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April 1988

Minutes of the April 14, 1988 NDAEHE Meeting

Doublewood Inn

The annual meeting of NDAEHE was called to order by President Geri Andreson. The following members were present: Amy Sorlien, June Strand, Peggy Anderson, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Barb Misterek, Rita Ussatis, Janet Sabol, Vanessa Tronson, Joleen Bates, Jan Knudson, Kathy Tweeten, Doris Nelson, Teresa McElroy, Carol Sellie, Maxine Frank, Ellen Dunlop, Ellen Bjelland, Colleen Roe, Karla Mattson, Linda Hauge,  O'Detta Manthei, Verona Lechler, Ann Slavick, Linda Narum, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Geri Andreson, Eunice Berthold, Margaret Tweten, and Anita Rohde.

The minutes of the previous meeting were not read as everyone had received a copy of them by mail. A motion carried to accept the minutes.

Correspondence was read from Marjorie Hamann, Lynette Restemayer, Judi Hornseth, Kelly Bergo, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig and the 4-H Foundation.

Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig read thru the treasurer's report with a current balance on hand of $1, 133.35. Motion was made by June Strand to accept the treasurer's report. Seconded by O'Detta Manthei. Motion carried.

Dr. Bill Pietsch addressed our association and ask that one person from our association be appointed to spend time in May looking at intermediate staffing plan with flexibility. This committee will focus on the minimum core the extension service can operate on with educators to educate the public and the feasibility of adding temporary staff. Bill expressed some concerns with staff not coming to him if problems exist and reminded us the door is always open. If we have any suggestions for making the Extension Service better please; share any ideas with Bill.

Dr. Marge Hamann visited with our association concerning the 4-H program and the changes going on in the youth program. She handed out a copy of the current status file of the various 4-H curriculum committees and the actions they have taken.

Sue Brown, Extension Home Economists from Nebraska, will be addressing the Extension Homemakers Conference on maintaining membership. We are invited to attend but should let Marge know in advance to prepare adequate materials. One of the items to be studied in the future is the role of the Extension Home Economists and Homemakers. Marge would like people interested in this project to contact her. She will be naming a Futures Task Force by June Council time.

Another area of concern is the Focus which sometimes duplicates other sources. A committee of state staff have been investigating and looking at the purpose of Focus, headed by Ruth Gulbrandson. A survey was handed out to help Ruth better assess its use in the county offices.


Professional Improvement - Pat Machart

Association awards were selected as follows:
1-5 years O'Detta Manthei
5-10 years Geri  Andreson           

No one applied for the Continuing Excellence Award.

Our regional director requested information on female office chairperson within the state of North Dakota. Pat submitted the following names to be put on a mailing list: Ellen Dunlop, Maxine Frank, and Colleen Roe.

Last year our membership answered questions concerning our personal professional improvement which was submitted to national.

Distinguished Service and Recognition - Linda Hauge

Julie Hudson-Schenfisch was selected as the 1988 recipient of the NDAEHE Distinguished Service Award. Linda encouraged all members with 10 years of service or more to apply for this award.

Membership- Ellen Dunlop

In absentia of committee members, Connie Weed hosted a Home Economics Career Panel at 4-H Conference at NDSU last June. The panel members were: Home Economic Communications- Gary Moran, NDSU Communications; Home Economics Food Management- Ruth Krause, NDSU Food Service; Home Economics Family-Ann Mullis, CDFS & Extension. Conference delegate attendance was minimal and Connie recommends we discontinue sponsoring this activity. The Membership committee has agreed to discontinue the career panel.

We are looking into honorary membership for members who have discontinued employment with NDSU Extension Service.

Research and Studies - Vanessa Tronson

Linda Narum presented information on her thesis, ''Contributions and Supports of Rural and Urban Elderly in North Dakota'' which was published in the North Dakota Farm Research, March-April 1988. Overall, Linda felt there was very little difference in the rural versus the urban elderly.

Public Relations - June Kraft

This years communication awards were presented at the award and recognition program. The recipients were: Linda Narum, Packaged Program; June Strand, Slide Set and News Article; Margaret Tweten, TV Feature; Eunice Berthold, Ellen Dunlop, Maxine Frank, Jan Knudson, June Kraft, Teresa McElroy,   June Strand and Margaret Tweten for Newsletter.

Public Affairs – Anita Rohde

The committee will explore the possibilities of joining a bill tracking system for family issues. A periodical mailing of state and federal legislative updates is recommended. Anita expressed concerns regarding postage but no objections were heard.

Public Policy Forum- Maxine Frank

Maxine shared  highlights from the Public Policy Forum she had attended.  Plans are in the process to offer public policy training to Extension Home Economists.

Concern was addressed on the current state food law and the need to form a committee to look at the possibility of rewriting the law. The following people volunteered to serve on this committee: Maxine Frank, chair; Verona Lechler, June Strand, Kathy Tweeten and O'Detta Manthei.

PAC - Jan Knudson

The committee members of PAC would like to encourage and remind the members of our association that we can have input in the 4-H curriculum process by submitting ideas, proposals, changes - to the related curriculum committee chair.

Social & Gifts- Karla Mattson

Gifts purchased by the association this past year went to: Judi Hornseth­ crocheted coasters, Kelly Bergo- wheat weaving and Christmas decorations to Doreen Kleinsasser.

The following motion was presented by Karla Mattson to change the price range of gifts to the following: 0-2 years a card; 3-5 years between $5-$10; 6-9 years $10-$15; and over 10 years of service between $15-$20. Seconded by Ellen Dunlop. Motion carried.

EEO- Anita Rohde

Gail requested a letter on updating EEO.

State Fair- Ellen Bjelland and Colleen Roe

New building on the Fairgrounds for Living Exhibits. There is also a new theater with access to dressing rooms, conference room, kitchen which will be ready for State Fair. The theater will seat 800 people, although it is not raised seating, rather they will use raised platform. The lighting is good with optional spotlights for Fashion Revue.

Speech and demonstration table is being made with the advice of the area home economists. They originally asked for appliances as well, but this was not approved. Overall they felt they were very cooperative!!

Concern was made regarding the advance notice for assistance at State Fair from state specialists; with preference of a two week notice.

4-H Foundation- Amy Sorlien

Amy challenged home economists to donate to the 4-H Foundation.

National Meeting- Eunice Berthold

Eunice showed a videotape promotional on the National '88 meeting to be held in Pittsburg. The following individuals expressed interest in attending: Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Carol Sellie, Maxine Frank, Ellen Dunlop and Eunice Berthold.

Regional Officer Meeting - Eunice Berthold

The four associations, 4-H, Agriculture, Home Economics and Epsilon Sigma Phi were represented at the regional officer meeting. North Dakota was one of the most forward looking states in addressing national concerns. The eight national initiatives at the state level needs to have a home economists on each task force. There will be a ninth issue on children at risk.

Eunice brought a proposal for an executive secretary for NAEHE to our association.  Eunice made a motion to vote in favor of hiring a part time executive secretary for NAEHE Association. Seconded by Carol Sellie. Motion carried. Funding to pay for the secretary will be an increase in our yearly dues of approximately $10.

ND Year of the Family Conference- Geri Andresen

Geri attended the family conference held in Bismarck and plans to keep in touch with the new developments.

Nominations-Jolene Bates and Doris Nelson

The following people have consented to run for association office. Vice President - Ellen Dunlop, Linda Hauge, and Pat Machart and Secretary - Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Karla Mattson, and Anita Rohde.

Janet Sabol made a motion for nominations to cease. Seconded by Amy Sorlien. Motion carried.


PDU's -Ruth Gulbrandson submitted for last years conference and was informed 11 hours of PDU's had been accepted. Since twenty-one of our members are certified home economists we need to have a liaison to work with Gail Gunderson. Vanessa Tronson indicated Vicki Neuharth was the State PDU Coordinator but Vanessa would also work with Gail.

National Meeting- Carol Sellie gave a brief presentation on the 1987 national meeting held in Louisville.

Funds -National Meeting- Geri Andresen met with members of the executive board to submit a proposal to the County Agents Association to obtain some of the excess money the national convention generated. A list of three proposals were submitted.


Staffing Retreat- as indicated earlier in the meeting, Bill asked to have one member from our association participate in staffing retreat. Julie Hudson­ Schenfisch made a motion for the board to select an individual as our representative to the staffing retreat. Seconded by Maxine Frank. Motion carried.

Constitution Revisions – Geri Andresen presented the following revisions:

Article III - Membership

    Section 2 – eliminate the word cooperative and add NDSU

    Section 3 – change name to NDSU Extension Service and change eligible to, to eligible for.

Article IV – Offices and Election Procedure

    Add Section 6 – Past President shall serve as an advisor to the Association officers.

By Laws:

Article I – Duties of the Officers

     Section 3 – add Number (2) attend Regional Officers meeting

Article III – Standing Committees and Their Duties

     Section 3-1)  Professional Improvement

               Add to d. Promote Achievement Awards for 1-5 and 5-10 year members and send award winners vita for publication to public relations committee.

    Section 3-3)  Public Relations

                          Add – Handle publicity for the Association including publicity for all awards.

    Section 3-6)  Nominations


                          b. Maintain list of former officers

                          c. Maintain a list of members and length of membership so all members are considered potential candidates for office.

                         d. Provide information on nominated candidates for members use prior to voting at the annual meeting.

   Section 3-9)  Public Affairs

             Add: c. As funding is available, the association will send a delegate to the Public Policy Education Forum. It is recommended that the delegate be the president or president-elect or public   affairs chairman.

Julie Hudson-Schenfisch made a motion to accept the revised constitution and by law revisions. Seconded by Verona Lechler. Motion carried.

Awards- Colleen Roe made a motion to have award nominations include a combination of self-nomination and peer nomination to be encouraged by the district representative. Verona Lechler seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The nomination process was referred to the executive board for study to also include interdisciplinary awards.

Membership - Ann Slavick and Rita Ussatis were initiated into our membership. Election of officers was held with Linda Hauge as Vice President and Karla Mattson as Secretary.

Geri Andreson thanked the association for the time she has spent as President for our Association and handed the wooden spoon to Eunice Berthold as she became our new President.

Eunice Berthold asked for a motion to adjourn our meeting which Janet Sabol did. Seconded by Joleen Bates. Motion carried.


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