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October 1996

Minutes of the October 22, 1996 NDEAFCS Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Karla Monson at 3:16 p.m.

Present were: Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Brenda Langerud, Karen Armstrong, Eunice Hauck, Margaret Tweten, June Kraft, Carol Braunberger, Jeanne Hochhalter, Teresa McElroy, Pat Machart, Deb Gebeke, Marcia Hellandsaas, Mary Whitmer, JoAnn Runner, Vanessa Hoines, Connie Weed, Janelle Wiedrich, Rita Ussatis, Peggy Anderson, Kathy Tweeten, Macine Lukach, Julie Qual, Anita Rohde, Geri Bosch, Ellen Dunlop, Maxine Frank, Karen Zotz and Guest, Director Sharon Anderson.

Director Sharon Anderson updated us on several issues - A presentation concerning Extension was recently given at the Association of County Commissioners and was very favorably received. The presentation included a mixture of information on youth, ag and family issues. Those attending the Association of Counties meeting were sincerely concerned with welfare reform. Yearly costs for printing such newsletters as Parenting Pipeline and Kids & Money average $17,000 and were funded for this year but will need to be looked at again. Director Anderson requested that we be thinking ahead to the legislative session and the often short-notice need for personal testimonials, antidotes, etc. from people in support of Extension programming. The "bullet" sheets have worked well. She also urged us to share any thoughts or concerns we have on how the Multi-County Units are functioning as she is still committed to the concept of agents being an expert in one area and sharing their expertise.

Guest Karen Zotz spoke briefly. She is enjoying her time here and hopes to meet with us individually as well in the near future. Reporting our efforts is a concern to Karen as it can give us a better opportunity to hold onto our current funding and as a marketing piece to increase funding.

Minutes of the March, 1996 Association meeting were read by Secretary Brenda Langerud. Motion to approve minutes made by Margaret, seconded by Peggy, motion passed.

Correspondence included thank-you notes from Eunice Hauck, Jeanne Hochhalter, First Lady Nancy Jones Schafer and Lt. Gov. Rosemarie Myrdal.

Treasurer's report was presented by Julie. Question by Eunice on when reimbursement for National Convention would be completed. Motion to accept treasurer's report by Julie, seconded by Lynette, motion passed.

Committee Reports:

Awards and Recognition- Ellen Dunlop, Chair. Presented awards to the Newsletter team of Sharon, Mary, Marcia and JoAnne; Home Economist in 1-5 year category to Lynette; Distinguished Service to Merry Green, Continued Excellence to Margaret and Retiree to Maxine. All are invited to celebrate these and other positive events in the lives of Extension Agents/Home Economists in Ellen's room this evening. Also, Ellen has tapes of several outstanding speakers from the National Convention which she would be happy to loan to others.

Member Resources - Eunice Hauck, Chair. A reminder that forms for paying dues are being distributed and no further report at this time.

Public Affairs - Anita reported in the absence of Merry Green, Chair. No additional new information has been received from our national organization.

Professional Development - Janelle Wiedrich, Chair. Janelle has not received any recent information from national.

Old Business:

Fundraising: "Family Pins" - Julie reminded us that we cannot utilize penalty mail when sending funds to her and also requests that checks not be stapled. Kathy reported that our pin was shown on an episode of Oprah. Iowa has contacted our organization requesting that they be able to sell the pins also. Discussion on this topic included a report that 144 pins were sold at the National Convention plus orders for 100 more and that it would be beneficial for us to expand our market by working with Iowa. Motion by Deb and seconded by Vanessa that we agree to allowing Iowa sell pins through us. Motion passed. Motion by Connie and seconded by Eunice that pins be sold to Iowa in lots of 100 for $7 each. Motin passed. Discussion followed on appropriate use of revenue from the pins. A committee of Julie, Janelle, Eunice and Lynette will look at possibilities and report at our Spring, 1997 meeting.

1996 National Meeting - Congratulations to Geri and Linda N. on being presenters at the meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. The 1998 National meeting will be in Cincinnati.

Availability of Computers - Reminder by Margaret that the past issue of access to computers by Extension Agents\Home Economists and our response to it had a direct impact on the action by the District Directors of contacting the county offices when matching funds were available and inquiring as to computer access.

New Business-

National Awards Handbook - The Awards Handbook should be available in early December and will contain a new award from the Home Baking Association.

Legislative Public Issues - Suggestions from discussion on this topic included presenting female legislators with a family pin, expand that presentation to all legislators, reminder to double-check what funds are being used for any gifts or presentations, troublesome bookkeeping issues when pins are used as gifts, perhaps sponsor a coffee break for legislators before the legislative session, send welcoming\congratulation letters to incoming legislatures and county commissioners, include brochures from National organization in the letters and add county bullets.

Regional Meeting - Question on any further support from us to S.D. In addition to funds we are providing people power and may have expenses incurred for those person. In the future, transportation, lodging and registration will be covered by National but not per diem. Motion by Margaret, seconded by Lynette that our President be reimbursed for meals. Motion passed with a need to clarify whether that per diem be for in-state or out-of-state expenses dependent on location of regional meeting.

Salary Issues - Question as to why salary increases were given to some staff and not others and why counterparts are not on the same level of pay. Discussion which followed included whether this would be a fruitful issue to investigate or create hard feelings, suggest people visit with Karla and she bring the issue up during quarterly calls, issues of equity and what is a standard for merit, staff appraisal forms are being re-done by Staff Issues Task Force of which Kathy T. is a member, information on salaries is available at the NDSU Library and that our members need to know that they will be supported by other members when they ask questions.

Higher Education System Planning Meeting - A meeting is scheduled for November 4th in Fargo. Bob Christman has asked the three associations to have representatives present. As President Karla is unavailable on that date, Ellen moved and Vanessa seconded that Connie attend. Motion passed.

National 4-H Publicity Campaign - We have received a letter from Arlene Bunt, of the 4-H Foundation, informing us that N.D.'s share of the campaign is $17,500 over 2 years. Extension Administration has pledged $8,000 and each association is being asked for support. Moved by Margaret and seconded by Vanessa that this issue be tabled til Spring, 1997 meeting.

Bid for the 2001 National 4-H Agents Convention - The presentation will be made on November 5th. If successful, assistance will be needed from all associations. We wish the N.D. group well and look forward to hearing from them on the 6th.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Brenda Langerud


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