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April 1984

Minutes of the April 13, 1984 NDAEHE Meeting

319 FLC
Fargo, ND

President June Kraft called the meeting to order. The following home economists were present: Beth Johnson, Doris Nelson, Anita Rohde, Kelly Bergo, Helen Dahl, Margaret Tweten, Gail Gunderson, Julie Hudson, June Kraft, Karla Mattson, Maxine Frank, Lynette Restemayer, Sharyl Eastgate, Colleen Roe, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Judi Hornseth, Linda Narum, Pat Marchart, Geri Andreson, Ellen Dunlop, Connie Weed, Lynette Blumhardt, Marilyn Lesmeister, Eunice Hauck, Peggy Anderson, Joleen Bates and Linda Hauge. State Specialists present were: Annette Bach, Patricia Beck, Milan Christianson, Suzanne Fundingsland, Ruth Gulbrandson, Rose Anne Millette and Jane Winge.

Minutes of the October meeting were distributed. Joleen Bates made the following correction -- our association was asked to sponsor one not two mini-sessions at the NDHEA meeting in Minot, March 30-31. The minutes were approved with that correction.

Karla Mattson gave the treasurer's report. It was approved and filed.

Correspondence was read from Joleen Bates thanking our sponsoring the session, "Estate Planning and Probate:  The Effect on Women," at the 1984 NDHEA state meeting.

Dr. Myron Johnsrud addressed questions of concern from individuals within our association including the 4-H staff position vacated by Sharon Anderson. Dr. Sue Fowler addressed our association explaining the Extension Homemakers Leadership Seminar in Bismarck, September 20-21 and the filling of the new area home economist positions.

Committee Reports:

Professional Improvement -- Ellen Dunlop, Chairman

Districts need to plan Day to Ourselves making certain they seek the approval of their district director.

Association members were surveyed to determine the number who have access to the Journal of Extension and as to how it is used.

50th Anniversary Committee -- Ellen Dunlop, Chairman

The special "Reaching Out'' reports are due May 1, 1984. They can be submitted through the end of May, however, if necessary.

North Dakota "Diet for Endowment" fund raising was completed Tuesday, April 10 with the noon meal fasting. North Dakota is to be represented by a 50th Anniversary chairperson at the National Convention in New York. If Ellen Dunlop doesn't attend the convention someone from the N.D. delegation will be selected to fill this position.

Distinguished Service -- Anita Rohde, Acting Chairman

The distinguished service committee is pleased to report that there were two applicants for National Distinguished Service Award. Judi Hornseth's application has been submitted to national for North Dakota Distinguished Service Award.

There will be at least four home economists eligible to apply in 1985. We hope to receive applications from all of them.

Membership Committee -- Lynette Restemayer, Chairman

Julie Hudson, Judi Hornseth, Peggy Anderson, Doris Nelson

A) The committee welcomed all the state specialists who attended the association meeting today. The committee hopes many will join association members in New York in September.

B) The committee will offer to sponsor a 4-H Career Clue-In Party July 31- August 2. They will be writing a letter to those in charge of this program to find out specific responsibilities for that activity.

C) The committee welcomed Colleen Roe, McHenry County Home Economist, back into Extension work. Presented NAEHE creed to her.

Research and Studies Committee -- Linda Hauge, Chairman

The committee thanks the April Conference planning committee for including such an excellent over view of the research that is being done in the college of home economics. We would like to see a continuation of this. We suggest maybe every year or every other year.

Gail Gunderson reported on responses to survey from Role and Function Committee. It showed that working women get and use our information more than non-working women.

Public Relations Committee -- Kelly Bergo, Chairman

Helen Dahl, Maxine Frank, Lynette Blumhardt, Sharyl Eastgate

This committee received three applications for communication awards from our home economists. All three were sent on to the region for judging. June Kraft's award in the radio area was first in the region and was sent on for national competition.

We will submit a story to the Reporter describing our support of the 50th Anniversary Scholarship Fund. The North Dakota home economists have supported this effort 100% with the Diet for Endowment program.

Public Affairs--Geraldine Andreson, Chairman

Marilyn Lesmeister, Linda Narum

The committee suggests that home economists share their experience and role in public affairs. A need was expressed to understand and know Extension's role in public affairs.

4-H and Older Youth--Margaret Tweten, Chairman

Members of the association were asked to review the minutes of the 4-H Youth Advisory Committee held in Carrington, March 13-14.

Old Business

Eunice Hauck reported that "Celebrate" was the theme of the 75th Anniversary NDHEA convention held in Minot, March 30-31. Fifteen interesting mini-sessions were offered. We can be proud that four of our Extension Home Economists presented programs - Geri Andresen with Teen Stress, Peggy Anderson presented Pesticides and Clothing, Julie Hudson on Talking to Children About Death, and Margaret Tweten presented her Microcomputer Use Research.

As voted on at our October meeting, we coordinated one mini-session to sponsor as part of NDAEHE's 50th anniversary celebration. Eunice chose "Estate Planning and Probate: The Effect on Women" for our association to sponsor. James Marson, an attorney in Minot, presented a very informative question/answer session.

As part of the special celebration, Majorie Lovering wrote a special history of the NDHEA 1921-1983 entitled "Reflections." This is available for $3.75 (plus postage) from Bev Witt, Williston.

Seventy-five home economists, past and present were honored. Several extension home economists were part of the honor roll: Peggy Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Pat Aune, Marilyn Backman, Ruth Bruegger, Sharyl Eastgate, Geri Andreson, Judy Fleener, Dr. Sue Fowler, Marilyn Lesmeister, Mary Mattson, Arlene Peterson, Anita Rohde, Janet Sabol and Carol Sellie. These honorees were nominated by NDHEA members this past year.

"Celebrate" was an exciting convention with something for everyone - well worth the weekend!

Plan to attend next year's convention at Bismarck, April 12 and 13. You won't be disappointed and we as extension home economists need to be an active part of our sister organization.

It was reported that the North Dakota County Agents National Convention planning committees are organizing and will be asking for assistance from our association in the near future.

New Business

Connie Weed presented the following report from the 1984 State Presidents Workshop in Chicago. Public Policy Education was presented by Richard Barrows, Natural Resource Economist, Madison, Wisconsin.

Almost all Extension agents and specialists are involved in public policy, even if they don't realize it, and regardless of whether they like it or not.

Why -

A few years ago most activities of agents might have been viewed as giving technical advice. Today these same activities can be seen as public policy issues - Example: Pesticide usage - environmental concern; reduce red meat in the diet - anti-Cowbelles and livestock. Local, state and federal government have assumed a much greater role in managing our lives (public health, social welfare, etc.)

Why Extension Involvement:

1) Need for education - if people know the facts, alternatives and consequences then they can make a decision.

2) Supports the Democratic process - public policy decisions are viewed as a compromise.

3) Gain visibility and support for Extension. Public policy issues are by nature highly visible.

4) Can't afford not to.    

The author talks about the educator knowing:

1) How do I know what issues to tackle - it must be controversial.

2) How do I know when to plan and when to teach? Teachable moment - too early, too late. Too late when all concerned have taken a stand - too early when there is no conflict.

3) Who do I teach - county decision makers or public.

The only absolute rule in public policy education is that the program and the information must be objective and as neutral as possible.

Other Agenda Items

50 Anniversary - Several activities have been planned at the national level. One is a "50 Years of Home Economics" display for the Smithsonian. Another activity is the special media project. This has been targeted on "Women with Dependent Children", our newest majority of poor people. An in-depth study will be done by a research firm and the results announced at the National meeting with lots of press, etc. They then hope the states can ride on the coat tails and use the information for state programs.

National By Law Changes

New members - to encourage new members to join it was suggested to give them half price membership for one year.

Mail Ballot - should ballots be mailed to every member for election of officers? Some felt this would encourage voting by areas instead of for the candidate since you wouldn't know the candidate.

Areas - should areas be divided more evenly. Present membership:

Central - 973


Eastern - 291

South – 2,021

Marilyn Lesmeister moved, Kelly Bergo seconded that North Dakota vote in favor of the National Constitution By-Laws, change to offer 1/2 price membership to first year association members.             It carried.

Anita Rohde moved, Judi Hornseth seconded that our association support election of national officers by delegates at national meeting rather than by mail balloting. It carried.

Julie Hudson moved, Kelly Bergo seconded that North Dakota vote for the proposed division of the Southern District into a Southeast and Southwest district at National convention. It carried.

Maxine Frank gave a brief report on the business conducted at the Federation meeting.

Milan Christianson invited home economists to attend N.D. Council of Family Relations meeting.

Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig moved, Maxine Frank seconded that the membership committee plan a special event or activity for new member initiation and installation of officers at fall conference. It carried.

The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pat Machart, Secretary


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