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April 2004

Minutes of the April 2, 2004 NDEAFCS Meeting

National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences/North Dakota Affiliate
Friday, April 2, 2004
Ramkota Inn, Bismarck

President Rita Ussatis called the meeting to order at 8:02 AM.

In attendance were: Donna Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Donna Bernhardt, Ellen Bjelland, Colleen Boerner, Sue Fagerholt, Julie Garden-Robinson, Merry Green, Linda Hauge, Marcia Hellandsaas, Vanessa Hoines, Sue Isbell, June Kraft, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Brenda Langerud, Verona Lechler, Karla Monson, Gail Slinde, Beth Roth, Eunice Sahr, Lori Scharmer, Colleen Svingen, Margaret Tweten, Sheila VanderWal, Rebecca Ziegler and Karen Zotz.

Eunice moved, seconded by Vanessa that the secretary's minutes be approved as submitted. Motion carried.

Motion by Sue F., seconded by Marcia that the treasurer's report be approved as submitted. Motion carried. Comments by Rita that the association's retirement gift to Director Sharon Anderson was a pottery piece with the NDSU Extension logo and filled with an arrangement of ND crops.

Awards/Recognition Report: Sharon K-G. Rita will be recognized as our recipient for the Continued Excellence Award during the association's National Convention in Nashville this September. Sharon gave a pep talk to encourage us to submit applications for awards.

Member Resources: Colleen. Correction to listing of 2004 NDEAFCS members - add name of Sharon K-G.

Public Affairs: Eunice Sahr. We have been asked to share our work on the Living Well promotional campaign at the national convention.

Professional Development: Gail S. reported that interest earned on the $5,000 our association has with the 4-H Foundation is able to fund a $200 professional development grant. No applications for use of the monies have been received as of yet.

Old Business

Fund-raising Pins: Sharon K-G. An order for 100 people pins will be going to Indiana. Sharon has gold and silver pins available today.

National Meeting: Ellen. Ellen distributed brochures for the National Convention which highlighted the various speakers and workshops

New Business

National Officer Visit: Ours is the only state which the National NEAFCS President has not visited. A visit would cost us approximately $300 as we are responsible for per diem. Members at the association meeting spoke in favor of inviting the national president. Rita reminded us to please reply to e-mail messages or requests.

Funding for Pre-conference Workshop: Ellen. Ellen wrote a proposal to our Professional Development Committee to support attendance at the pre-conference of "Building Strong Families.

National Dues Increase: National is proposing a $10 increase. The last increase was in 1993 and was also $10. Motion by Sharon K-G, seconded by Vanessa, to instruct our voting delegates to vote in favor of the proposed increase. Motion carried.

Election of Officers: Colleen B. submitted the nominating committee report. Candidates for Vice president were June K and Donna A. Candidates for secretary were Donna B and Merry G. After a written ballot election, June and Merry were elected to the respective positions of Vice President and Secretary. Ellen will be moving into the position of President. Congratulations to all.

- Reminder to consider applying for the Innovative Grants funded by Farm Credit Services.
- Vanessa distributed info from the ND Health Dept on the "Healthy ND" project.
- Nancy Bollingberg and Angie Milakovic will be attending the Public Issue Leadership Development Conference May 6-7th.
- Reminder from Sharon K-G to nominate individuals for the "Friend of Extension" and "Support Staff " awards sponsored by Epsilon Sigma Phi.
- Rita presented gifts to officers and committee chairs she has worked with while Association President.

During the meeting the association welcomed the following visitors and their comments: Karen Zotz, Duane Hauck, Willie Huot and Tom Hanson.

Comments by Dr. Karen Zotz: A.) The Family Life Education Project is legislated work we are to complete with the ND Department of Human Services. $35,000 is available for this project. The Extension Service needs to hire some one to staff this project. The position is being looked at as being filled from in-house only. Karen distributed a fact sheet outlining the program. The salary dollars provided by the project would cover approximately 1/3rd of an agent's salary and would replace part of your county's dollars. Karen would like to hear from interested individuals as soon as possible as it is hoped to make a decision on the staffing within the next one to two weeks.. Sean Brotherson also works with the six family resource centers. Question to Karen - Does this jeopardize an agent's county position if and when the grant ends. Reply - No, it would not. There is quite a bit of travel money and also money for distribution of materials available. B.) Three of the 4-H Tech Team members did an outstanding job of presenting their request for funding to SBARE at SBARE's meeting here in Bismarck but did not receive approval from the group. Frequently questions related to the need for parenting programming and nutrition education are asked by the SBARE members. Karen encouraged us to invite SBARE members to our events and educational programming to assist in educating them as to our work and of the entire scope and depth of Extension work. A list of the SBARE members can be found on the Vice President for Ag we site. SBARE meets again on April 20th. C.) Karen encouraged us to participate in the survey Karin Bartoszuk will be leading to gather information on the impact of 4-H on youth. The survey ND will be using is replicated from a University of Minnesota study along with some changes. The survey has been IRB approved. It is hoped that data from counties can be returned by July 15th with a goal of 1,000 4-H members participating in the survey. Members of the association asked if the return date could be changed to Oct 1st and if names can still be added to the IRB list for this project.

Willie Huot visited the association meeting and requested that the three professional associations for Extension staff - Ag Agents, Human Development and 4-H - formalize our informal process into an umbrella organization. Motion by Eunice, seconded by Ellen to support this endeavor. Motion carried.

Comments from Interim Director, Duane Hauck: Duane thanked us for our involvement in renewing the staff statements for the Child Protection Policy. There was 100 % participation from the staff. The budget is being worked on currently working. It is good news that the Governor's office has asked for a hold even or 100 % budget to be prepared. This has happened only twice in the past ten years. Salary increases are not part of the current operating budget. NDSU President Chapman has announced he will be supporting 2% for salary adjustments. The tuition increase and increased number of students are the sources for this funding. Extension will try to find 1 % internally for a total salary increase of 3%. President Chapman also plans to continue making the $1,000 grants for staff development available. Duane encouraged us continue to apply for those funds. The printing of materials is being closely scrutinized. The policy is to no longer automatically print or reprint every piece. The print shop is being asked to give cost estimates before printing. Glossy materials are obviously the most costly with black and white the least Parenting Pipeline is one the pieces being analyzed. The search committee for an Extension Director will be meeting next week to review applications. Five to six applications have been received so far. Peggy Anderson is representing our association on the committee.

Comments from District Director Tom Hanson: Tom is part of the committee working on a vision statement for the Extension Service. The vision paper would defines who we are and what we stand for. He feels this is a really good plan and has a commitment to follow through. We are currently operating under a policy from 1998 and need a policy to use with County Commissioners when vacancies occur. The Program review process has been used in a few counties and staffing also can't be determined by budget only. The goal is to approach the Association of Counties who as our partners would look at the documents produced by this committee to see if we are on track. We would then be able to say who we are, what we do and this is the process to be used when vacancies occur.

Rita turned the meeting over to President Ellen. Moved by Sharon K-G, seconded by Veronica to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted
Brenda Langerud

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