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ND Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science

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ARTICLE I - Duties of the Officers

Section 1 The duties of the president shall be as follows:
1. To preside at all regular and special meetings.
2. To serve as member ex-officio of every committee except the nominating committee.
3. To appoint all committee members.
4. To serve as the official representative of the Association.

Section 2 The duties of the vice president shall be as follows:
1. To act in capacities of president whenever called upon to do so.

Section 3 The duties of the president-elect shall be as follows:
1. Attend Regional Officers Meeting.

Section 4 The duties of the secretary shall be as follows:
1. To keep accurate minutes of the meetings of the Association.
2. To attend to correspondence as directed by the president.
3. To receive and keep filed all important communications.

Section 5 The duties of the treasurer shall be as follows:
1. To receive money and render an account of funds collected and paid out.
2. To pay out money as voted by the Association or authorized by the president.
3. To pay without authorization dues to the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science for each member whose dues to this Association have been paid on or before December 31 of each year.


Section 1 - Amount

1) Membership in the North Dakota Extension Association of Family and Consumer Science shall be based on the calendar year. Annual dues for membership shall be determined at the fall Association meeting. Active membership dues will include membership in the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. State membership dues will be the portion of annual dues kept by the State Association.

Section 2 - Payment

1) Dues of continuing association members shall be payable to the treasurer prior to the December 31 deadline.
2) Dues of new members shall be remitted to the treasurer by the December 31 deadline or with the membership application if joining mid-year.

ARTICLE III - Standing Committees and Their Duties

Section 1
The following standing committees shall be appointed by the president and president elect prior to the fall Association meeting:
1) Awards and Recognition
2) Member Resources
3) Public Affairs
4) Professional Development

Section 2 Committee responsibilities will be assumed for a period to correspond with the term of office of the president.

Section 3 The duties of these committees shall be as follows:

1) Awards and Recognition
a. Identify, promote and encourage eligible members to apply for Fellowships, Professional Development Awards, Program Awards, Communication Awards, Research and Study Awards and State Achievement Awards for 1-5 and 5-10 year members.
b. Call to the attention of the Assistant Director of Family and Consumer Sciences applicants for national awards.
c. Handle publicity for the Association regarding these awards.

2) Member Resources
a. To encourage participation and involvement in the Association.
b. To increase awareness of the purpose of the Association.
c. To send a letter of invitation to join the Association to perspective members.
d. Welcome and recognize new members at an Association meeting and present each new initiate with a NEAFCS Creed.
e. Present a slate of officers for election each year.
f. Maintain a list of former officers.
g. Maintain a list of members and length of membership so all members are considered potential candidates for office.
h. Provide information on nominated candidates for members prior to voting at the annual meeting.
i. Increase awareness of living in a global community and the challenges it brings for improving the quality of life for all.
j. Provide information regarding networking, training, educational materials, demographics and different cultures in the U.S.
k. Recognize outstanding programs that reach cultural diverse audiences.
l. Coordinate all activities related to socials and gifts.
m. Coordinate the sale of any Association items.

3) Public Affairs
a. To encourage members to be informed on issues and pending legislation relative to our profession and the quality of life of families.
b. To recognize and support NDEAFCS members as they become more involved and visible in public policy activities of professional concern at the local, state and national levels.
c. As funding is available, the Association will promote the participation of a member as a delegate to the Public Issues/Leadership Development Seminar. It is recommended that the delegate be the president, president-elect or the public affairs Chairman.
d. Submit news stories to the Journal of National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

4) Professional Development
a. Serve as liaison with the state office personnel in matters of recommendations for in-service training and advanced training, and program planning.
b. Promote professional improvement of Association members.
c. Keep association members up-to-date on research that is being conducted on the NDSU campus, in other states and by industry.
d. Inform members of the NDEAFCS professional development scholarship available each year. Accept applications and choose a recipient from among the applicants.

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