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March 1996

Minutes of the March 27, 1996 NDEAFCS Meeting

MARCH 27, 1996, 10:30 a.m.

The meeting was called to order by President Margaret Tweten.

Present were: Peggy Anderson, Kristi Berdal, Janelle Beyer, Geri Bosch, Ellen Dunlop, Lynette Flage, Deb Gebeke, Merry Green, Pam Hajiek, Eunice Hauck, Marcia Hellandsaas, Vanessa Hoines, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Donna Rae Jacobson, Joleen Johnston, June Kraft, Brenda Langerud, Verona Lechler, Marilyn Lesmeister, Macine Lukach, Pat Machart, Teresa McElroy, Karla Monson, Anita Rohde, Kathy Tweeten, Margaret Tweten, Rita Ussatis, Connie Weed, Rita Wilhelmi. Guests: Director Sharon Anderson, Michelle Effertz.

Joleen Johnston moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and accept them as distributed by e-mail; second by Geri Bosch; motion carried.

Julie Hudson-Schenfisch presented the Treasurer's Report indicating a balance of $2724.13. A proposed budget was presented and reviewed. Ellen Dunlop moved to accept the treasurer's report and proposed budget; second by Marcia Hellandsaas; motion carried.

Karla Monson presented a bill for $45.00 for this association's share of the evening social held Monday, March 25 at Director Sharon Anderson's residence. Geri Bosch moved to continue to co-sponsor such a social event beginning with 1997 Spring Conference; second by Janelle Beyer; motion carried.

Karen Armstrong, Member Resources Chair, led the installation service for new members Kathy Walsh, Floramay Miller, and JoAnn Runner.

Awards and Recognition Committee - Karla Monson, Chair

The following awards were announced:

Continued Excellence Award - Margaret Tweten
Distinguished Service Award - Merry Green
Florence Hall Award - Verona Lechler
Newsletter I - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig and Team
Newsletter II - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig
Home Economist 1 -5 Years - Lynette Flage
Home Economist 6 - 10 Years - Merry Green

Member Resources Committee - Karen Armstrong, Chair

Three new members were installed. The installation ceremony was updated for use to reflect current changes.

Minority Network - Rita Ussatis, Chair; No correspondence was received from the national association.

Public Affairs - Vanessa Hoines, Chair

Copies of the NEAFCS Challenge '96 were again distributed along with a verbal reminder to inform, involve and educate public policymakers.

Professional Development - Pat Machart, Chair

No correspondence was received from the national association. The issue of the PDU's for Certified FCS members was addressed. PDU's were applied for and are available for this conference. Regarding the technology survey, information is still being compiled concerning the computers survey sent by Margaret. Members were encouraged to continue to make requests for in-service needs. Members were reminded of the importance of supporting fellow staff members

Nominating Committee - Linda Narum, Chair

Candidates for the Vice President were presented: Euncie Hauck and Rita Wilhelmi. Julie Hudson-Schenfisch moved the nominations cease; second by Anita Rohde; motion carried.

Candidates for the Secretary were presented: Brenda Langerud and Marcia Hellandsaas. Geri Bosch moved the nominations cease; second by Janelle Beyer; motion carried.

Candidates each shared a brief personal profile. Members were given directions for voting.

Old Business

Joint Associations Meetings with Director

Officers of the Extension Associations have met quarterly with Director Anderson, either by conference call or face-to-face. Positive comments were shared about the meetings, with concerns appreciated by the Director and evidence seen of follow-up on the concerns expressed.

New Business

1996 Regional Meeting

Karla Monson reported that the new National Association logo is in the process of being copyrighted; the organization is looking at non-profit status; and sample kits of memorabilia are being assembled.

The 1996 National Meeting will be held in Providence, RI.

Bylaws Changes Committee - Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Chair

Committee members, Julie, Peggy Anderson, and June Kraft, reviewed the bylaws finding the only change needed is a name change to "NDEAFCS." Without prior written notice, a bylaws change can be made by unanimous vote of the membership present.

Marcia Hellandsaas moved to make the necessary changes in the bylaws to be in compliance with the national association; second by Verona Lechler; motion carried.

The Bylaws Committee recommended the name change to be in compliance with the national association. Julie Hudson-Schenfisch moved to change this association's name from the North Dakota Association of Extension Home Economists (NDAEHE) to the North Dakota Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science (NDEAFCS); second by Verona Lechler; motion carried. Julie Hudson-Schenfisch moved to change bylaw terminology from Home Economist to Extension Educator; second by Eunice Hauck; motion carried.

Fund Raising - Verona Lechler

The third set of 100 People Pins will be ordered. Pins have been sold to 20 states as the result of having them available at the National Meeting. South Dakota has purchased 67 pins. Former FCE Clubs are using the People Pin as their official pin.

The initial intent of the fund raising effort at the National Meeting was to provide the profits to South Dakota for their National Meeting expenses in 1998. Marcia Hellandsaas moved to donate $180.00 to South Dakota in support of the 1998 National Meeting; second by Teresa McElroy; discussion; motion defeated.

Currently there is $552.00 profit from sales.

Verona moved to donate $350.00 to South Dakota from People Pin profits in support of the 1998 National Meeting; second by Eunice Hauck; motion passed.

The Nurturing Program also sells the People Pin. The agreement with them was that NDEAFCS will only promote the pins out-of-state, not that pins can't be sold in-state.

FCE Secretary Report Form

Margaret distributed copies of a new FCE Secretary Report Form. The program selection process is underway.

National Bid for 2001 by NDAE4-HYW

Geri Bosch noted that the following members are members of the National 4-H Bid Committee: Lynette Flage, Rita Ussatis and Joleen Johnston. The theme selected is "Touching Tomorrow Today" and the conference will focus on youth, self and partners. Four tracks will be available within each focus area: 1) technology; 2) organizational systems/networking; 3) diversity; and 4) volunteers. Bismarck has been selected as the preferred site by NDAE4-HYW membership, but both sites, Bismarck and Fargo, will be presented in the bid package. The professional Extension Associations and the 4-H Ambassadors have provided verbal support as partners in the bid.

Extension Agent Positions

Director Sharon Anderson and Michelle Effertz joined the membership as guests for a discussion relating to rumors and the closing of some positions due to downsizing. A variety of items and ideas were mentioned:

* a need to market Extension's educational aspect.

* encouragement to be more assertive and creative in telling our story, but even more importantly for clients to tell the story.

* share program of work with decision makers.

* encourage individuals involved in youth and family to become involved on a larger scale in decision-making positions.

* provide Public Issues Education to groups of county commissioners or Association of Counties Meetings.

* present a united effort by all four Extension Associations.

On behalf of NDEAFCS, Margaret presented a People Pin to Sharon.

Resource Listing

Marcia Hellandsaas distributed updated copies of resource listings of Extension bulletins, videos and curriculums available on topics of youth and family.

Election Results

Newly elected Vice President Rita Wilhelmi and Secretary Brenda Langerud along with President Karla Monson and Treasurer Julie Hudson-Schenfisch will be the Association officers for 1996-97. Congratulations! Thank yous to out-going officers Margaret Tweten, President and Linda Berreth, Secretary.

Door Prizes - Several t-shirts and sweatshirts from the college were given away as door prizes.

The meeting was adjourned.

Joleen M. Johnston, Acting Secretary


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