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October 1981

Minutes of the October 9, 1981 NDEHEA Meeting

Meineke Lounge
NDSU Student Union
Fargo, ND

The fall meeting of NDEHEA was called to order by President Maxine Frank with all members present.

President Maxine, assisted by Association Officers Connie and Beth, conducted an Initiation Service for Judy Fleener, Lynette Blumhardt, Karla Mattson, Geraldine Andresen and Randi Fiel.

Minutes of the spring meeting were read and approved.

Attached is the Treasurers report presented by Connie Weed and approved as printed.

Dan Duerre, State Fair Board Representative from Mohall, spoke to the group. Committee chairpersons presented the attached reports.


Budget committee recommended we not send a delegate, and the President-elect attend the Central Regional Presidents workshop this year.

Proposal forthcoming to raise National Dues $10.00. Voted: Yes - 30  NO - 0

Association approved payment of the following bills: Hallmark Book Bill $11.95; Farewell Gifts - Sharyl Eastgate; Laurel Olson and Mary Matteson.

Joleen Bates reported on North Central Home Economics meeting in Bismarck.

Anita Rohde discussed the importance of everyone joining AHEA both National and State level.

We are 100% in donations for the Multi-media projects
It was moved to table the Grace Delong Scholarship for further discussion.


Carol Sellie moved that the association become a part of an umbrella organization which would be a Federation of Association presidents and president-elects. Association chairman would be Epsilon Sigma Phi president. Gail Gunderson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

In-Service- Task Force - Carol Sellie will be attending first meeting Oct. 31st. at the National meeting in Las Vegas. North Dakota Association members will be recognized as:
Recruitment - chairman - Judi Hornseth
Hospitality - chairman - Maxine Frank
Distinguished Service Award - Connie Weed
General Foods Media Grant - Ellen Dunlop

Election of officers: Nominating committee presented following slate of officers for 1981 and proposal for election change.

All present officers remain: Vice President- Linda Narum; President elect, June Kraft.
1982  Secretary --- Vice President
1983  Treasurer -- President Elect
1984  Vice President and Secretary

Judi Hornseth moved we accept the nominating committees report. Connie Weed seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Dr. Myron Johnsrud, Director, spoke to the Association and discussed the following:

- Gail Gunderson is Association representative on Rank and Tenure Committee
- 1981-82 Salary Data sheet passed out and discussed by Dr. Johnsrud. 
- Recommendations made by Dr. Johnsrud - Association be more aggressive in encouraging people to pursue a planned academic study program.
- Orientation program be simulated system to give all experiences in short time.
- Discussed salary adjustments for employees in field staff who are hired with or have obtained Masters Degree.

Association members spoke to Dr. Johnsrud about the following:

Anita Rohde questioned that some Home Economists were not invited to meeting with legislators.

Linda Narum congratulated Myron and Sue Fowler for obtaining Lori Elmquist employment on staff.

Dr. Sue Fowler, Assistant Director Home Economics spoke to the Association regarding Pat Beck's letter on pineapple substitute using zucchini. She reported that the new budget requests are for 4 or 5 Area Home Economists and 3 new specia1ists - Housing, Aging and Home Management.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth Johnson, Secretary

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