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April 2008

Minutes of the April 2, 2008 NDEAFCS Meeting

ND Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science

Spring Extension Conference

April 2, 2008


President Macine Lukach called the meeting to order at 11:15 a.m. Recitation of the Creed followed.

In attendance: Donna Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Karen Armstrong, Kristi Berdal, Angela Berge, Donna Bernhardt, Ellen Bjelland, Sue Fagerholt, Julie Garden-Robinson, Deb Gebeke, Gayle Gette, Marcia Hellendsaas, Vanessa Hoines, Barb Holes-Dickson, Dena Kemmet, June Kraft, Macine Lukach, Floramay Miller, Karla Monson, Samantha Roth, Eunice Sahr, Lori Scharmer, Colleen Svingen, Margaret Tweten, Rita Ussatis

Guest:  Sean Brotherson, Carmen Rath-Wald

Lori Scharmer led an interactive game for members.

Dena Kemmet was appointed by President Lukach to serve as interim secretary. Secretary’s report was posted on the website prior to the meeting for review.  Rita Ussatis moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approve as written, second by Peggy Anderson. Motion approved. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Gayle Gette reported a beginning balance of $2,404.94. The end balance is $2,651.37. Gayle presented the proposed 2008-2009 budget which includes $560 total expenses. This amount includes a $50 donation to the 4-H Foundation to help with scholarships. Gayle reported that income from sales of “people” pins is listed as 4-H Foundation Fund Interest. Eunice Sahr questioned whether or not we need to include in this proposed budget a donation to Epsilon Sigma Phi for the upcoming National Meeting to be held in North Dakota. Ellen Bjelland moved to approve the proposed budget with the addition of a $500 donation to Epsilon Sigma Phi. A second to the motion came from Vannesa Hoines, motion approved.

Gayle Gette reported that previous minutes showed an approval for a donation to support staff conference; however, no funds were actually paid. Margaret Tweten explained that unless a formal request is made from the Support Staff Planning Committee no funds are paid.

Awards/Recognition - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig (reported by Ellen Bjelland)

            Announced the following three state award recipients:

·         Early Childhood Child Care Training Award – Macine Lukach

·         Food Safety Award – Julie Garden-Robinson

·         Communication/Written Press Release – Julie Garden-Robinson

Each of these applications has been sent on for regional and national consideration. All publicity for these three awards will be done after the national conference, as requested by the national chairperson.

Sharon encourages each of our association members to consider an application next Feb/March (2009). Sharon will try to distribute a tip sheet to make the application process less daunting.

 Member Resources - Donna Bernhardt

·         An invitation was sent to FCS agents, state specialists, and EFNEP/FNP employees inviting them to the spring meeting.

New members recognized

·         Angela Berge - present

·         Callie Maddock-absent

·         Beth Roth-absent

Public Affairs – Eunice Sahr

Nancy Jo Bateman, Executive Director of the North Dakota Beef Commission, was selected as the 2008 “Friend of NDEAFCS” and was our guest at the Spring Extension Conference Awards Luncheon. Her application was submitted for national competition.

Lori Scharmer will represent NDEAFCS at PILD 2008.

Professional Development – Lori Scharmer

NDEAFCS awards one $200 professional development scholarship to a member each year. This year the scholarship was awarded to Eunice Sahr to assist in attending the Rural Health Conference. Interest earned on NDEAFCS money held in the 4H Foundation is used to fund this scholarship each year. The easy application is due December 15, each year and is open to any paid member of NDEAFCS.

4-H Foundation Representative- Samantha Roth

            A discussion was held on how the travel expense for Sam to attend the meeting should be paid. Director Hauck agreed that it should come from District Director funds instead of specific county funds.

State Fair Board – Donna Anderson

            Donna reported that 4-H exhibit numbers were down compared to previous years.

Director Hauck opened the floor for questions and discussion. Ellen Bjelland asked about the ranking order reported from SBARE. Is it possible to get some of the family/parenting issues moved up in the list? Margaret Tweten commented on this saying that we should consider recruiting more female candidates for SBARE appointments. Director Hauck discussed potential salary increase being 5%. There is a possibility of 7% in the next biennium.

Director Hauck discussed tech support issues and how these should be handled. Counties should use the NDSU helpdesk and the Association of Counties. NDSU ITS for extension and campus are now combined.

Sean Brotherson asked those in attendance if they have questions pertaining to programs coming from NDSU. Sean also mentioned that the “Talking to Kids About Sexual Abuse” is currently being reviewed for update. Associate, Divia Saxena is working in the State Office with Sean and Deb Pankow.

Macine Lukach inquired about the interest expressed from EFNEP/FNP staff regarding membership to NDEAFCS. It was decided that there should be a committee to investigate if there is in fact interest before we move ahead. The issue was tabled until the fall meeting.

New Business

Election of Officers:

            Barb Holes-Dickson moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Samantha Roth for the office of Vice President. Second by Ellen Bjelland, motion approved.

            Marcia Hellandsaas moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Dena Kemmet for the office of Secretary. Second by Margaret Tweten, motion approved.

NDJCEP – Macine Lukach and Vanessa Hoines

The length of conference was discussed. Deb Gebeke explained that a survey showed that interest in the length of conference is split 50/50. Vanessa mentioned there was consideration of shortening days and lengthening conference. Fall conference will be 4 days.

National Meeting Report – Vanessa Hoines

The Galaxy III Conference will be September 15-19, 2008 in Indianapolis. As names are listed for possible attendees, we need to identify who will represent which association. Vanessa discussed the possibility of renting a bus for transportation. An inquiry was made as to how members felt about all attendees from North Dakota trying to stay at the same hotel (Westin).

Gayle Gette was congratulated for receiving her Master’s in December.

Ellen Bjelland moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Marcia Hellandsaas. Meeting adjourned.

Deb Gebeke thanked everyone for support of Jeanne Hochhalter and gave a brief update on the situation. Following, Deb made available some information pieces that can be used to provide solid research and impacts for our reporting efforts.

Respectfully submitted,


 Dena Kemmet


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