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October 1983

Minutes of the October 20, 1983 NDAEHE Meeting

Meineke Lounge
Fargo, ND

Doris Nelson, Richland County Home Economist, was initiated into the association. The meeting was called to order by Presidnet June Kraft. The following home economists were present: Kelly Bergo, Geri Andreson, Margaret Tweten, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Ellen Dunlop, Maxine Frank, Carol Sellie, Lynette Blumhardt, Helen Dahl, Anita Rohde, Marilyn Lesmeister, Peggy Anderson, Judy Fleener, Marie Williams, Beth Johnson, Judi Hornseth, Jolene Bates, Sharyl Eastgate, Doris Nelson, Eunice Hauck, Julie Hudson, Gail Gunderson, Linda Hauge, Pat Machart, June Kraft, Linda Narum and Connie Week.

Minutes of the April meeting were distributed and approved. Treasurer Connie Weed reported that no bills had been submitted to her since the April meeting. She asked for and received current bills and collected association dues and Diet for Endowment contributions.

Secretary Pat Machart read correspondence from Sue Fowler thanking the association for the anniversary tile and stating her regret that she would be unable to attend the national association meeting. Correspondence was also read from Helen Lang thanking for the 4-H Special Service Award and Sharon Anderson for the assistance given at Career Clue-In.

Committee Reports

Professional Improvement -- Ellen Dunlop, Chairman

Day to Ourselves -

--S.W. District had a cultural expansion experience touring Fort Yates Extension, BIA, and a Pow Wow.

--S.E. District had program review and then went on a window treatment tour in Grand Forks.

--N.W. District met in New Town with Director Marv. They learned how to make cover slides and practiced photography at Crow Flies High.

--S.C. District went for analysis at Rainbow Connection to assist with upcoming clothing lessons.

--N.E. District met at Widman Candy Company in Grand Forks reviewing small family business. Met with Director Jim for lunch. Dayton’s gave a preview of what's new in each department - trends of fashion.

Outstanding Home Economists were chosen from our organization and announced at the Annual Awards luncheon October 17.

   One to five years - Eunice Hauck, Traill County

   Six to ten years - Judith Hornseth, Southeast Area

Look for the applications in the Winter Reporter for NAEHC, J.C. Penney and Grace Frysinger Fellowships.

Distinguished Service and Recognition -- Carol Sellie, Chairman

Linda Narum will be awarded the Distinguished Service Award October 27 in Atlanta, at the National Association of Extension Home Economist.

Home Economists eligible for this award are reminded to submit their applications by March 1.

Membership Committee -- Lynette Restemayer, Chairman

Julie Hudson, Peggy Anderson, Judi Hornseth

A)  The committee recommends that North Dakota association adopt the same membership amendment which was passed at National this past spring. Proposed constitutional change:

Article II, Section VI:

Affiliated Member. Any Extension employee holding a professional appointment and working in the Home Economics program but who does not meet criteria for active membership as stated in Section I, II, IV and V, may upon payment of the specified annual dues, become an affiliated member of the Association. An affiliated member is entitled to the rights and privileges of membership but may not vote, hold office, serve on committees, or receive awards and fellowships.

B)  The committee sponsored a Career Clue-In Party in July. Eight home economists were able to attend, We followed a clowning format, speakers included people working in Home Economics related jobs in Bismarck/Mandan. Coke and popcorn were donated, Apples purchased from BJC. We want to thank the 4-H Ambassadors who helped with the active games.

C) Welcome Doris Nelson, Richland County Home Economist, back into Extension work. Presented NAEHE Creed to her.

Research and Studies -- Linda Hauge, Chairman

Gail Gunderson, Eunice Hauck, Margaret Tweten

Judi Hornseth and Gail Gunderson reported on their research as it pertained to their master degrees.

The committee asked if the association was interested in having a list of research being done or recently completed in the college of home economics.

Public Relations -- Maxine Frank, Chairman

Helen Dahl, Lynette Blumhardt, Kelly Bergo, Sharyl Eastgate

Two awards applications were received. Julie Hudson was Regional Winner in the Packaged Program and Ellen Dunlop National Winner in the Nestles.

An article on the Career Clue In party was submitted to the Reporter, written by Kelly Bergo.

Information concerning award winners was sent to NDSU Communications Department.

Publicity for Diet for Endowment will be sent to Reporter and media.

Kelly Bergo will assume chairmanship of committee.

Public Affairs -- Geraldine Andresen, Chairman

Marie Williams, Marilyn Lesmeister, Judy Fleener, Linda Narum

Committee asks the association to accept the following resolution: Whereas; this is the year of Food, Fitness and Health as proclaimed by Governor Allen Olson, the North Dakota Association of Extension Horne Economist is encouraged to promote all areas of total wellness including nutrition, mental emotion and physical; as well as record activities in relation to the above to the public affairs committee.

50th Anniversary Committee -- Ellen Dunlop, Chairman

The national 50th anniversary napkins were used at our annual awards extension luncheon Monday.

50th anniversary tiles will be picked up at National in Atlanta and delivered as possible.

History for our association is being written by honorary member Anne Green. Please search your files for any association history before 1946 and mail to me.

Special projects reports are due May 1, 1984 to me. Stories may be one half page that includes: title of project, clientele involved, number reached, impact or results, number of hours contributed and name and address of home economist. We need 10 slides (quality and colored) of home economists in action doing these projects.

North Dakota "Diet for Endowment" 50th Anniversary national fund raising project) was kicked off Wednesday, October 19 at noon. To divert hunger while trading lunch for a $7.50 donation, members viewed Sue Fowler's slides of Europe. Photographs were taken and public relations will see to a news story distribution through the State Communication Office. The other half of the endowment will be collected at April 1984 Conference, likewise.

Rank and Tenure -- Gail Gunderson, Chairman

A joint meeting was held with the Campus Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation Committee. Members of the PT & E Committee present were: Art Lamey, Chairman; Linda Crow, Harvey Hirning, Ron Anderson and Jane Winge. Members of the NDAEA and NDAEHE Committee present were Frank Sobolik, Ken Eraas, J.W, Schroeder and Gail Gunderson.

Discussion of the committee centered on five major points:

1) Present is a concern for recognition and fair treatment for both Field and State Staff.

2) All present agreed that Extension Director Johnsrud has the interest of all Extension Employees in mind and is open to suggestions regarding the rank and tenure system.

3) A concern of both field and state staff groups is the separate system, i.e. tenured staff, non-tenured staff and a separate system for field staff may be more confusing than beneficial.

4) Suggestions for additional meaningful recognition of field staff.

a) A meritorious service award presented by the Federation of Associations in addition to the award from each association.

b) Seek awards from industry or community groups for outstanding Extension Staff performance.

5) Challenges for the entire Extension Staff.

a) Continue to encourage professional development academically and through field performance.

b) Field staff are encouraged to continually evaluate the practicality of information coming from NDSU, (especially research related).

c) Maintain communication lines between field and state staff in developments relative to the rank and tenure situation.

Budget -- Carol Sellie, Chairman

Proposed budget

4-H Foundation -                    $100.00

4-H Special Service Award -     $52.00

Journal Subscriptions -             $16.00

Career Clue-In -                        $25.00

Gifts, etc. -                                $20.00

Total -                               $223.00


4-H and Older Youth -- Margaret Tweten, Chairman

Members of the association were asked to review the minutes of the 4-H and Older Youth Committee when distributed to staff.

Special attention was called to the fact that the Public Speaking and Demonstration Contest will be divided into Teen and Pre-teen divisions - ages 13 and up and 12 and under.

4-H Special Service Award Committee -- Lynette Restemayer & Joleen Bates, Co-Chairpersons

The 4-H Special Service Award, presented annually and sponsored by the three Extension Associations, was awarded September 21, 1983 to Helen (Ted) Lang, Sterling. Lynette Restemayer was a member of the selection committee. Joleen Bates represented the North Dakota Association of Extension Home Economists at the awards presentation. The presentation was made with Governor Olson in attendance.

Dr. Fowler, Assistant Director, Home Economics, informed the association of the progress being made in the four new home economist positions. She stated applications would be accepted starting March 1, 1984 with the positions to be filled by July 1, 1984.

Dr. Johnsrud, Director, and Dr. Pietsch, Associate Director, visited with the association concerning several administrative matters.

Old Business

Lynette Restemayer moved, Julie Hudson seconded that the following proposed constitutional change be made:

Article II, Section VI:

Affiliated Member. Any Extension employee holding a professional appointment and working in the Home Economics program but who does not meet criteria for active membership as stated in Section I, II, IV and V, may upon payment of the specified annual dues, become an affiliated member of the Association. An affiliated member is entitled to the rights and privileges of membership but may not vote, hold office, serve on committees, or receive awards and fellowships. It carried.

Connie Weed moved, Linda Narum seconded that the requirement to read a motion at a meeting prior to the vote be waved so a motion concerning affiliated member dues could be acted on and incorporated into the constitutional change. It carried.

Maxine Frank moved, Carol Sellie seconded that dues for affiliated membership be one half that of full members. It carried.

New Business

Maxine Frank gave a brief report of the Federation Meeting.

Eunice Hauck shared information on a Sewing Machine Service Workshop offered by the Sewing Machine Exchange from Grand Forks.

Ellen Dunlop moved that the Research and Studies Committee request a listing of the home economics related research currently being conducted at NDSU and make it available to our association. It was seconded and carried.

Sharyl Eastgate moved, Anita Rohde seconded that the 1984 proposed budget be accepted. It carried.

It was the consensus of the group that the family sponsoring the Freeman Scholarship be approached to consider that funds from the scholarship be used for home economists doing special work and/or study with North Dakota homemakers.

Marilyn Lesmeister moved, Margaret Tweten seconded that our association go on record as offering support to the North Dakota County Agents in their hosting of the 1987 National Extension Agents Association Meeting and that at least one member of our organization be named as a contact person with their association. It carried,

Anita Rohde, Kelly Bergo, Julie Hudson and Marilyn Lesmeister were appointed as a contact group to assist the county agents association.

Jolene Bates asked that our association sponsor two mini-sessions at the NDHEA meeting in Minot, March 30-31.

Eunice Hauck moved, Marilyn Lesmeister seconded that out association sponsor two 45-60 minute mini-sessions at the NDHEA meeting in Minot on March 30-31. It carried.

Eunice Hauck volunteered to be the contact person to help plan the mini sessions.

Maxine Frank moved, Kelly Bergo seconded that an invitation be issued to potential affiliated association members for a special event in April. It carried.

Ellen Dunlop presented the following slate of nominees for association President-Elect and Treasurer President Elect, Connie Weed and Treasurer, Karla Mattson. Anita Rohde moved and Sharyl Eastgate seconded that a unanimous ballot be cast for the officer nominees. It carried.

President June Kraft adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Machart, Secretary


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