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April 1986

Minutes of the April 1, 1986 NDAEHE Meeting

Northern Crops Institute
Fargo, ND

The annual meeting of NDAEHE was called to order by President Connie Weed. The following members were  present: Eunice Berthold, Doris Nelson, Rose Ann Millette, Helen  Danielson, Vanessa Tronson, Amy  Sorlein, O'Detta Manthei, Verona Lechler, June  Strand, Doreen Kleinsasser, Jane Winge, Colleen Roe,  Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Karla  Mattson, Ellen  Bjelland, Janet Sabol, Julie Hudson-Schenfisch, Kathy Tweeten, Peggy Anderson, Geri Andresen, June Kraft, Barb Misterek, Pat Machart, Maxine Frank, Margaret Tweten, Jan Knudson, Lynette Restemayer, Joleen Bates, Linda Narum, Anita Rohde, Teresa McElroy, Judi Hornseth, Ellen Dunlop, Linda Hauge, Linda Berreth and Nancy Grade.

Dr. Bill Pietsch introduced the new assistant director of Home Economics, Marjorie Hamann, before the meeting started. Dr. Hamann expressed her support for NDAEHE.

The minutes of the previous meeting were not read as everyone had received a copy of them by mail.

Lynette Restemayer presented each member a copy of the treasurer's report.

Committee Reports

Professional Improvement - Carol Sellie

Distinguished Service and Recognition - Anita Rohde

The news release for the 1985 DSA recipient was arranged. No Florence Hall applications were received.

Several excellent applications for the DSA were received and reviewed. The 1986 Distinguished Service Award recipient is Linda Hauge.

Public Relations - Judi Hornseth

There were a total of 11 award applications submitted to this committee. Award winners are: Newsletter - Eunice Berthold; News Article - June Kraft; Radio Feature - Kathy Tweeten; TV Feature - Connie Weed; Slide Set - Jan Knudson and Margaret Tweten; Nestle Nutrition Education - Connie Weed; and Belts - Joleen Bates. Members are encouraged to submit an application for at least one communications award each year.

4-H and Older Youth - Joleen Bates

The 4-H and Older Youth Committee is no longer functioning as known because the 4-H Program Review Task Force asked for a hold on the 4-H Youth Advisory Committee and Developmental Committees. The new structure shall be the Program Action Council (PAC) with representatives of county staff on the council.

Social and Gifts - Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig

Farewell cards/gifts were sent to: Dr. Sue Fowler, Judy Fleener, Marie Williams, Kathy Brandt, Sharyl Eastgate, and Valerie Aho.

Association members are encouraged to inform chairman of members planning to resign or retire so that cards/gifts can be sent closer to their leaving date.

Membership - Peggy Anderson

4-H Career Clue-In - A tour was held this past year of careers in Home Economics at the Ag Foundation Building instead of at the "Under the Big Top" party. Speakers included: Peggy Anderson, Nancy Jo Rustad-Bateman, Michelle Effertz, and Judi Adams. There were about 16 4-H'ers who took the tour with many good comments.

Our committee recommends that we offer another tour on careers in Home Economics, maybe at the Kirkwood Plaza, incorporating more areas, such as retail design and food service.

Research and Studies - Margaret Tweten

Public Affairs - Geri Andreson

Anita Rohde attended the second annual Public Affairs Forum in Washington, D.C.

We should watch for legislation on divorce in upcoming sessions. AHEA will support Extension Home Economists in current budget cuts. As a committee, we submit the following recommendations:

Support Vocational Home Economics and encourage programs that teach the family communications and life skills.

Nominations - Linda Hauge

Reported that Doris Nelson had consented to run for Vice President and Margaret Tweten would run for secretary.

Old Business:

Anita Rohde gave a report on the constitution revision. Most revisions were as a result of only one meeting per year.

Additional deletions include:

-Article III membership - #1 - delete affiliate membership.

-Section 3 - #4 - 4-H and Older Youth - delete 4b and 4d.

Julie Hudson-Schenfisch moved that we accept the constitution with these changes. Kathy Tweeten seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Geri Andreson reported on a leadership workshop that she attended in Nebraska. Several similar workshops lead by herself and North Dakota homemaker club members that attended the workshop are scheduled in April. Please let Ann Zavoral know how many plan to attend.

Connie Weed reported that she had purchased four tapes of speakers from the 1985 National Meeting. They can be ordered through the Media Library. They include:

1) Newsletters with Impact

2) The Pursuit of Excellence - Lee Shapiro (very good)

3) High Tech Food Facts

4) Manage Things - Lead People - Sheila Murray Bethel (very good)

Professional Improvement will be in charge of reminding us where these tapes are located.

Eunice Berthold reported on a workshop entitled "Food and Diet - How Do You Decide". This workshop was conducted in the Northeast District. Packets of the information are available.

Connie Weed reported that Bill Pietsch has the book "Stress and the Healthy Family" by Dolores Curran. Gail Gunderson is ordering the video tape. It looks at stress in a positive way.

New Business:

Anita Rohde shared information that she received at the 2nd Annual Public Policy Forum that she attended in Washington, D.C. Public policy includes food, education, housing, social programs, water, children, energy, health, etc. Each policy includes issues, citizenship, and leadership.

She reminded us that we can make a difference.

Treasurer Lynette Restemayer recommended that a letter be sent to all association members, and possible members, in October. This would notify members that dues are payable by December 1 to treasurer. This would help the treasurer to become aware of the type of membership each member is paying dues for. The letter would come from the membership committee.

It was also recommended that we look at switching financial institutions before ordering new checks.

Margaret Tweten showed a video tape on the Human Nutrition Lab in Grand Forks.

A video tape promoting the 1986 National Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan was shown.

Verona Lechler made a motion that a unanimous ballot be cast for Doris Nelson as vice president and Margaret Tweten as secretary. Seconded by Karla Mattson. Motion carried.

New committee chairmen were announced. They are:
Public Affairs - Anita Rohde

Gifts & Social - Vanessa Tronson

Membership - Ellen Dunlop

Public Relations - June Kraft

Distinguish Service & Recognition - Linda Hauge

Installation ceremony was held and Extension Home Economist creed cards were presented to: Ellen  Bjelland, O'Detta Manthei, Teresa McElroy, Barb Misterek, and Helen Danielson.

Verona Lechler moved to adjourn the meeting. Amy Sorlein second.

Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Hauge


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