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April 1980

Minutes of the April 18, 1980 NDAEHE Meeting

Crest Hall
NDSU Memorial Union
Fargo, ND

The Spring business meeting was called to order by President Carol Sellie.

Members Present: Julie Albrecht, Maxine Frank, June Kraft, Pat Aune, Joleen Bates, Brenda Berndt, Julie Burgum, Helen Dahl, Ellen Dunlap, Sharyl Eastgate, Gail Gunderson, Eunice Hauck, Linda Hauge, Judi Hornseth, Julie Hudson, Katherine Iverson, Sharon Kickertz, Linda Narum, Tessa Nesheim, Laurel Olson, Anita Rohde, Janet Sabol and Connie Weed.

The secretary's report was approved as read. Following discussion of a missing NAEHE reimbursement item, the treasurer's report was approved as printed. Katherine Iverson was to check with the appropriate officials concerning the reimbursement.

Committee chairpersons presented their reports which are attached to these minutes. Sharon Kickertz offered a motion, seconded by Judi Hornseth, that each District send one representative to assist with Career Clue In (staff member, practicum student, 4-H leader). Motion carried.

Other reports were given by Carol Sellie on the NDEHC Task Force meeting; the joint Association meeting at which salaries, mileage reimbursements, fringe benefits, state radio, and AGNET were discussed; and by Maxine Frank on the Regional Presidents workshop. At this workshop our representatives committed us to a $5 per member assessment to support a multi media project promoting Extension Home Economics. Ellen Dunlop made a motion, seconded by Julie Hudson, that this assessment be paid with annual dues in November, 1980. Motion carried.

Maxine Frank discussed the status of the proposed Umbrella Association. It would be a federation of county agents, extension home economists, 4-H agents, and Epsilon Sigma Phi members that would encourage and strengthen cooperation among all programs. The presidency would rotate among all associations. The EHEs spent some time discussing these proposed federation objectives; A yearly meeting with Extension Administrators; concern for legislation affecting Extension programs; promoting a better understanding and image of Extension; honor retiring staff; provide a grievance procedure; institute a monthly communication among staff, statewide. Final approval of the objectives and federation will be sought at October 1980 conference.

Following a reminder about the Katherine Burgum scholarship recently established at NDSU, Helen Dahl moved, seconded by Linda Narum, that NDAEHE contribute $100. carried.

Discussion was held concerning NDAEHE instructions for the voting delegates to National meeting, November 3-7, 1980, White Sulphur Springs, WV.  Delegates were asked to support: Only full membership (rather than associate status) of other professionals wishing to join NAEHE; a dual election slate; balloting at National meeting rather than by mail; a National dues increase to $15; continuation of the one-year committee tenure. The association did not wish to support employment of a part-time executive secretary.
The Professional Improvement Committee was instructed to prepare a by-laws revision which would allow special instructors memberships in NDAEHE.

Upon recommendation of the group, a letter will be sent to Tom Martindale, copies to Sue Fowler and the District Directors, encouraging continuation of the 4-H Consumer Choices special training at County locations rather than Conference.

Linda Narum expressed concern for the manner in which EH programs were presented during the week. Pro and con discussion followed; no action was taken.

Correspondence from Judi Adams, Director of Product Information for ND Sunflower Council, announced the prospective hiring of local home economists to do county programs for sunflower promotion. A note as also read from Vicki Jo Maier Johnson.

Janet Sabol moved, seconded by Judi Hornseth that the bill for gifts submitted by Helen Dahl be paid. Motion carried. A motion by Judi Hornseth, seconded by Julie Albrecht, requested revision of the gift pricelist. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted
Sharyl Eastgate
Acting Secretary

Professional Improvement Committee: Gail Gunderson, chairperson
No application for NAEHE fellowships were received this year. NAEHE was sent plan of work for North Dakota. All districts are encouraged to continue with Day to Ourselves.

Distinguished Service & Recognition Committee: June Kraft, chairperson
During the past year we completed and submitted the Distinguished/Service application for Carol Sellie.
The committee contacted John Stewart's office requesting a list of the current ND Extension Home Economists and their length of service. This is helpful in determining eligibility for the award. The list was also shared with the social and gifts committee.
We received no applications for the Florence Hall award ($300. grant given to each of 6 innovative programs; sponsored by NAEHE; applicant must be current NAEHE member). We encourage each of you to plan on applying this next year. If there is a trend in not having applications for this award, we may have sponsors.

Recruitment committee: Sharyl Eastgate, chairperson
The plans for career Clue-In have been finalized. Again, six home economists from varying work fields will lead small group awareness sessions. A circus theme, "Under the Big Top", will be used.

Research and Studies Committee: Pat Aune, chairperson
The National Committee report included recommendations for research and study topics at the national level. The topics were: Energy Conservation Needed by Homes in Extremely Cold Climates (draperies, furniture styles, wall treatments); Evaluation methods that work for county extension programs; Financial planning and management techniques for families (learning how to do it).

Public Relations Committee: Ellen Dunlop, chairperson
April 1st communications Award Applications were sent for Columns-Gail Gunderson Newsletters-Anita Rohde. Past years recommendations of Homemaker promotional & organizational slides and EHE public awareness are nearly completed.

Public Affairs Committee: Anita Rohde, chairperson
Members received information about writing to Congressmen and Senators. The Association members were encouraged to keep informed about issues affecting families or our employment conditions. The National Association is encouraging states to submit resolutions for consideration at NAEHE. If members are aware of such an issue, our committee will prepare it for State Association consideration for submission to National meeting.

Public Affairs is considering cooperating with "Research" to find reliable information in the area of Evaluation. Our organization can contribute to better PR for Extension if we are able to account for our programs in some way.

One excellent source of information is the AHEA newsletter. Epsilon Sigma Phi letters also inform us about national trends in retirement and other personnel policies.


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