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October 1984

Minutes of the October 17, 1984 NDAEHE Meeting

4-H Auditorium
Fargo, ND

President June Kraft called the meeting to order. The following home economists were present: Lynette Blumhardt, Verona Lechler, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Margaret Tweten, Marie Williams, Amy Sorlien, Peggy Anderson, Maxine Frank, Connie Weed, Karla Mattson, June Strand, Ellen Dunlop, Anita Rohde, Judith Fleener, Doreen Kleinsasser, Lynette Restemayer, Linda Narum, Kelly Bergo, Judi Hornseth, Eunice Hauck, Kaatherine Brandt, Sharyl Eastgate, Linda Hauge, Carol Sellie, Valerie Aho, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Doris Nelson, Geri Andreson and Colleen Roe. State Specialists present: Sue Fowler, Rose Ann Millette, Nancy Kaufman, Suzanne Fundingsland, Gail Gunderson and Jane Winge.

Minutes of the April meeting were distributed. Julie Hudson-Schenfisch moved, Peggy Anderson seconded that the minutes be approved. The minutes stood approved.

Karla Mattson gave the treasurer's report and asked for outstanding bills. Lynette Restemayer submitted a bill of $17.00 for Career Clue-In, and she stated expenses for the coffee served prior to the association meeting would be submitted later. The report was approved.

Dr. Myron Johnsrud addressed questions from members of our association. A member of the NDSU endowment organization asked the help of association members to help identify people who may be willing to give financial help to NDSU. Tim Johnson asked for the support of home economists to help raise money for the 1987 National County Agents Convention.

Committee Reports:

Research and Studies - Linda Hauge, Chairman

This committee invited Lyn Nieuwsma to tell of her experiences in getting a publication into the Journal of Extension. Margaret Tweten also reported on the research that she has done on micro computer learning.

Professional Improvement -- Ellen Dunlop, Chairman

The following "Day to Ourselves" activities were reported:

S.E. - visited places selling computers and had a bridal shower for Eunice Hauck.

N.W. - camped at Lake Metigoshe and used 4-H camping materials and recipes.

N.E. - toured Computerland and Grand Forks Rehabilitation,

S.W. - toured St. Demitrious Ukrainias Catholic Church,  Studied history and egg decorating.

Central - A retirement event for Beth Johnson is being planned.

NDAEHE Outstanding Home Economist Awards were given as follows:

1-5 years - Geri Andreson           

6-10 years - June Kraft

50th Anniversary Committee -- Ellen Dunlop, Chairman

North Dakota participated in the National Association Anniversary through­out 1983 and 84.

We reached 100% of the NAEHE Endowment Educational Fund solicitation by completing two noon meal fasts at October 1983 and April 1984 state meetings. Each EHE donated $15.00 to the Endowment Fund as a result of our DIET FOR ENDOWMENT.

In the "Reach Out" program to advertise Extension Home Economics in our communities 33 states reported 24,163 volunteer hours. North Dakota reported 605 hours given by Joleen Bates, Helen Dahl, Ellen Dunlop, Maxine Frank, Judith Hornseth, Julie Hudson, Beth Johnson, June Kraft, Pat Machart and Carol Sellie. Julie Hudson's "Art in the Park" council was so well received it became a part of the National Meeting program.

Twenty-three NDAEHE commemorative tiles were distributed. NDAEHE 50th Anniversary napkins were used at the 1984 Spring Extension Banquet.

Our final participation was that of Kelly Bergo, modeling for the "In Tune with the Times" 50 years fashion show in New York City at National Meeting.

Distinguished Service and Recognition Committee -- Carol Sellie, Chairman

The 1984 Distinguished Service award was presented to Judi Hornseth at the national meeting in New York in September.

Members who are eligible for the Distinguished Service Award are encouraged to apply next year. Application forms will be in the winter Reporter and are due to the state chairman by March 1.

Membership Committee--Lynette Restemayer, Chairman

Membership Coffee - held before Association Meeting.

Special guests: six new field staff plus state staff with Home Ec related degree and/or job responsibility,

Initiation Ceremony - Extension Home Economist Creed presented to new members.

Promoting Home Economics - the "Home Ec" party was held at 4-H Career Clue-In in August. Costs for gifts (prizes} and supplies for games were $17.00,. Coke drink was donated by Coke Company,

Committee recommended our organization continue to promote Home Economics as a career at 4-H Career Clue-In. Suggestions are: explore idea of a new format; maybe change to a panel and/or a new theme.

The committee welcomed the following new members:

Field Staff - Valerie Aho, Doreen Kleinsasser, June Strand, Verona Lechler, Kathy Brandt and Amy Sorlien

State Staff - Ruth Gulbrandson, Pat Beck, Rose Ann Millette, Jane Winge, Gail Gunderson, Sharon Anderson, Sue Fowler, Suzanne Fundingsland and Nancy Brockel­ Kaufman.

Initiation of new members took place prior to the association meeting.

Public Relations Committee -- Kelly Bergo, Chairman

Members: Maxine Frank, Lynette Blumhardt, Sharyl Eastgate

The committee received three applications for NAEHE communication awards; June Kraft's entry for radio feature was our regional winner and was submitted to the national committee.

I would like you to note that the sponsorship of these awards depends on the number applying. Some of the awards have very few applications. This committee would like to encourage you to apply for more of the awards.

The national association has provided us with a public relations brochure. You will each receive one. They suggest that this be used with groups that are not aware of us or familiar with our programs. For example new audiences, new legislators or commissioners. This may also be used for introduction material before speaking to new audiences. Let me know how you feel you will use this information and how many copies you would like.

There is space on the front for our state logo and on the back for your business card or office address and phone.

Public Affairs -- Geraldine Andreson, Chairman

Members: Judith Fleener, Marilyn Lesmeister, Linda Narum, Marie Williams

The committee made the following recommendations:

1) Home Economists are to become more visible.

- Use picture of self and others where applicable.

- Use the media effectively - call them!

2) Encourage our clientele as well as ourselves to be involved, aware and more knowledgeable about legislation and lawmakers.

3) Be aware of the survey sponsored by the National Assoc. of Ext. Home Economists. Areas of greatest concern:                Medical Costs, Pay Equity for Women, Preschool Child Care and Care for the Elderly.

Note the following articles:

Happy Anniversary, Journal of Home Economics, September 1984

Lawmakers of North Dakota

Effective tools to contact legislators - letter writing, etc.

4-H and Older Youth -- Margaret Tweten, Chairman

Minutes were distributed from the October 15, 1984 North Dakota 4-H - Youth Advisory Committee meeting.

Special attention was called to the new National 4-H Report Forms, State Fair 4-H exhibitor's dress code and State Fair exhibit labels.

Social and Gifts -- Connie Weed, Chairman

Gifts are being presented to Beth Johnson and Helen Dahl, recent retirees, from the association.

Old Business

No old business.

New Business

Sixteen association members attended the NAEHE annual convention in New York City.

Doris Nelson reported as a first time delegate. Kelly Bergo reported on her assignment on the exhibit committee. Ellen Dunlop and Connie Weed gave brief reports on the convention.

Geri Andreson moved, Kelly Bergo seconded that the NDAEH executive committee decide what should become of the copies of the History of the N.A.E.H.E, Motion carried.

A certificate of appreciation has been received for our association's support of the NAEHE 50th Anniversary Award Fund.

Anita Rohde moved, Ellen Dunlop seconded that the incoming association president appoint an ad hoc committee to study guidelines for officers attending national meetings. The committee will be asked to give a report at the March 1985 association meeting. Motion carried.

Julie Hudson moved, Lynette Restemayer seconded that the association executive committee take a look at the situation of there being no fall conference in 1985 and how it affects our association. Motion carried.

Maxine Frank moved, motion was seconded and passed that a committee be appointed to explore funding to support a delegate to the Public Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. Motion carried.

The nominating committee presented the following candidates for association officers:

Vice President – Peggy Anderson and Eunice Hauck

Secretary – Linda Hauge and Doris Nelson

Judi Hornseth moved, Anita Rohde seconded that nomination cease. Motion carried.

Judi Hornseth moved, Karla Mattson seconded that we dispense with ballots and vote by a show of hands. Motion carried.

Eunice Hauck was elected vice president and Linda Hauge secretary.

National Report - Connie Weed

Be sure and try for some of the awards. General Foods and Chem-Pak didn't have enough applicants to give all the awards.

There is a new Safety award featuring seat belts. All states must spend 8% of their federal highway funds on safety so there's money available for programs.   You can work together with Extension Homemakers.

There were several constitution changes that affect our association.

Article X Section 4. This section changed the minimum number of delegates per state from one to two.

Standing Rule #2. This section now states that active/affiliated members joining during the first year of employment should pay $10.00 to the National Associate. (regular dues are $20.00). Two dollars of the annual membership fee is a contribution to the Educational Awards fund. Dues are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Standing Rule #5. Changed the date of employment to be able to receive an award from July 1 to February 1st of the year they are to receive the award.

The first NAEHE Forum on Public Policy Education will be held in Washington D.C. March 3 - March 6.

President Weed adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Machart, Secretary


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