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September 1992

Minutes of the September 24, 1992 NDAEHE Meeting

Fargo, ND

President Linda Hauge called the meeting to order.

Guests present at our association meeting were introduced and reported as follows:

Linda Olson, Leadership Development Specialist, reported on Future Quest, an intergenerational leadership development project which she will be working on along with Kathy Tweten, Bill Rosencrans and Ron Anderson.

Geri Bosch, Interim Director for Youth, Family and Community Development Unit, reported on what she felt our relationship should be with the Association of Family and Community Education (FCE), formerly Extension Homemakers.  FCE has become a very independent group who still appreciate any help and resources that are given to them by county staff.  In our county relationships, we need to encourage maturity and independence.   One possible means of attaining this goal is to provide leadership training for our county boards.  Concerns had been expressed to Geri about not having information for Fall County Council planning meetings from the State Board. The reason for the lateness was the timing of the

National FCE Meeting.  Some suggestions to deal with were to move back Fall County Council and District Meeting dates to allow for adequate planning time. Council dates that are set by Constitutions could be amended at the same time as we make other constitutional changes to accommodate the FCE name change.  Also, EHE's need to be aware of the national meeting dates and plan meetings accordingly. We need to remember that we are working with a group of volunteers with time limits and other responsibilities. A suggestion was made that perhaps our Association should send a letter of appreciation to the State Board for their efforts, especially in providing a member newsletter.

Bill Pietsch, Extension Director, joined us and further explained the Future Quest program, particularly its objectives and funding. Dr. Pietsch suggested that our Human Development side of Extension programming will need to get more in sync with the Economic Development side in future programming.  Bill also asked if there were any concerns by our members regarding the Child Protection Policy. Bill assured us that all concerns will be listened to and addressed.

Geri Bosch concluded her report by asking for communication from field staff to her unit. Please complete the Needs Assessment survey that was sent to each of us the previous week. Results will be addressed through a strategic planning process, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in Fargo.  Food Pyramid displays will be sent to each district. Rental fees will be charged non-Extension groups.  Also, please consider some type of name change for Extension staff -- an example being EXTENSION EDUCATOR/ specific discipline.

Merry Green read the Secretary's report for our September 18, 1991 meeting.

Joleen Johnston reported a treasury balance of $1306.28.  Joleen also presented a proposed budget for 1993 Association expenses.

Joleen moved to accept the proposed budget for 1993 as reviewed and presented by Executive Officers and Budget Committee.   Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig seconded the motion. Motion carried.


DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD: Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig reported that NDAEHE members with ten or more years of Extension Service work and membership are eligible to submit an application for this national award.  Several excellent applications were reviewed by the committee.  Sharon strongly encouraged those not selected in 1992 to resubmit next year.  The 1992 recipient is Margaret Tweten. She was presented with a pin from NDAEHE and will attend the National meeting to receive her award there.

Sharon also reported that the committee purchased a supply of DSA pins, so that future recipients could receive their pin at our annual meetings.

PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT:  June Kraft announced that Kim Smith, cavalier County, received the Outstanding EHE Award, 1 to 5 years; and Eunice Hauck, Fargo, will be recognized with the Continued Excellence Award.

June also reported that the committee had requested Sharon Anderson and Dick Hanson to provide the Inservice on "Evaluation Techniques" which was presented at our 1992 District Meetings this past April.

RESEARCH AND STUDIES:  Chairperson Kathy Tweten asked the following EHE's to report on their research projects:

Rita Ussatis, Walsh County, reported on the Nutrition Intervention Education curriculum she developed for fourth grade students attending school on North Dakota Reservations.   Rita worked with Suzanne Fundingsland and local EFNEP staff to pilot this program.  Six weeks of lessons with objectives to increase nutrition knowledge and to change eating behaviors were presented. Results indicated an increase in nutrition knowledge but no correlation between knowledge and behavior change.

Vanessa Tronson, Morton County, conducted research to identify differences or similarities between rural and urban adolescents on a number of issues.  Some issues included parent/adolescent interaction levels; involvement in activities; drug and alcohol usage and smoking.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Marcia Anderson reported that the following individuals will be recognized for "special awards".

Linda Narum- Public Policy Education Award; Geri Bosch­ Program Excellence through Research Award and Research Sessions Award; June Kraft- News Article; Connie Weed- Package Program II and Award for Diversity.

Connie's Package Program II won at the regional level and is the recipient of the NAEHE $100 Award.  Connie's communication package "Nobody's Perfect" was designed to teach young people the impact of perceptions, attitudes and behaviors regarding their physical appearance.  The award will be presented during NAEHE national meeting.

The committee was also given the charge to develop a handout describing the activities EHE's do.  Becky Koch did start working with visual after              the statewide brochure                on county/statewide programs were distributed.

PUBLIC POLICY EDUCATION:  Eunice Hauck reported that the committee will be following up on the program factsheets to be coordinated with Becky Koch. The committee encourages members to consider attending the public policy forum in the spring.

MEMBERSHIP:  Karla Monson reported that 15 invitations were sent to staff members.   The committee prepared constitutional revision recommendations to provide a state-only membership to staff employed for less than 50% time. Karla expressed a need for a brochure to explain the purposes of the NDAEHE to prospective members.

MINORITY NETWORK:  Anita Rohde reported on a national committee meeting she attended in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The national committee has been active in requesting in services which deal with issues and concerns of minorities.

SOCIAL AND GIFTS COMMITTEE: Joleen Johnston reported sending four cards- 3 sympathy and 1 best wishes. Thank you correspondence was received from Hetzel's and 4-H Foundation.

4-H FOUNDATION:  Association representative, Janet Sabol, reported that the Foundation is considering asking board members to assume a fundraiser role in the future in an attempt to increase donations.  She asked the Ass'n. to define the role they want her to assume.  Maxine Frank moved that we recommend that our 4-H Foundation Representative have an advisory and supportive role on the board, giving input while acting as a liaison between NDAEHE and the 4-H Foundation. Amy Sorlien seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Janet also reported that the 4-H Foundation would like to see all staff, including EHE's, contributing to the 4-H Foundation.


Pat Machart, Barnes County, represented our Assn at the Public Issues Forum in Washington, D.C. last spring.  She reported that the group worked with the focus, AMERICA'S ROLE IN THE WORLD: NEW RISKS AND REALITIES.  Pat visited with our ND Congressional Delegation about our programs which address the needs and concerns of families.  The 1993 Forum is scheduled for March 7, 8 and 9.

President Linda Hauge reported that ten NDAEHE members will be attending the National Meeting in Washington, D.C. the following week.  Reports will appear in our next newsletter.

Discussion followed on how to send our NDAEHE minutes to the membership.  Maxine Frank and Geri Bosch will find out if EXT NET is a proper channel.


Karla Monson explained the NDAEHE membership committee constitutional revision recommendations to members and then moved that the changes be adopted. Vanessa Tronson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Joleen Johnston distributed NDAEHE membership forms.  Two types of active memberships will now be available:  $42 active membership; and a $12 active membership (state only) for staff employed less than 50% time.

President Linda Hauge asked the membership for direction in dealing with a constitutional update.  A committee will be appointed with Peggy Anderson as Chairperson.

The proposed by-law amendments for NAEHE were discussed. Anita Rohde moved that our NDAEHE accept them. Carol Sellie seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig suggested that NDAEHE consider establishing a Paraprofessional Award to recognize outstanding work done by paraprofessionals to support Extension programs. Discussion followed.   Sharon moved that the Assn consider establishing a paraprofessional award and determine the nomination process, application form, criteria for evaluation and type of recognition to be given.  Vanessa Tronson seconded the motion. Motion was tabled and will be sent to a committee.


No new members were present for installation. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Merry Green, Secretary

MEMBERSHIP PRESENT:  Linda Hauge, Joleen Johnston, Merry Green, Maxine Frank, Carol Sellie, Verona Lechler, Geri Bosch, Linda Narum, Amy Sorlien, Eunice Hauck, Rita Ussatis, Vanessa Tronson, Brenda Langerud, Mary Whitmer, Margaret Tweten, Karen Armstrong, Ellen Dunlop, Janet Sabol, Kathy Tweten, June Kraft, Marcia Anderson, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Pat Machart, Teresa McElroy, Linda Berreth, Rita Wilhelmi, Karla Monson, Anita Rohde.


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