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Fall 1999

Minutes of the Fall 1999 NDEAFCS Meeting

The Fall 1999 meeting of the NDEAFCS was called to order at 4:15 PM by President Connie Weed at the Holiday Inn in Fargo.

First on the agenda was remarks by Director Dr. Sharon Anderson. She informed the group of actions of the Program Directions Committee. There has been little input from NDEAFCS members and we are urged to do so through Margaret Tweeten, NDEAFCS representative or Vanessa Hoines, 4-H Youth Workers representative. Issues of concern are: moving toward new sources of money, budget, listening to the people, organizing citizen input, expanding our bases, and possible inclusion of county commissioners in staff appraisals.

Virginia Clark, Dean of the College of Human Development spoke next on the topics of: dollars tied to Experiment Station, Research Station, food safety/food service; College of Human Development looking elsewhere for dollars.

Marcia Hellandsaas made a motion to accept the previous minutes as presented on the web. Motion carried.

Treasurer, Marcia presented the treasurers report with a balance on hand of $8,057.85 as of 10/19/99. Details of the report were distributed to members. Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig moved for acceptance of the treasurers report, Pam Hajicek seconded, motion carried. Ellen Dunlop moved, seconded by Peggy Anderson, motion carried to accept the proposed budget as presented.

Committee reports:


DSA Award - Rita Ussatis, Regional Winner in Communication - Ellen Dunlop

Regional Winner for Newsletter - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, and FRC/PRC's submitted to regional.

Member Resources: June Kraft introduced three guests, Joyce Merkel, Krista Littlefield and Jill Hennessy. They are invited to attend this meeting. We have 36 members as of last spring meeting. Three new staff members took part in the initiation ceremony. We incite all members to renew their membership. Membership is encouraged to welcome new staff as they come on board and to make contacts in their districts or department.

It was requested that Karla Monson's address be listed. It is her usual e-mail kmonson@ndsuext.nodak.edu, I do not have a "snail mail" address for her.

Public Affairs: Karen Armstrong reported a Galaxy type conference is being planned for the year 2003. The date and location have not been set at this time. Vanessa reported that it may be held in Minneapolis.

Healthy People...Healthy Communities is a new national health initiative. The initiative promotes the capacity of individual families and communities to increase healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices and make informed consumer decisions. Continue doing the good work in this arena.

A fourth Impact Sheet is being developed focusing on helping families balance work needs with family and personal needs.

Professional Development Committee: Anita reported that She and Karla have been working on the core competencies committed. The committee is still somewhat divided on the purpose of the competencies. It is becoming apparent the competencies will be used in hiring, training and apparently eventually evaluation.

Competencies will be introduced at conference. Web access may be in the future.

There no final form to the competencies yet. There may be opportunity for field staff to input, if so please do so as there is not many field staff on the committee to determine "our" core competency. Anyone interested in looking at what has been developed so far can request copies from Anita,

People Pin Project: Sharon Kickertz Gerbig reported that we have 136 gold and 105 silver pins on hand. A number of them are checked out to members and a number will go with the ND delegation to North Carolina for the national meeting.

FCE: Eunice Hauck reported that there are 35 counties participating. The June 2000 conference will be held in Dickinson. They will again vote on whether to go national or stay state only.

The North Central Regional Volunteers Leaders Forum for 4-H will be held in 2000.

Verona made a motion to give $500 to the NCRVLF.

Marketing Committee: Connie reported impact statements on Brown Bag Bytes and 5 plus 5 wellness, youth programming and farm crisis. Attach it to research.

Margaret reported the Long Range Planning Directors would like to have our input on

what/where would we like to be in 5 years, 10 years from now. Send input to Margaret or Vanessa.

Program Review: It was reported that the 0 to 12 position has been put on hold and CSCC was suggested as a possibility.

Public Relations committee chair was appointed to voice our concerns to Pat Jensen, Jerry Doan and legislators.

It was stated that "use or lose" leave donated to Karla goes away Jan I. Jeannie made a motion, seconded by Ellen, motion carried, that we give $500 to Karla and Family. Marcia is to check out the possibility of finding a matching fund to channel it through.

In an effort to continue and spread out our support to Karla and her family, Verona was asked to assign a communicator per week to Karla.

Karen Zotz spoke to us about SBARE using an educate and persuade approach. When using the "Impacts Paper" make a communication to SBARE or advisory committee. Introduce to the person, (not just a hand out) "In the area of human development, food and nutrition, this is where we focus our programming. We have impact data across the state.

Respectfully submitted,

Verona Lechler, Secretary

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