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October 1993

Minutes of the October 19, 1993 NDAEHE Minutes

Doublewood Inn, Fargo

President Linda Hauge introduced our Associate Director for Youth and Family Development, Virginia Clark.  Virginia discussed the "integration" concept, saying that it provides an opportunity for us to build closer relationships with campus staff.   She also offered her views and ideas on how we as Extension Home Economists can effectively market ourselves and our programs to the people to North Dakota.

President Linda Hauge called the meeting to order.

Peggy Anderson moved that we not read the secretary’s report for previous meeting, as each member has received a copy.

Treasurer Marcia Anderson reported a balance of $1404.30 in the treasury. She also distributed an itemized treasurer’s report.

Under correspondence, a thank you note was read from Janet Sabol thanking us for the gift she received from the association. Janet resigned as Ward County Youth Agent in August.


Public Policy Education--- Eunice Hauck reported that we need to educate and create an awareness of the importance of the need for available free childhood immunizations.  She reported that the next Public Issues Forum will be held in Washington, DC, May 1- 4, 1994. Individuals interested in attending should contact Eunice.

Distinguished Service--- Margaret Tweten presented a certificate and pin to our 1993 DSA recipient, Geri Bosch.  Geri attended the National meeting where she was also honored.

Professional Improvement--- June Kraft reported that certificates of recognition were presented to Linda Hauge as recipient of the NAEHE Continued Excellence Award and to Rita Ussatis, recipient of NDAEHE Outstanding Home Economist with 1 to 5 years service award. Members were encouraged  to apply for the professional improvement  awards of continued excellence, fellowship and DeWitt Wallace.

Public Relations--- Marcia Anderson reported that the Public Relations committee has developed a listing of support materials for elementary educators to use with students/adults. Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig was the Newsletter II Award winner with her "Food to Finish" monthly newsletter made available to high school athletic programs. The NAEHE Awards Brochure  '94  was distributed.    The Laundry Education  Award was omitted  and Home Economist of the Year Award was added.

An NAEHE marketing brochure was introduced.  We can add an insert of ND information.

Social and Gifts--- Marcia Anderson reported  that  retirement  cards were sent to Wayne Hankel, Ruth Gulbrandson, Joye Bond, Carol Sellie, Carla Lee, Annette  Bach, and Janet Sabol.  Marcia circulated a get well card for Linda Berreth, for members to sign.

Minority Network--- Anita Rohde reported that NAEHE would like to establish a fund to finance a National Diversity Award (new audiences).  Each state association is being asked to submit a donation of $250.

Research and Studies--- Pat Machart, Chr.   Brief reports were given by Julie Hudson­Schenfisch and Kathy Tweten on their graduate studies.  A listing of research submitted to the 1993 NAEHE research and studies committee was shared.  Some of the research entries will be published in The Reporter.

President Linda Hauge introduced our Interim Director Bob Christman, who talked to us about the restructuring taking place at NDSU and how it affects Extension.   He encouraged us to be more innovative in using resources for programs, doing more "needs analysis", and making use of focus groups/advisory councils.


Linda Hauge presented a report on the National Meeting in Tucson, Arizona held in September.  She summarized the new national offices/responsibilities. She discussed the handout showing the costs of membership in NAEHE.  A dues increase is very possible in the near future. Plans are to hire a management firm to run the national office.

A Galaxy Conference (including all associations) is being planned for October 12-17, 1997, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Margaret Tweten shared highlights of what she has been doing to represent our association at the recent Task Force meetings, etc. She has given a copy of her testimony to Linda Hauge. On the Model A for restructuring, let Margaret or Linda know about the changes. Margaret and Connie Weed have been doing a lot to represent the Association in these discussions.

Para Professional Award-- someone from our region needs to represent us. We will be voting at our spring meeting on the guidelines, etc. for our state award.


The 1994 NAEHE Meeting will be in Wichita, Kansas.  The 1998 National Meeting will be held in South Dakota.   We will probably be asked to help with this.

The proposed organizational structure will be adopted in 94 for the NAEHE.   Do we want to restructure within our state organization?

Marcia Anderson explained the new treasurer’s form for membership dues.

Ellen Dunlop moved that we make a $10 donation toward a national cultural diversity award, which will be a one-time contribution for a self-sustaining award sponsored by NAEHE membership.  Pat Machart seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  The money may be sent to either Anita Rohde or Marcia Hellandsaas.

Verona Lechler moved that the Public Relations Committee study the NAEHE marketing brochure, and check into the feasibility of adding state information, for use in county and state marketing. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Merry Green, Secretary

Members Present:  Linda Hauge, Merry Green, Marcia Anderson, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Verona Lechler, Amy Sorlien, Peggy Anderson, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Karen Armstrong, Anita Rohde, Karla Monson, Ellen Dunlop, Margaret Tweten, Maxine Frank, Jeanne Hochhalter, June Kraft, Mary Whitmar, Nancy Grade, Vanessa Haines, Pat Machart, Linda Narum, Geri Bosch, Connie Weed, Eunice Hauck, Kathy Tweten.


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