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September 1988

Minutes of the September 13, 1988 NDAEHE Meeting

Bismarck, ND

Eunice Berthold, President, called the meeting to order.

Verona Lechler moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Peggy Anderson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Sharon Keckertz-Gerbig, Treasurer, reported that we have $1138.94 in our treasury. She also reminded us that our dues should be paid anytime, and would not cash our checks until November. Geri Andreson moved to accept the treasurer's report. Amy Sorlien seconded and the motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Food Safety Law - Maxine Frank reported that Governor Sinner has asked the State Health Department to look into the law, so no action is needed on our part. Julie Hudson-Schenfisch will receive a draft of this law by November and has agreed to share it with us.

4-H Foundation Restructuring - Doris Nelson reported that Ron Anderson has done a lot of work on the by-laws. They also decided that the recognition luncheon, held in Bismarck, would be cancelled for this year. This committee will be meeting again to review the by-laws. Doris reminded us that no one is presently in the office, but that Marge Hamann's staff is accepting the duties to keep the office functioning.

Awards Review - Linda Hauge, Vice-President, reported that the executive board met and devised the following recommendation: District Representatives should contact Extension Home Economists within their districts (via meetings or conference calls) to collectively assign/decide and assure nominees for inter-disciplinary, media, association and outstanding home economist awards. The district representative along with the other home economists would then be utilized to encourage each other to complete the awards forms. Verona Lechler moved to adopt this recommendation. Carol Sellie seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Core Staffing Committee - Linda Narum reported that they have no results at this point.

Federation Meeting - Geri Andreson reported on several issues.             

 They are as follows:

-Communication between PAC and counties could be better.

-In-Service time spent for knowledge gained was questioned.

-Continuing Education doesn't offer much for us regarding advanced degrees.

-A presentation should be compiled to keep the consultation board informed of what we are doing.

-Bill is planning a new staff training program which includes a probation period.

Salary Scale - Sharon Anderson, District Director, joined us to explain how salaries are arrived at. Our salary scale is as follows:

Base= $17,000

Master’s Degree = $1200

Extension Experience = $1000 per year

Other Professional Experience = $500-$600 per year

After a salary is proposed, it is discussed with the other district directors by comparing the proposed salary with salaries of staff with similar qualifications.

Director Bill Pietsch joined us to appeal for our help. He said that we are in a war for resources and need to be prepared. Bill is committed to not send any more termination letters after this legislative session. He asks us not-to over-react to news headlines or to be shocked when we hear about recommendations for a 5% cut on our general fund. Bill is asking that two members from both associations be selected to plan and orchestrate our political action (an attack committee).

Eunice Berthold asked the association who they would like to represent us on this political action committee. Geri Andreson moved that our president be one of the representatives. Maxine Frank seconded the motion and the motion carried. Maxine Frank then moved that anyone interested in the second position should notify Eunice and the executive committee would make the final selection. Linda Narum seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Eunice Berthold reported that Maxine Frank, Ellen Dunlop, Carol Sellie, Linda Narum, Marge Hamann and herself would be attending the national meeting.

Marge Hamann reported that she is still committed to putting together a futures task force. Anyone interested in serving on this committee should contact either Marge or Eunice.

Marge also reminded us that she would like better communication between the state and county offices. To accomplish this task, she has asked that we send a copy of our narrative to the state home economics office.

Meeting adjourned.      

Submitted by Karla Monson, Secretary.

Members Present: Linda Hauge, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Eunice Berthold, Karla Monson, Verona Lechler, Geri Andreson, Maxine Frank, Linda Narum, Barb Misterek, Kathy Tweten, O'Detta Manthei, Peggy Anderson, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Ellen Larvick-Dunlop, Joleen Bates, Vanessa Tronson, Carol Sellie, Pat Machart, Doris Nelson, Connie Weed, Ellen Bjelland, Anita Rohde, Janet Sabol, June Kraft, June Strand, Rita Ussatis, Jan Kringler, Teresa McElroy, Amy Sorlien, Ann Slavick


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