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October 1997

Minutes of the October 23, 1997 NDEAFCS Meeting

President Karla Monson called the meeting of the National Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, North Dakota Affiliate to order on October 23, 1997 in the Prairie Rose Room of the Memorial Union on the NDSU Campus.

Present were Karen Armstrong, Pam Bernstein, Geri Bosch, Virginia Clark, Ellen Dunlop, Lynette Flage, Julie Garden-Robinson, Merry Green, Pam Hajicak, Eunice Hauck, Marcia Hellandsaas, Vanessa Hoines, Barb Holes-Dickson, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, June Kraft, Brenda Langerud, Verona Lechler, Marilyn Lesmeister, Pat Machart, Karla Monson, Linda Narum, Anita Rohde, Kathy Tweeten, Rita Ussatis, Connie Weed, Mary Whitmer, Janelle Wiedrich, Rita Wilhelmi, and Karen Zotz. Visitors: Director Sharon Anderson and Reva Friez.

It was moved by Rita Ussatis and seconded by Connie Weed to dispense with the reading of the minutes and to accept them as written. Motion carried.

The treasurer's report showed a current balance of $7,181.76 which includes $1,000 pledged to the 4-H 2001 Convention.  Motion by Kathy Tweeten to accept the Treasurer's report with the added information of check #455 being an expense to purchase an item for the silent auction at the recently held Galaxy Conference.  Seconded by Eunice Hauck.  Motion carried.  Motion by Connie Weed and seconded by Kathy Tweeten to look into and take action on investing a portion of the current balance in an interest earning account.   Motion passed.

Director Sharon Anderson joined us and spoke on the need to include the College of Human Development in more of the week's activities and the need to pursue funding to support awards which would more accurately reflect the broad range of the excellent work being done.

Karen Zotz spoke on the current status of the searches to fill the positions in the areas of Food and Nutrition and Child Development & Family Science. Seven applications have already been received for the Foods and Nutrition position. As Joan Geyer is no longer working with the FCE program it is a time of transition for them.  State FCE Officers met in August with Karen to review the role of Extension and USDA in relating to FCE. One off-shoot of that meeting was that a list of State FCE Officers and their roles and responsibilities is being created and will be distributed to county offices. USDA has experienced a turn-around in their approach to working with FCE and Anna-Mae Colby, at USDA has been given the role of working with FCE. She would like to put together a national committee which would include FCE officers and Extension Administration to look at how Extension and FCE collaborate relating to programming we Anna-Mae met with a group of people during Galaxy to discuss her role.  .      A list of suggested club study lessons for 1998-99 has been received which includes a request for information on access to the internet. Discussion also followed on ways the FCE organization does and does not support and promote themselves and Extension and other support groups needed for Extension.         In regards to Extension Specialists moving - Debb Pankow will be moving October 31st and Julie Garden-Robinson is scheduled to move November 7th. It is hoped that sharing physical space will strengthen the relationship of instructional, research and extension staff and offer more opportunities for collaboration. Secretaries are moving with the specialists. Regular meetings are planned to give Extension Specialists opportunities to inform each other of programs and plans. Karen addressed a question on the future of the program for certifying home economists and its merits. It has questionable value as it is not marketed well and appears to have no impact in the job market.

Virginia Clark spoke on how much the faculty had enjoyed their time with the Extension Agents this week she would be more than willing to be included more in the conference and also promote the College of Human Development and Education and their 98% employment rate for graduates and high average starting salary range.

Discussion followed on the need to include all staff in awards presentations and recognition for more balance.

Committee Reports:

Awards and Recognition - by Ellen Dunlop

The following individuals were recognized:

Distinguished Service Award, both State and National Awards: Kathy Tweeten

Newsletter: Janelle Wiedrich

Outstanding Educator, 1-5 Years: No applications.

Outstanding Educator, 6-10 Years: Janelle Wiedrich

Continued Excellence: Connie Weed

Paraprofessional Award: Luella Morehouse

Member Resources - by Eunice Hauck
30 National and 14 State members.

Membership forms are due December 15th.

Public Affairs - Merry Green.   No report.

Professional Development  - Janelle Wiedrich.  No report.

Old Business -

Galaxy Conference in Cincinnati - Connie Weed shared her facial device. All enjoyed the great comradery of having so many attending from North Dakota though the mornings were early and the nights late.  Delegates included: Dean Aakre, Sharon Anderson, Pam Bernstein, Geri Bosch, Brad Cogdill, Linda Crow, Lynette Flage, Amy Fugelstad, Mike Hanson, Eunice Hauck, Vanessa Hoines, DeAnn Johnson, Pat Kennelly, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Verona Lechler, Marilyn Lesmeister, Jeff Miller, Karla Monson, Linda Narum, Rick Schmidt, Troy Urban, Connie Weed and Karen Zotz. A reminder that meals and lodging can be claimed but not travel.

Fundraising Pin Sales - Continue to be terrific with 287 pins sold at Galaxy plus lots of order blanks distributed. Janelle Wiedrich moved and Connie Weed seconded that 20 dozen gold pins be ordered to replenish our supply. Motion carried.

Kathy Tweeten was thanked by the association for locating a wreath of North Dakota products which was donated to the auction at Galaxy.

North Dakota was the first association to have a web page. It was agreed to include membership and award forms on our web page. Individuals were reminded to thank Dave Rice for his work on this.

4-H 2001 - Marilyn Lesmeister reminded us of the payroll deduction available to support 4-H 2001.  Contact Marilyn Lesmeister or Gerald Sturn for the needed forms.

New Business:

1998 Regional Meeting - Connie Weed will attend the 1998 Regional Meeting which will be held February 12-14, 1998 in St. Louis.

1998 National Meeting - Will be held October 18-22, 1998 in Rapid City, S.D. at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday-Inn Center (#605-348-4000) The North Dakota Association has been asked by the South Dakota Association to provide person-power to host one of the friendship events. A sign-up sheet for those planning to attend was circulated. Connie Weed will reserve a block of rooms. More info, carpooling, etc. will be discussed at our spring 1998 Association meeting.        Karla Monson will explore booking state vans for our use with the option of the vans departing from a variety of sites.

Other - We were encouraged to consider presenting at a concurrent session.

There being no further business the association meeting adjourned.

Brenda Langerud, Secretary



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