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October 1982

Minutes of the October 15, 1982 NDAEHE Meeting

Meineke Lounge
NDSU Memorial Union
Fargo, ND

The fall meeting of NDEHEA was called to order by President Maxine Frank. The following Home Economists were present:

Beth Johnson, Connie Weed, Sharyl Eastgate, Linda Hauge, Kelly Bergo, Karla Mattson, Peggy Anderson, Marilyn Lesmeister, Helen Dahl, Ellen Dunlop, Beth Viland, June Kraft, Anita Rohde, Marie Williams, Pat Machart, Lynette Restemayer, Margaret Tweten, Bonita Dockter, Eunice Hauck, Judy Fleener, Carol Sellie, Judi Hornseth, Linda Narum, Sharon Kickertz Gerbig, Julie Hudson, Joleen Bates, Grace Backman, Gerry Andreson and Lynette Blumhardt.

Beth Viland was initiated into the Association.

Minutes of the Spring Meeting were approved as read. Connie Weed presented the attached Treasurer's report which was approved.

Dr. Sue Fowler met with our association and discussed the following:

l.Congratulations to Maxine Frank on being elected Central Regional Director and to all Home Economists for their involvement at the National Meeting held in Tan-Tar-A, Missouri.
2.Program Planning and District Meetings scheduled throughout the state.
3.Extension Practicum "on hold", until new Dean selected for College of Home Economics.

Dr. Johnsrud also met with our association and had the following comments:

1. He expressed his regret at not being able to make the National Meeting at Tan-Tar-A, Missouri.
2. Executive Committee of County Commissioners was proposing to pass a resolution which would change present county mill levy for Extension from one mill to 4 mills.
3. Penalty mail - how are you treating it?
4. Of the 32 new proposed positions, five would be Home Economists -- four area and one campus. Job sharing has been under consideration but thought is being given to doubling costs in regard to fringe benefits, conferences, etc.


North Dakota Home Economist who attended National Meeting at Tan-Tar-A, Missouri were: June Kraft, Voting Delegate, Maxine Frank, Ellen Dunlop, Carol Sellie, Judi Hornseth, Kelly Bergo and Grace Backman.
Kelly Bergo moved we use National Association napkins at Annual Extension Banquet. Judy Fleener seconded the motion. 
The 1983 meeting will be held in Atlanta and the 1984 meeting in New York City. Anyone interested in serving as worker or on awards committee for National Association, should submit their name to Judi Hornseth before April 1st. (and Anne Green)

50th Anniversary Chairman is Ellen Dunlop.
Sheryl Eastgate volunteered to assist Ellen with the History of our Association.

Reporter Magazine: Decided it was good public relations to send magazine to Dean of Home Economics, Director, and Asst. State Leader.  Carol Sellie moved a cover letter be sent to these people, informing them the subscription was from the Association. June Kraft seconded the motion and it carried.

Umbrella Organization discussed and approved. Association mail must be stamped, not franked.


Professional Improvement - Connie Weed
Day to Ourself
NE - Consumer Day in Grand Forks, Toured Daytons with Store personnel.
SE - Discussed programming and toured.
SW - Met at western 4-H camp, toured Smith Grove (part of Cross Ranch) and a Power Plant.
SC - Program Planning
NW - quilting lesson and made a quilt for Sharon Anderson

Encourage all members to start a loose-leaf notebook including all special letters, brag stories, programs for special programs they have held. Some states have required staff to document their accomplishments.

The committee reported on the Home Economist Recognition award form and the score sheet that was used.

Score Sheet
Association, state and National - 8
Education and Degrees - 8
State Wide and other Involvement - 9
New innovative programs - 25
Regular programs - 25
Media - 10
Community Service - 15

Suggested the selection committee be made up of 2 Home Economists and the Program Development Coordinator at the State level. The Home Economist would be those having over 10 years of service and would rotate.

Day to Ourself Chairman must let the District Directors know of the date and place.

District Service and Recognition - Pat Machart
Committee reviewed the years of service of each Extension Home Economist.

We contacted Linda Narum as the eligible person for recognition. We passed out information regarding the Mary Laycock Scholarship at the Association meeting.

Recruitment Committee - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig
Committee Members: Gerry Andresen, Kelly Bergo, Bonita Dockter, Judi Hornseth, and Karla Mattson.

The recruitment committee discussed the 1982 4-H Career Clue-In, and made suggestions for speakers for the 1983 Home Economics party at the Career Clue-In. We want to remind the N.Dak. Association of Extension Home Economists that there should be at least 1 and preferably 2 or more staff members from each district at the Career Clue-In. We felt that this could be done as chaperones for Conservation Camp, 4-H Conference, etc. or with volunteers at the Spring District Conferences. We do need men as chaperones as we are increasing the number of boys each year at the Career Clue-In.

We discussed the name change of the Recruitment Committee. At the National meeting the recruitment committee was merged with the Membership Committee. We felt that sometime in the future, that our committee would have to work on retaining memberships as well as recruiting members.

We also discussed career days in the local schools, and also on the Extension Major at NDSU.

A recommendation from this committee would be that there be one Extension Home Economist from each district on this committee.

Fall Conference Research and Studies Committee Report -- Julie Hudson

Grace Backman, SW Area Energy Agent, Anita Rohde, Ft. Berthold and Judy Hornseth, SE Area Home Economist, reported on research being done. Grace reported on her thesis on the development of evaluation instruments in examining educational materials. Anita Rohde talked on her thesis on the amount of Microwave oven education at the College and University level. Judy reported on her graduate plans.

Public Relations Committee
Members: Beth Johnson, Marie Williams, Grace Backman, Ellen Dunlop and Eunice Hauck, Chairman.

Two members submitted newsletters for the communications Award Program. Julie Hudson won at the State Level.

Grace Backman is in the process of writing an article on Computer Use for "The Reporter."

Eight of our members traveled to the National Meeting last week and several of them were actively involved:

Maxine Frank was elected as N. Central Regional Director - Elect and Hospitality Chairman.
Judi Hornseth, was MC of the Simplicity Style Show and is National Recruitment Chairman and "saved" that committee.
Grace Backman - chaired one of the sharing sessions.
June Kraft - voting delegate and presented Maxine for N. Central Regional Director Elect.
Ellen Dunlop - gave her General Foods Media Grant presentation.
Kelly Bergo - modeled 2 garments at the Simplicity Style Show and served on the exhibits Committee.
Carol Sellie and Anne Green also attended.

Our committee again encourages ALL home Economists to enter in the Awards Program in the spring and to consider writing articles for "The Reporter".

NDAEHE Public Affairs Committee Report

The public Affairs Committee announced that a new award for public affairs programs has been initiated at the state level. North Dakota home economists are encouraged to consider entering.

Last year's activities included an exchange of ideas for citizenship programs that can be used for homemaker's club programs.

Home economists were urged to attend the legislative meetings held the winter of 1982.

50th Anniversary Report -- Ellen Dunlop
Our National Association will observe their 50th Annual Meeting September 8-13, 1984 at the New York Hilton in New York City. The observance is to begin January 1983 and be complete by September 1984.

We are asked to participate in a National Project for Extension Home Economists visibility. Pick one community project, agency or group to share your expertise. Log your time spent and report to the 50th Anniversary Chairman.


Marilyn Lesmeister moved that in light of what had been disclosed through committee, Association favor the opportunity for Practicum students gain experience in county with the consent of interested individual home economists. Connie seconded the motion and it carried.

Darla Tufto, Wheat Commission, raised the question about combined stag. Pat Machart moved we should stay on our own but if absorbed, we would like a new event. Ellen Dunlop seconded the motion and it carried.


Carol Sellie presented the following:
Vice President: Linda Narum
Secretary: Pat Machart
Ellen moved to accept nominations, Judi seconded the motion and it carried.

The Association thanked Maxine for "Beyond the Call" service extended as Association President.

June Kraft, new president, adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted
Beth Johnson, Secretary

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