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October 1998

Minutes of the October 28, 1998 NDEAFCS Meeting

OCTOBER 28, 1998

President Connie Weed called the meeting of the North Dakota Association of Family and Consumer Sciences to order on October 28, 1998 at 4:45 PM at the Holiday Inn in Fargo.

Members present were: Ellen Larvick Dunlop, Margaret Tweten, Connie Weed, Julie Garden Robinson, Barb Holes-Dickson, Verona Lechler, Floramay Miller, Vanessa Hoines, Pam Bernstein, Pam Hajicek, Karla Monson, Karen Armstrong, Ellen Bjelland, Marcia Hellandsaas, Eunice Hauck, Rita Ussatis, Colleen Svingen, Geri Bosch, Virginia Clark, Merry Green, June Kraft, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Brenda Langerud, Macine Lukach, Karen Zotz, Anita Rohde, Ronda Pedersen, Lynette Flage, Kathy Tweeten, and Marilyn Lesmeister.

Margaret conducted a "power point show" from the national meeting in Rapid City. Fortunately, some of the photo's didn't turn out.

A motion to accept the minutes as distributed earlier was made by Vanessa, motion seconded and carried.

Marcia distributed the treasurers report. A motion to accept the report as distributed was made by Eunice and seconded by Sharon K.G. Motion carried. A proposed budget for the coming year was also distributed by Marcia. A motion to approve was made by Rita U, and seconded by Anita.

Dues of $52 (full time) and $12 (part time) are due by Dec 15. Members were urged to use the new members form.  They were also encouraged to look at the membership list as posted on our Association's web site and check to see that all their personal information is correct.

Committee Reports were given:

Awards and Recognition: Pam Bernstein reported on Putting Your Best Foot forward workshop. There are some new awards available. Watch for information in the Communique. Vanessa was recognized with a certificate and pin for receiving national DSA.

State Outstanding Educator 1 - 5 year award winner is Macine Lukach and State Outstanding Educator 6 - 10 year winner is Rita Ussatis.

Member Resources: June Kraft reported that we have 28 national members and 12 state members for a total membership of 40. June encourages district chairs to e-mail or drop a note when new staff come on board. The policy on cards and gifts was distributed to members. The member structure was explained: Active members are those more than ½ time and state members are less than ½ time. It was recommended that the categories remain as they have been

Public Affairs: Karen Armstrong had no correspondence, therefore, no report.

Sharon Anderson was given the floor for comments:

"comp/flex time"; organizationally prefer not to make a policy, but staff have flexibility of attending parent teachers conferences, medical appointments, etc.
Early Childhood Training Center and Parent Line issue started with the 95% reduction. They are not in the restoration plan. 25% Helen and 25% Kim will not be restored and Parent Line will be gone. The restoration plan needed to be different or it wouldn't be accepted.
We need an adolescent/pre- adolescent specialist.
The governor wants us to empty out and rebuild if we get funds.- we need to look for ways to strengthen our capacity. The people who make the difference are those experiencing the benefits of our programs.

Sharon suggested a task-force of FCS to market our program.

Karen Zotz addressed the group with a follow up of the staff positions and stated that we need to be proactive and maintain optimism.

Virginia Clark addressed the group from the College of FCS perspective. She is optimistic and experiences support from the university.

Karen Z. asked for a list of names of individuals who might address the legislature - perhaps someone who helped plan and evaluate programming. They are continuing to look for a F&N position person; cross state programming is a possibility; departmental/extension relationships; looking at EFNEP budget. ECOP has added EFNEP to their agenda - looking for more dollars.

Professional Development: Anita reported that "The Reporter" will have a free page for advertising with the next issue. It is meant to be used by members for professional purposes to include: educational opportunities, curriculum sales etc. Deadlines are Oct 29, Dec 1, Feb 2, April 1, and June 24.

It is now possible to be an "electronic member" of the NEAFCS National Committee Task Force. Anita has application forms and can describe more detail. Apps. are due Dec. 31, 1998. There are monetary rewards from National if a sponsor or exhibitor referral leads to an exhibitor or sponsor at the national level.

Also registration can be partially waived or paid if you are a member of another professional association and are able to initiate some networking, coalition-building, sponsoring, or exhibiting. It's called non-officer representation.

The new national website address is www.neafcs.org  It is linked to cyfar.

Public Issues Forum:  Members that attended from our Association included Pam Bernstein, Marcia Hellandsaas and Vanessa Hoines

Pin Report: Sharon K.G. reported that we have about 550-555 pins left; both silver and gold. They sell for $10 each. We sold 112 in SD. We can check them out and sell.

New Business:

Karen Z. collected impact statements last spring. Pam, Vanessa, Marcia, Margaret, and Karen volunteered to serve on the task-force to market FCS programming.

Eunice Hauck reported on the NDFCE board minutes.

Meeting adjourned at 7:18 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Verona Lechler , Secretary


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