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April 1997

Minutes of the April 2, 1997 NDEAFCS Meeting

Radisson Inn, Bismarck, N.D.
April 2, 1997

President Karla Monson called the April 2, 1997 meeting of the National Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, North Dakota Affiliate, to order in the Radisson Inn, Bismarck, N.D. In attendance were: Pat Machart, Connie Weed, Margaret Tweten, June Kraft, Karen Zotz, Mary Whitmer, JoAnn Runner, Marcia Hellandsaas, Carol Braunberger, Rita Ussatis, Eunice Hauck, Rita Wilhelmi, Peggy Anderson, Lynette Flage, Linda Hauge, Janelle Wiedrich, Anita Rohde, Kathy Walsh, Deb Gebeke, Ellen Dunlop, Geri Bosch, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Jeanne Hochhalter, Merry Green, Barb Holes-Dickson, Karla Monson, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch and Brenda Langerud.

Treasurer's report showing a balance of $6,119.39 given by Julie H-S. Jeanne H. moved and Sharon K-G seconded that the Treasurer's report be approved as submitted. Motion carried.

Eunice H. moved and Rita U. seconded that the Secretary's report which had been distributed earlier be approved. Motion carried.

Three new members - Carol Braunberger, Karen Zotz and Barb Holes-Dickson were installed and welcomed to the Association.

Committee Reports:

Awards and Recognition: Ellen D., Chair. Reviewed awards given in 1996: Distinguished Service to Merry Green; Continued Excellence to Margaret Tweten; Newsletter I to team of Sharon K-G, Kris J., Mary W., Marcia H. and Joanne R.; Newsletter II to Sharon K-G; Florence Hall to Verona Lechler; Outstanding Educator in 1-5 year category to Lynette F., Outstanding Educator 6-10 years to Merry G. and Retiree to Maxine Frank. Awards for 1997 include Distinguished Service to Kathleen Tweeten; Continued Excellence to Connie Weed; Newsletter I to Janelle W.; Para Professional to Luella Morehouse and Outstanding Educator 6-10 years to Janelle Wiedrich. The forms used in 1997 will again be utilized for 1998.

Member Resources: Eunice H., Chair. Our association has 41 members. No correspondence from National at this time.

Public Affairs: Merry G. chair. No additional report at this time.

Professional Development: Janelle Weidrich. Chair. Has recently received communication from our regional director finalizing presentations to be made at the Galaxy Summit and also information on the e-mail address and web page that the national association will have available soon. Would like to see if in-service classes could be offered for credit.

Election Of Officers: On behalf of the nominating committee of Peggy A., Sharon K-G and Marilyn L., Peggy A. submitted a ballot of: President Elect - Marcia H., Julie H-S., and Connie W. Treasurer - Janelle W., Macine L., and Kathy W. There being no nominations from the floor, nominations were declared closed, candidates stood and introduced themselves. Voting was then completed by members present.

Director Sharon Anderson attended a portion of our meeting. She spoke on the successes and difficulties of working with the recent N.D. Legislative session and the positive information Extension Agents were able to provide to document our work.

Old Business:

Copies were circulated of the National Plan of Work. We have one month in which to submit changes.

We were reminded of the 4-H Advertising Campaign, the involvement in it by a 4-Her from North Dakota and that we had tabled at our Fall 1996 any financial commitment to the campaign.

Julie H-S. on behalf of the committee of Lynette F., Eunice H., Janelle W., and herself reported on a recommended use of pin sale profits. Our fund-raising project of selling pins has a balance as of 3/19/97 of $3,910.09. To date we have given $350 to South Dakota from sales of the pins. Current inventory is of 2 dozen pins on hand and 4 dozen, which have already been paid for, ordered from the factory. Jeannie H. moved and Janelle W. seconded that $500 be given to the 4-H Ad. Campaign. Motion passed with 16 aye and 14 nye. Sharon K-G. reported that Minn. had inquired as to their continuing to sell pins. Julie H-S. moved that of profits from the sale of pins be dispersed as follows: $1,000 - 4-H Agents Convention in 2001, $1,500 to first-timers attending National AFCS Conventions and $500 to the 4-H Ad Campaign. Rita U. seconded. Discussion followed on the motion including the life-span of selling the pins, how long we wished to continue selling them, market saturation, and possible future markets. Janelle W. amended the motion with $500 to first-time convention attendees and $1,000 to underwrite costs of all attending the national convention in S.D. Vanessa H. seconded. Amendment passed. Motion passed as amended. The question was raised as to what number of pins should be taken to the Galaxy in Cincinnati for sale. Vanessa moved and Eunice seconded that 5 dozen pins be taken. Motion passed.

Our regional meeting was in Cincinnati and delegates to it, including President Karla, have recommendations for those attending the Galaxy as to hotel accommodations.

Resources available from our national organization included colored copies of the creed and hopefully shortly 30-second radio PSA's.

New Business:

Announcement of Galaxy Summit, a national conference for Cooperative Extension educators, to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio October 12-16, 1997 Attendees will be able to select a track of programming and must do so in order to receive reimbursement for expenses. Kathy T. volunteered to select an item in the $30 range to be our donation for the auction to take place at Galaxy.

President Karla reported on her work with Dave Rice on setting up a web page for our organization and distributed copies of items which could be placed on the web page, including the associations constitution, membership list, officers and committee members, and minutes of recent association meetings. Suggestions for further additions to the web page included the membership form and award forms. After the national association has their web page up and running this fall, our page can be a link to theirs. Dave Rice has agreed to maintain/check on the status of the page twice a year. Geri B. moved and Connie W. seconded that we continue creating a web page. Motion carried. It was agreed that the association president would act as a filter for information put on the page.

President Karla has flyers available which list items for sale displaying the national logo.

Election results were announced with Connie W. elected as President-Elect and Janelle W. as treasurer. All candidates were congratulated for their support of the association.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

Brenda Langerud


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