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ND Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science

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April 1981

Minutes of the April 10, 1981 NDEHEA Meeting

4-H Conference Center
Fargo, ND

The spring business meeting of the NDEHEA was called to order by President Maxine Frank.

Julie Hudson corrected the minutes from the last meeting to read, NDHEA will hold its Regional Meeting--not State Meeting-in Bismarck, October 2-4, 1981. Correction approved.

The treasurer's report was given by Connie Weed and approved as printed. Connie reminded those who hadn't paid their $5.00 for the Multi-Image Project to please do so.

Committee Chairpersons presented their reports which are attached to these minutes.


Bills were submitted to the Treasurer for the following:

$10.82 - 4-H Advisory Council Coffee--presented by Judi Hornseth

10.00 - Gift to Lila Geinger for appreciation of her work done on Homemaker's Legislative Tour--presented by Anita Rhode

Carol Sellie moved these bills be paid. Seconded by Lynette Hance.

Association discussed giving towards Grace DeLong Foundation-founder of Extension in State. Anita Rhode suggested we table this matter until there was more money in the treasury.

Carol Sellie reported on the National Meeting in Greenbrier.

Maxine Frank reported on the Central Regional President's Workshop in Chicago. The next Annual National Meeting will be in Las Vegas, October ll-17th. Maxine has hotel reservation blanks for anyone wishing to attend.


Gail Gunderson passed out copies of the revised Constitution. Copy is attached to these minutes.

Gail Gunderson served on the Spring Conference Committee. She recommended that anyone with ideas for the fall conference should send them, in writing to the Fall Conference Planning Committee. This recommendation was made in response to Julie Hudson's suggesting tours for fall conference.

Sue Fowler, Ruth Gulbrandson, and Jane Winge initiated a Clothing Committee which will function similar to the present Foods and Nutrition Committee. Gail Gunderson will send out forms, on behalf of this committee, to encourage the sharing of programs. If you don't want to share your own program, you may tell about someone elses' you may have thought good.

Gail Gunderson was appointed to serve on the Committee for Tenure and Rank.

Judi Hornseth moved the changes in term of officers be referred to the Executive Committee and their decisions be presented to the fall meeting for vote. The reason for suggesting the change is because of the cost of sending delegates to the Central Regional Presidents Workshop. Ellen Dunlop seconded the motion.

It was recommended that the Research and Studies committee submit proposals regarding changes in the Practicum program for next year.

Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Carol Sellie, presented June Kraft's name to replace Sharyl Eastgate's term as President-elect. June Accepted. (Sharyl has joined the State Staff.)

Director Myron Johnsrud reported on the State Budget. He also commented on the favorable acceptance Extension felt from both branches of Legislature. He then asked for questions from the group which he answered with an informal discussion period.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,

Beth Johnson, Secretary


Professional Improvement - Gail Gunderson, Chairman

Each district was encouraged to continue Day to Ourselves Activity. They were reminded to notify their respective district directors of the date chosen.

A revised copy of the Association constitution was distributed.

Distinguished Service and Recognition - Linda Narum, Chairman

Connie has been nominated from our organization and her name has been submitted to National.

Recruitment - Judi Hornseth, Chairman

No report

Research and Studies - Julie Hudson, Chairman

The Research and Studies Committee propose to review the Extension Practicum Program each year to keep current.

The Research and Studies Committee proposed the following:

1. Any Extension Home Economist in North Dakota who agrees to supervise the summer Extension Practicum should get paid for it. The money should come from the College of Home Economics and the amount should be determined by Dr. Amend and Dr. Fowler.

2. By January, the Extension Home Economists involved it he summer Extension Practicum should be informed of any changes made in the program and the home economist should have the option to refuse the practicum if changes are objectionable.

3. If the request of the Extension Home Economists are not met, then we will not participate in the program in 1982.

Public Relations - Eunice Hauck, Chairman

We had three entries in the National Awards Contest:  Gail Gunderson, in Newsletter and News Columns and Ellen Dunlop in General Foods Media Grant.

To increase participation in the Communications Awards, we propose a NDAEHE Communications Award. This would give State recognition for those participants who enter the National competition, beginning this fall. We will contact the Press Women for possible sponsorship. If not, we will go with a certificate and recognition at the Awards Luncheon.

We encourage you to submit articles to “The Reporter", "Journal of Extension", and other professional journals.

A new professional slide set is available for careers with a Home Economics Education Degree. Order these from Sonja Rue.

Public Affairs Committee - Anita Rhode, Chairman

NDEHEA Legislative Tour--Around 60 women enjoyed the Tour. Association involvement included: Two extra committee meetings and planning meetings £or myself. The tour may or may not become an annual event. However, the N.D. Homemakers will be taking over any future tours.

Our committee put together and presented the packets for the tour. Burleigh County Homemakers contributed substantially to local arrangements.


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