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September 1989

Minutes of the September 13, 1989 NDAEHE Meeting

Doublewood Inn
Fargo, ND

Eunice Berthold, President, called the meeting to order.

Eunice mentioned that she and Anita Rohde had met with the county agent's policy committee to discuss the restructuring process. Bill Pietsch would like us to jot down questions or concerns we may have regarding the restructuring process.

Geri Andreson was appointed to be our "point of order" person for the meeting. Connie Weed moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Motion was seconded and passed.

Correspondence was read from Barb Misterik, Doris Nelson, Colleen Roe, Margaret Tweeten and Judy DeWitz.

Kathy Tweten, treasurer, reported a balance of $1177.75. Amy Sorlien moved to accept the treasurer's report and Pat Machart seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Anne Green reported that our history is complete. She was presented with a gift from the association for compiling our history. Ellen Dunlop read two excerpts from the history book.  We have two copies available; one of these copies will be kept in the president's file. Ellen Dunlop moved that the other copy be available to us on a "sign up rotation" basis. Verona Lechler seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Bill Pietsch joined us to respond to questions, and to discuss the job qualifications and position requirements in the Centers of Excellence.

Committee Reports:

Distinguished Service and Recognition - Pat Machart reported that four members were eligible to be considered for the DSA. Three applications were received. Eunice Berthold was selected to receive the award. The other applicants were encouraged to apply next year.

Professional Improvement - Karla Monson reported that their committee selected Ellen Bjelland as this year's outstanding home economist with less than five years of service and Karla Monson as this year's outstanding home economist with five to ten years of service. There was no applicant submitted for the continued excellence award.

Public Relations- Amy Sorlien reported that four communication awards and one Florence Hall application were received. She also received several late award applications. Selections were made and sent on to the national, for further competition. The committee urged members to apply for awards next year.

The committee reviewed the information concerning the Health Education Bill and decided to distribute it to all members, encouraging them to use the information with homemakers.

An article in the 1984 Journal of Extension, "Taking A Stand: Extension and Public Policy Education," was recommended to the group. Maxine will send copies. NDAEHE members were encouraged to get involved in sharing the educational information on the tax referral in their communities.

The FCL clinic in October will feature a Public Policy Issues seminar. Public Policy will also be featured at the February FCL trainers workshop

Membership - Rita Ussatis reported their membership proposal was stated as follows:  "Any Extension employee with a degree in Home Economics or related field and holding' an appointment requiring a minimum baccalaureate degree, may upon payment of the specified annual dues become an active member of the association." · North Dakota will support this proposal change.

The new address for NAEHE resale items is the National 4-H Supply. The committee requests that potential honorary memberships be submitted to them.

State Fair - Julie Hudson-Schenfisch and Ellen Dunlop have not been notified of the meetings, so have not been attending. Eunice will contact Jerry Iverson to make sure that they receive invitations.

Janet Sabol brought up the pay inequity for judges and 4-H leaders paying full price to get onto the fairgrounds. Ellen Dunlop suggested that many different types of passes be available instead of the full nine day passes.

Homemaker Task Force - Eunice reported that they are alive and strong.

Social and Gifts - Kathy Tweten purchased 13 cards and six gifts for past members. Former members receiving gifts included: Barb Misterik, ODetta Manthie, June Strand, Colleen Roe, Doris Nelson and Ann Slavik.

4-H Foundation - Eunice reported that Jolene Bates will represent us in this area. Jolene explained that the restructuring was done so that people in power, who have clout, and who know where the dollars are, be responsible for collecting the money - instead of the leaders who are very committed.

Old Business:

Eunice Berthold suggested that the “Creating the Future for Extension” tape be located in the staff library. She recommends the tape and feels we should all listen to it. Verona Lechler moved to do this. Ellen Bjelland seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Members attending the national meeting in Hawaii include: Eunice Berthold, Verona Lechler and Marge Hamann.

New Business:

Our 1990 National Meeting will be held September 24-27 in Chicago. Eunice suggested possibly carpooling with an NDSU van(s).

We held a discussion regarding how we should elect officers next year. Possibilities might include election via a newsletter, or holding an association meeting in conjunction with a group day-to-ourselves. Verona Lechler moved to use the newsletter format for officer election next spring. Ellen Dunlop seconded the motion. Motion carried.

A statewide day-to-ourselves was discussed in depth. Verona Lechler suggested it may be a good idea to tie the meeting to another meeting, possibly the state NDHEA meeting. Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig suggested that sharing time be included. Rita Ussatis mentioned that the commodity groups would like to spend more time with us. Maxine Frank moved to leave day-to-ourselves kind of loose. Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig seconded the motion. Motion failed. Then Sharon suggested we hold both a day-to-ourselves and a statewide sharing day. Ellen Bjelland mentioned that county commissioners may not approve two meetings and we really need a day to plan amongst the districts. Geri Andreson expressed her feelings that we are losing social contact with only the one conference. She moved we hold a social statewide day-to-ourselves planned by the Professional Improvement Committee. Peggy Anderson seconded the motion and a discussion followed. The discussion revolved around involving the commodity groups, location, and rotating the professional improvement committee by districts. Motion carried.

A discussion followed regarding possible constitution revisions. These revisions are contingent on the election at the national conference and the proposed eligibility of our members. Verona Lechler moved that the constitution revision be tabled until a decision has been made at the national level. Ellen Dunlop seconded the motion and the motion failed. Ellen Bjelland moved Eunice select a constitution committee. Motion seconded and passed. Eunice will notify us as to who she selects.

Eunice mentioned that she and Les Stuber were asked to brainstorm about the county extension director position.

Peggy Anderson extended an invitation to attend a four state NDHEA meeting, April 20-22, 1990, in Bismarck at the Doublewood Ramada Inn. The four states involved include Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The search committee for the associate director invites us to attend meetings and to encourage people to apply for the position.

A thank-you was extended to Sharon for serving as treasurer. Introduction of new officers included: Kathy Tweten - treasurer, and Anita Rohde - president elect.

Merry Green was initiated into the association. Merry is the new McHenry County Extension Home Economist.

Meeting adjourned.      
Submitted by Karla Monson, Secretary

Members present: Ellen Bjelland, Jan Kringler, Rita Ussatis, Sharon Kickertz­ Gerbig, Maxine Frank, Linda Hauge, Anita Rohde, Merry Green, Geri Andreson, Peggy Anderson, Connie Weed, Janet Sabol, Pat Machart, Margaret Tweten, Joleen Bates, Vanessa Tronson, Amy Sorlien, Verona Lechler, Ellen Dunlop, Anne Green, Kathy Tweten, Eunice Berthold and Karla Monson.


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