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April 1987

Minutes of the April 9, 1987 NDAEHE Meeting

Northern Crops Institute

The annual meeting of NDAEHE was called to order by President Geri Andreson. The following members were present: Ruth Gulbrandson, Joleen Bates, June M Strand, Ellen Dunlop, Maxine Frank, Amy Sorlien, Vanessa Tronson, Eunice Berthold, Jan Knudson, Pat Machart, June M. Kraft, Annette Bach, Doris Nelson, Kelly Bergo, Ellen M. Bjelland,  Linda  Hauge, Doreen Kleinsasser, Karla Mattson, Anita Rohde, 0'Datta Manthei, Linda Narum, Verona Lechler, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Connie Weed, Marjorie R. Hamann, Peggy Anderson, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Kathy Tweeten, Barb Mistereck, Janet Sabol and Margaret Tweten.

The minutes of the previous meeting were not read as everyone had received a copy of them by mail.   Correspondence read was from Linda Hauge thanking the association for the DSA award.

Margaret Tweten handed out the treasurer's report in the absence of Lynette Restemayer.

Discussion was held on the reimbursement of national trips and the prorating procedure. Connie Weed made a motion to have the money from national convention be evenly distributed to those in attendance at national convention and be prorated by actual days in attendance.   Seconded by Julie Hudson-Schenfisch. Motion carried.

Several members from the County Agent's Policy Committee were in attendance. They included   Wayne Grinde, Jerry Larson, Morris Davidson and Jerry Buck. Serving as the  spokesperson, Jerry  Buck visited  with  our  association concerning the recent meeting  between Dr. Pietsch  and the Policy  Committee from the County  Agent's  Association.  They met with the interim   director   to discuss reducing staff both at the state and county level looking at positions not people.

Dr. Bill Pietsch addressed our association with the members from the County Agent’s Policy Committee still in attendance. He indicated from now on he would no longer deal with subcommittees but rather with associations; preferably the Federation would be contacted concerning budgeting issues.

Dr. Pietsch then addressed the issue of the federal retirement system, the state legislative and national budget situation. Dan Johnson will be sending out more information concerning the FERS.

Don Peterson,   Elmer Vangness, and George Fisher met with the association concerning the upcoming National County Agent’s Convention to be held in Fargo August 9-13. They encouraged everyone to participate during the week and we would not have to pay   registration fee. Plans are to house members of the North Dakota delegation in one of the high rise dorms on campus.


Professional Improvement - Pat Machart

All home economists were sent information regarding association awards. Eligible people were encouraged to apply. Home Economics district liaisons also were asked to encourage members to apply for association awards and special home economics excellence awards.   Association awards were selected as follows; 1-5 years Kathy Tweeten, 5-10 years -Peggy Anderson, and Continuing Excellence Award- Ellen Dunlop.

Our membership has been asked to provide information concerning their personal professional improvement plan. The information was requested by and will be sent to the national professional improvement chairperson.

An interstate job exchange program is being considered by NAEHE. Our association has been asked to consider the possibility of taking part in this exchange and then respond to the national professional improvement chairperson.

 Distinguished Service and Recognition - Linda Hauge

The committee chose Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig as its 1987 Distinguished Service Award Recipient. 

Public Relations - June Kraft

Several home economists submitted applications for the communications and media awards. Eight entries were received. We commend those who submitted entries and challenge all home economists to submit items next year.

This year's winners were announced during the awards and recognition program on Monday night. Receiving awards were:  Geri Andreson, TV feature; Kathy Tweeten, Radio feature; June Strand, slide set and newsletter; Maxine Frank, packaged program; and Eunice Berthold, news article.

4-H and Older Youth - Peggy Anderson

Social and Gifts - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig

Five people have left our association since we last met: Lynette Restemayer, Linda  Berreth, Rose Anne Millette, Nancy  Kaufman, and Margie Martin. They received cards and gifts depending on eligibility. A sympathy card was also sent to June Kraft after the passing away of her husband. Concern was expressed on the amount assigned for cost of gifts   for those leaving our association since the fee structure has not changed since 1980. 

Suggestion was made for this committee to look at a fee structure increase.  

Membership -Ellen Dunlop 

Research and Studies - Vanessa Tronson 

Public Affairs - Anita Rhode

Anita introduced Ellen Bjelland who reported on her trip to the Public Affairs Forum in Washington, D.C.

EEO Counselor- Anita Rhode

If we have a grievance, Anita is the person to consult.

Applying for Award - Ellen Dunlop

Important to market our program and develop mentors.  

Nominations - Colleen Roe

The following people have consented to run for association office.  President Elect- Linda Narum and Eunice Berthold and Treasurer - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig and Kelly Bergo.

Old Business:

Ruth Gulbrandson spoke on AHEA certification procedures and indicated she would submit the conference objectives to national for Professional Development Units (PDU). Marge Hamann said she would look at a commitment to submit future in-service and conference training objectives to the national AHEA for PDUs.

National meeting reports in Grand Rapids were given by June Strand as a first timer and Maxine Frank as a consistent attendee.   June told about the first timers evening, commercial exhibits, and marketing our programs. She reminded us to stop doing crafts and microwave cookery if we wished to stay in existence, as Dr.  Kinsey Green mentioned in her speech.  Maxine spoke about the friendships developed and encouraged those who had not attended to attend this year's convention.

Vanessa Tronson made a motion to pay Linda Hauge, Anita Rhode and Karla Mattson the same amount of reimbursement as the others who had attended national convention. The motion was seconded and carried.

We as an association have been asked to give a donation to the Mary Nell Greenwood Memorial Fund.  Maxine Frank made a motion to give a $100 donation to the Mary Nell Greenwood Memorial Fund.  Seconded by Ellen Bjelland.   Motion carried.

The Journal of Extension is lacking in articles submitted and in subscriptions. Each district was asked to submit one article per year to the Journal of Extension.

Geri Andreson encouraged members to attend the National Convention in Louisville.  Information and hotel reservations were distributed.

We have been asked to submit concurrent session proposals and poster session, both due by May 1, to the National Convention. Geri Andreson will follow up on this matter.

We have been asked to submit exhibits for the County Agent's National Annual Meeting. The decision was made to have each district submit one exhibit with suggestions to key in on the award winners.

Annette Bach circulated state fair assistance sheets requesting members to return them to Annette by May 30.

Connie Weed asked for additional help with the National County Agent's Annual Meeting with her responsibility for the children's program. 

Election of officers was held with Eunice Berthold as President-Elect and Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig as Treasurer. 

Dr. Marjorie Hamann addressed the association.

Peggy Anderson made a motion to adjourn the meeting.   The motion was seconded and carried.

Respectively, Submitted,

Margaret Tweten



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