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April 1982

Minutes of the April 23, 1982 NDAEHE Meeting

Meineke Lounge
NDSU Memorial Union
Fargo, ND

The Spring Meeting of NDEHEA was called to order by President Maxine Frank. Minutes of the fall meeting were read and corrected by adding Marie Williams name to the list of initiates.

Connie Weed gave the treasurer's report which was approved (after Marie Williams name was crossed from the "Not Paid $10.00" list)

The following bills were presented for payment:

Social Gifts: Randi Feil and Tessa Nessheim - $4.50

Memorials: Myron Johnsrud's Mother - $10.00

                   Ruth Gulbrandson's Son - $10.00

NAEHE Pin presented to Connie Weed - $5.00

Judy Fleener moved payment of these bills; motion seconded and passed.

Linda Narum moved Association give $50.00 to Grace DeLong Scholarship. Motion seconded by Anita Rohde and passed.


Committees met before Association meeting. Chairpersons presented the following reports.

Professional Improvement - Connie Weed

Sent in application for J.C. Penney and NAEHE Fellowships for Judi Hornseth.

Committee is working on award for home economist (Gail Gunderson) which was approved at October Conference.

Day to Ourselves: Chairmen--

South Central - Carol Sellie

Southeast - Connie Weed

Northeast - Helen Dahl

Distinguished Service and Recognition - Pat Machart                   

Maxine Frank--National Candidate for Director-Elect Central Region

National Hospitality Chairman  

Connie Weed received  National  Distinguished Service Award--'81

Judi Hornseth--National Recruitment Committee. Judi moved our Association purchase 100 of the blue-white, onion skin NAEHE Creed--to be resold to members for $1.00 each. Kelly Bergo seconded motion which passed. 

Recruitment--Sharon Kickertz

The Recruitment Committee discussed plans for the 1982 Career Clue-In Party. The theme will be "Under the Big Top". 4-H members are encouraged to wear clown or hobo costumes. Ideas for speakers and what to have for lunch were shared. Extension Home Economists are encouraged to attend. Sharyl Eastgate would like to help also.

We also discussed what changes need to be made in the constitution regarding this committee. We felt that it should be more specific and have suggestions on what should be included.

Research and Studies - Julie Hudson

Two members of the NDEHE Assoc. are currently, or have completed, research. Our committee recommends that Anita Rohde and Grace Backman be invited to give a "short" synopsis of their research in our Association. We will be asking them to also share their research with the NAEHE REPORTER.

NDAEHE members have requested research information on flammability of fabrics.

Two Research and Studies committee members were approached by Dr. Ruth Martin, Home Economist, as to why some of us were taking practicums and some were not. There seems to be some misunderstanding especially since we agreed to not take them unless we got paid and now some members are. I did tell Maxine and Dr. Johnsrud at our Officers of Association meeting in Jamestown however.

Public Relations - Eunice Hauck

Two home economists entered the National Communications Awards Contest. Julie Hudson's newsletter entry won the State Contest and has been sent on to the National Contest.

One of our committee's duties is to submit articles to the NAEHE "Reporter". Grace Backman has agreed to work on an article on computer use in our State. We would like your help by writing down what you've done with the computer in your counties.

The National Plan of Work asks us to promote the use of business cards.  We want to urge you to use these to help publicize our profession as well as individual home economists. The Communications Department will make them. Also check with local printers.

We would like to recognize some Home Economists who have received various honors and awards:

Grace Backman--submitted application to run for a National Committee for our Association.

Beth Johnson--received the "President's Volunteer Action Award" for her work with the Arts and Humanities Council of the Lake Region--a  group of which Beth is a charter member. The award was presented by Nancy Reagan in Washington, D.C.

Maxine Frank--Director-elect for Central Region from our Assoc.

Kelly Bergo--currently serves on the National Association Exhibits Committee.

Public Affairs - Anita Rohde

Public Affairs Committee distributed the "Ideas for Citizenship" shared by home economists this past winter.

PAC responded to a request by the National Public Affairs Committee for resource persons and printed materials in regard to public policy education. The committee submitted names to Myron Johnsrud, Ron Anderson, and Norbert Dorrow, as well as N.D. Extension publications pertinent to the subject.

There is a new award in public affairs at the National level. Keep your co-workers in mind for this next year.

Constitutional Addition:

a) Encourage home economists to be informed of issues and pending legislation relative to the Home Economics profession and the quality of life for families;

b) to recognize and support NAEHE members as they become involved in public affairs.

Carol Sellie moved to up-date committee duties in the Constitution. Julie Hudson seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Returned money for those who had ordered Jane Winge's clothing book. Reason--not enough orders.

July 14th: Homemakers 50th Anniversary Celebration at Peace Gardens. Ramsey County Homemakers will host picnic at N.D. State Historic Site Cavalry Square on July 13th and then attend special performance of Ft. Totten Little Theatre’s production MAME. Homemakers will spend the night in Devils Lake and continue with their 2 1/2 hour journey to the Peace Gardens the following morning.

Condolescence or Deaths - Social Gifts Committee

Annual Meeting - Tan Tar-A, Missouri. Get information for reservations from President Maxine. Maxine serving on hospitality; Judi Hornseth on recruitment committee.

Eunice Hauck reported on Food and Nutrition Committee Meeting. The problem of Home Economists being requested to help with special diets was brought up. Committee recommended Home Economist seek out Dieticians in their area and develop better working relationship with them.

Ellen moved meeting adjourn. Marie Williams seconded motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Johnson, Secretary


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