla Monson, Dawnita Niles, Anita Rhode, Eunice Sahr, Gail Slinde, Colleen Svingen, Rita Ussatis, Karen Zotz,

Brenda Langerud conducted the initiation ceremony for three new members - Nancy Bollingberg, Donna Anderson and Colleen Boerner - who were warmly welcomed..

Moved by Rita, seconded by Vanessa to dispense with reading the minutes. The secretary’s report was approved as submitted (see attachment)

The treasurer’s report was approved as submitted (see attachment).

Drawings were held for gifts and door prizes received at the 2002 4-H Agents Conference. Peggy also presented thank you gifts to the officers who had worked with her.

Committee reports:

Awards/Recognition: by Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig. Sharon announced awards of Outstanding Educator (1-5 years) Gail Slinde, Outstanding Educator (6 -10 years) Macine Lukach, Distinguished Service: Marcia Hellandsaas and Continued Excellence: Karla Monson.

Member Resources: by Brenda Langerud, reminder to check national and state web site. The National Association is investigating a possible change in the definition of membership. Discussion was held on changing the ND definitions now or waiting until national had reached their conclusions. A committee of Rita, Marcia, Dawnita, Vanessa and Barb H-D will research the possibilities. The committee will look at the possibility of reduced fees for first year members based on a suggestion from Sharon K-G.

Public Affairs: by Linda Narum. Linda distributed information on "Challenge 2002". The "Challenge 2001" certificates were awarded to: Level 1: Barb H-D. Level 2: Gail Slinde, Merry G., Karla M,, Margaret T. and Brenda L, Level 3: Peggy A. and Vanessa H.

Professional Development: by Anita Rohde. Challenged us to use the core competencies to our advantage.

Comments from Karen Zotz which included : Keep an up-to-date resume, You owe it to yourself to do professional development, Welcome to Dr. Edwards, Shared agenda from Citizen Support Group and fact sheet given to that committee, Search for the Child and Adolescent Development position is currently underway and is scheduled to close April 15 , An audio tape of the conference call on 21st Century Learning Grants should be available soon through Ag. Comm

Peggy shared copies of the report Montana Extension Service had presented to the public of that state.

Comments from Sharon Anderson which included: Our Association President has maintained excellent contact with administration which is greatly appreciated, There is a vital need for citizen input even though it is increasingly difficult to find people to attend gatherings such a s the MPU meetings, Emphasized need for core competencies

Old Business: Information on the National Meeting at Portland which featured several excellent sessions was distributed.

Discussion was held on selling people pins at Kansas City. One hundred and seventeen People Pins" have been sold recently including at the 4-H Agents Conference. On hand are 1 87 gold and 69 silver pins. A "People Pin" was given to Mrs. Hoeven by Peggy. Consensus was selling pins at the National Meeting had merit but as manning a booth is difficult we will investigate the possibility of having information about the pins included in the registration packets.

Moved by Marcia and seconded by Vanessa to approve expenses incurred by Association President ($135) for attending Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP). Motion approved. Peggy also mentioned the merit of having a second person attend and of setting funds aside for others to attend the Public Issues Leadership Development Conference. Moved by Eunice, seconded by Sharon to donate $500 to 4-H Foundation. Motion approved. Moved by Sharon, seconded by Anita to approve the proposed budget. Vanessa informed us on the status of monies we had donated to the 4 -H Foundation. She will research how the other associations have handled this.

Rita gave a report on the Regional JCEP meeting. Compared to issues from other states involving budgets, support from constituents and staff our concerns were minimal. JCEP will be in Kansas City, January of 2003. Other dates to remember are the National Meeting in Kansas City, MO, October 6-10, 2002; Galaxy in Salt Lake City, September 21-25, 2003 and the National Meeting in Nashville October 3-7, 2004.

Brenda gave the nominating committee report on behalf of the nominating committee of herself, Vanessa and Ellen. Moved by Barb to cast a unanimous ballot for Shauna for Vice President and Brenda for a second term as secretary. Seconded by Anita. Motion carried.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,
Brenda Langerud


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