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April 1998

Minutes of the April 1, 1998 NDEAFCS Meeting

APRIL 1, 1998

President Karla Monson called the meeting of the National Association of Family and consumer Sciences, North Dakota Affiliate to order on April 1st, 1998 in the Birch room of the Doublewood Inn in Fargo.

Present were Peggy Anderson, Karen Armstrong, Pam Bernstein, Geri Bosch, Virginia Clark, Ellen Larvick Dunlop, Julie Garden-Robinson, Merry Green, Pam Hajicak, Eunice Hauck, Linda Hauge, Marcia Hellandsaas, Vanessa Hoines, Barb Holes-Dickson, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, June Kraft, Brenda Langerud, Vernona Leckler, Marilyn Lesmeister, Macine Lukach, Teresa McElroy, Linda Narum, Anita Rohde, JoAnn Runner, Kathy Tweeten, Margaret Tweten, Rita Ussatis, Karen Zotz and Reva Friez -guest.

Peggy A. moved and Rita U. seconded that the secretary's report be approved as distributed earlier. Motion carried.

Treasurer's report unavailable as treasurer is on leave. We wish her well and assume we have monies on hand.


Pin Report - Given by Sharon K-G. Verona moved and Barb seconded that we continue with sale of the pins as long as the momentum for their sale continues. Motion passed. Linda N. commented that her largest sales had been to groups utilizing the pins as awards, which might be an addition to our sales pitches. A form will be submitted for a booth site for pin sales at the National Convention in S.D. There was a question as to if we would be able to sell pins at the National FCE Convention in Bismarck.

Awards and Recognition - Given by Ellen L-D. Limited participation this spring. One submission for Distinguished Service - Vanessa H. - was sent into National.

Member Resources - Given by Eunice Hauck. We have 28 national and 9 state members. Question as to the requirements for membership based on part and full-time employment and membership requirements as listed in our constitution. Membership committee will make a recommendation for our fall meeting as there are concerns that some members would automatically be moved from a dues bracket of $12.50 to $52. The new member initiation ceremony was held for Pam B. and Pam H. Welcome!

Public Affairs - Given by Merry Green. Merry shared a handout on the 1998 NEAFCS Millennium Challenge which listed suggested activities to become involved in. She is asking that we check off those activities we are part of and report back to her.

Professional Development - Report not available.

Nominating Committee - Submitted the names of Pam B., Barb H-D., and Verona L. for secretary and those of Macine L., Peggy A. and Jeanne H. for vice-president. Each candidate gave a brief statement on who they are and why they would like to serve as an officer in the association. The nominating committee was thanked for their efforts.

Karen Zotz was given the floor for comments. 1.) Options for backfilling Debb Pankow's specialist position while she is on leave include a person from the field and a specialist from another state. No determination has been made as to the amount of time to allocate for back fill. Karen emphasized that it is important to continue to plan for this program area as if someone is in that position on the state level. 2.) Lori Lymburner will be assuming responsibility for part of the work usually done by Suzanne Fundingsland while Suzanne is on a one-year leave. Lori will be part of a team also including Eunice H., Anita R. and Karen Z. Reviews will be conducted at all the EFNEP sites next year. Suzanne completed some projected budget figures before beginning her leave. 3.) The position description for the position of Foods and Nutrition Specialist will be carefully reviewed with the goal of attracting more candidates in mind, as that position has not been filled. 4.) Karen is talking with the state specialists concerning developing "The Expert Model" to develop more training and updating for agents across program areas. 5.) 27 individuals responded to the e-mail question as to change of date for the Human Development update. The update has been moved to August 12-14. Karen will be with us one of those three days. 6.) Discussion and question on position descriptions, requirements for degrees for positions and what degrees are relevant for the many roles we fill. Lists have been requested and reviewed from our national organization as their requirements. 7.) Five newsletters that are printed periodically - including Kids 'n Money and Parenting the 1st year - will be printed in supply of 2 years and will be stored at Distribution. An e-mail will be sent out asking us to inform Distribution if we have any changes in the numbers each county needs. The names of the agents will be printed on the reverse side of the newsletters as in the past. 8.) Question as to how we develop experience in field staff and if any field staff were considered for the 4th position on the EFNEP review team. 9.) Two satellite training programs for field staff, done out of Ohio University, will be held in December. The trainings are sponsored by the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development and will focus on money management and supervision. More info will be available on e-mail at a later date. A request was made that all staff be informed that all staff have the right to attend. There is a possibility that the trainings will be video taped for later use.

Sharon Anderson was given the floor for comments - 1.) Emphasized that the last thing the Extension Service needs is leadership stratified by sex and encouraged us to inform her if there are needs for dialog on that or similar issues. A recent audit on hiring practices within Extension was held with final results not yet available. Suggestion made that a mentoring program be in place. 2.) Encouraged us to figure out a strategy so everyone be able to attend the National Convention in S.D. 3.) The Director of S.D. Extension has inquired if a 2-state conference could be held in Bismarck in 1999. Give feedback shortly if we feel that is worthwhile. 4.) Governor Schafer's proposed 5% cut would translate to $600,000 a biennium. Would like our association to be involved if that need to happened. 5.) The decision on the individual to backfill the EFNEP position was based on the need for someone to do managerial tasks and records. Saw this as an opportunity to do something new. Would welcome any suggestions to solicit interest in temporary positions, any thoughts or concerns. 6.) Sharon asked if there is a need to specify a position in Extension for writing grants. A definite "yes" from the association. 7.) Sharon is very concerned about the continuing vacancies in state specialists positions and will aggressively continue to fill those positions. The position descriptions will be reviewed, especially the 60/40 split for the Foods and Nutrition position. She encouraged us to continue program planning in those areas.


Regional Meeting - written report submitted by Connie Weed and brochures on "Mapping the Road to the Millennium and Beyond" distributed.

National Meeting - Viewed a promotional video from S. D. - "Discover The Gold". Connie has 12 rooms reserved. Association members expressed concern about the amount of time out of the office as the our National Convention, the 4-H Convention and Fall Conference are very close together. Ellen L-D and Verona L. volunteered to load buses the night of the Friendship Dinner at the National Convention in S.D.

Karen Z. asked to revisit some issues. 1.) Suggestion that our association bring to the Leadership Team some of our concerns as to how the roles we play in our county offices, such as that it not be assumed that the County Chair position be attached to the Extension Agent/Agriculture position. Suggestion that the responsibilities of supervision and budgeting be split among office staff. Ellen L-D. moved, and Margaret T. seconded that a letter be sent to the Leadership Team about our concerns with training for and attachment to a specific position of the County Chair responsibilities. Motion passed. Anita R. will take leadership for composing the letter. Eunice H. moved and Ellen L-D. seconded that a second letter be submitted as to our concerns on salary equity and what counts as years of experience. Motion passed. Question as to fi the state associations are represented on the Leadership Team - no they are not.

Public Issues Forum - Pam B. will represent us at this forum with our association paying ½ of the costs and Extension paying 1/2.

Question from Membership Committee as to how and who collects dues and then reports members to national as it needs to go through several hands now and there is often some delay. Membership Committee will review options.

June K. volunteered to be our representative to the 4-H Foundation. We also need volunteers for representatives to FCE and the State Fair Board. Question as to what is our financial responsibility to these representatives. Committee of Janelle W., Julie H-S. and Karla M. will make a recommendation at our fall meeting.

Results of balloting for offices : Vice-President - Macine L. and Secretary - Verona L.


Motion by Veron L. to adjourn, seconded by Marilyn L. Meeting adjourned.


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