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November 1980

Minutes of the November 8, 1980 NDEHEA Meeting

The business meeting of the NDEHEA was called to order by President Julie Albrecht. The following home economists were present: June Kraft, Helen Dahl, Linda Hauge, Vicki Jo Maier, Katherine Iverson, Anita Rohde, Gail Gunderson, Barbara Wortham, Julie Burgum, Carol Sellie, Maxine Frank, Connie Weed, Joleen Bates, Julie Hudson, Janet Sabol, Pat Aune, Brenda Berndt, Sharon Kickertz, Maxine Nordick, Judi Hornseth, Laurel Olson, Beth Johnson, Anne H. Green, Marilyn Lesmeister and Mary Matteson.

Initiation of three new members into the NDEHEA was held. New members include: Joleen Bates, Home Economist at large, Rolette County; Barb Wortham, Traill County Home Economist and Julie Burgum, Cass County 4-H Youth Agent.

The secretary's report was read. A motion was made by Pat Aune and seconded by Judi Hornseth to accept the minutes as read. The motion was carried.

Marilyn Lesmeister gave the treasurer's report which showed a balance of $479.94 after the payment to North Dakota 4-H Foundation. A motion was made by Connie Weed and seconded by Julie Burgum to submit the treasurer's book for audit by Gail Gunderson. The motion carried.

President Julie Albrecht presented thank you notes to the association from Sue Fowler, Ann Subert, Tom Martindale and Anne Green.

Committee meetings were held prior to the business meeting, and reports were called for at this time.

BUDGET - Gail Gunderson reporting
The budget committee met and reviewed the amount of money NDEHEA has in its account. Gail Gunderson made a motion that our association send the vice-president to the Regional workshop in Chicago this year with this policy to be re-evaluated in future years. Julie Hudson seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

PROFESSIONAL IMPROVEMENT - Connie Weed reporting (copy enclosed)

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE - June Kraft reporting (copy enclosed)

RECRUITMENT - Sharon Kickertz reporting (copy enclosed)

RESEARCH and STUDIES - Marilyn Lesmeister reporting (copy enclosed)

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Beth Johnson reporting (copy enclosed)

PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Brenda Berndt reporting (copy enclosed)

Maxine Frank gave a report on the Advisory Committee and stated that the committee is on the shelf.

Julie Albrecht and Carol Sellie expressed their appreciation for Sue Fowlers concerns with the members of our association.
Julie reported that Deloris Pavicic is new on the State Extension Home Economics staff and will be developing communication literature on "What Extension Home Economics Has to Give to Clientele" and also a slide tape on organizing homemaker clubs. It was also discussed switching from monthly to weekly news releases.

Julie Albrecht also informed us about the White House Conference on Happening Workshops to be held in all major North Dakota areas this February. Sue Fowler strongly urges all Home Economists to attend.

A committee was appointed to make a statement from NDEHEA concerning the White House Conference on the Family. They include: Brenda Berndt, Janet Sabol, Gail Gunderson and Sharyl Eastgate.


Pat Aune discussed the Umbrella Organization and the NDSU Extension Association Constitution and By-laws. Aune also mentioned as an association we will not lose strength from it- we willl have equal representation. Also she strongly urged the support of the Umbrella Association because we need strength at the Federal and State levels) having everyone working together for the same common goal. The association will take a look at a final draft in April.


Brenda Berndt submitted a bill for roses, candles and two cards for $12.00. A motion was made by Sharon Kickertz and seconded by Carol Sellie to accept the bill. Motion carried.

Julie Albrecht gave a report on the National Convention and stated that Judi Hornseth, Maxine Frank and Katherine Iverson will be serving on National Convention committees for the coming year.

June Kraft will be serving on the April Extension Conference and Sharyl Eastgate on the October Conference committee.

Julie Albrecht discussed importance of getting input to Myron Johnsrud by January for the 1981 budget. Pat Aune made a motion, seconded by Judi Hornseth that a committee develop a letter to Myron Johnsrud to put Area Home Economists as a #1 priority in the 1981 budget. Motion carried.

Julie Albrecht completed the list of committees for the coming year. (copy enclosed)

Discussion on the possibility of part time special instructors being members of our association was brought up. Pat Aune made a motion, seconded by Anita Rhode that information be sought on membership for our special instructors and be presented at the April meeting. Motion carried.

A concern on the recent change in charging 35¢ for the food freezing book was brought up by Maxine Nordick. Anita Rhode made a motion to turn this concern over to the chairman of the Research and Studies Committee and discuss this matter with Sue Fowler and Dr. Humphrey. The motion was seconded by Maxine Frank. Motion Carried.
Anita Rhode gave her thanks for the Distinguished Service Award and Anne Green for the Epsilon Sigma Phi Service A1vard.

Marilyn Lesmeister shared the concerns brought up at the new agent's supper on change of Extension conference. Some counties felt three conferences during the same budget year was a burden to their county and would like to see the third conference paid for by state expenses. The matter was discussed and no action was taken as an association.

The slate of officers of NDEHEA for the coming year was presented as follows:
PRESIDENT - Carol Sellie
SECRETARY - Mary Matteson
TREASURER - Sherris Harrell
A motion was made by Judi Hornseth, seconded by Anita Rhode to accept the slate of officers. Motion carried.

Myron Johnsrud met with our association and discussed the concern of being consistent with the recognition of Extension staff when they retire. A motion was made by Connie Weed to recognize at October and April conferences retired staff for the previous six months at a social event, with participation if one so wishes. The motion was seconded and motion carried.

Dr. Johnsrud discussed the 1981 budget and will start to build it in January. Salaries will be #1 on the list. Area Home Economists will be in the budget but will be a tough request due to inflation. He also asked for input from field staff on the 1981 budget.

A motion was made by Connie Weed, seconded by Julie Burgum to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted:
Mary Matteson
Acting secretary for Tessa Nesheim


General Foods Consumer Center will award eight $150 grants to current members of NAEHE. Grant monies will be awarded for development of media material with emphasis on nutrition. Other fellowship available are the NAEHE Fellowship, Grace Frysinger Fellowship and J.C. Penney Co. Fellowship.
The Wilson Food Fellowship is no longer offered.
A pamphlet explaining all the award  programs was given to all NDEHEA members.
The above applications are available from the Professional Improvement committee and are due by April 1.

Katherine Iverson, June Kraft, Carol Sellie, Linda Narum
During the past year, we completed and submitted the Distinguished Service application for Anita Rhode.
Katherine attended a session on awards at the National meeting. There was a discussion on the need for home economists to attend National meetings and it was suggested that perhaps this should be a criteria for eligibility for awards. No action was taken. Home economists are encouraged to apply for awards such as Florence Hall award. If there are not application, we are apt to lose sponsors.
The committee decided to contact John Stewart and make a list of the current North Dakota Extension Home Economists and their respective terms of service. This would be helpful in determining eligibility for the Distinguished Service Award.
RECRUITMENT - Sharon Kickertz, Chairman
Maxine Nordick, Vicki Jo Maier, Judi Hornseth, Mary Matteson and Sharyl Eastgate
The Recruitment Committee met and one of the items discussed was the 1979 Career Clue In Home Economics party. It was decided to change the theme from "It's a Small World" for 1980. He are all to come to the April committee meeting with ideas. Ideas from non-committee members are also welcome. Everyone is invited to attend the Career Clue In.
Report on the results of the Extension Home Economist brochure letters was given. Most states do not have one. The states that do include all three organizations. Further work will need to be done in this area. It has suggested that a joint association brochure be developed.
A letter from Jeri Koll Grant, North Dakota AHAE membership chairman was read encouraging us to all become members. A promotional brochure was also passed out among the group.

RESEARCH AND STUDIES - Marilyn Lesmeister, Chairman
Maxine Frank, Julie Hudson, Janet Grove and Pat Aune
- will not make immediate recommendation for this year.
- future role: contribute to district training programs.
- again listen for research studies being done among your co-workers. reminder: it is due to me by March 15 in order to submit it for printing in the "Reporter."
Beth Johnson
Julie Burgum

1). Sue Fowler wrote to Beth in January 1979 and said Marilyn had started work on a new home economist brochure which Sue would follow-up on. Sue planned to meet with us about this in February (unable to because of storm). We will contact here. "What is Extension Home Economics" brochure.
2). Contact Home Economics teachers in our communities and tell them we available for programs.
3). Check with College of Home Economics to let them know we would like to be present at events scheduled by colleges and universities throughout the state to encourage continuation of higher education.
4). More Home Economics articles which we could use for newsletters and radio spots.

Brenda reported to the committee about the National Public Affairs Committee about activities done in other states.
Plans are to send everyone a letter with suggested procedure for writing or lobbying our legislators.
Our committee recommends that your Day-to-Yourself include a program on local government (city, township, county - the agencies involved). Brenda will be sending the Day to Ourselves chairperson a reminder letter including ideas from the National Committee.


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