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October 2019

North Dakota Association of Extension 4-H Youth Workers Meeting Minutes

The North Dakota Association of Extension 4-H Youth Workers (NDAE4-HYW) was called to order on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. by President Brian Zimprich. The meeting was held at the West Fargo Conference Center.

Extension Update

Greg Lardy, Interim Head of Extension, gave an update on NDSU Extension. Lardy stated that NDSU Extension is financially strong this year. The legislature enjoyed hearing stories from youth from all over the state share their 4-H experiences. NDSU Extension was able to fill many vacancies and will be conducting 24 searches this fall. There have been fewer applicants for open positions; encourage others to apply for the open positions. An internship program will be starting in the summer of 2020. The internships will be located across the state.

Secretary’s Report

Zimprich welcomed those in attendance and mentioned that Samantha Lahman, previous NDAE4-HYW Secretary, has left NDSU Extension. Emily Goff was appointed to fulfill the duties of Secretary for 2019. Zimprich then asked everyone to read, discuss, and approve the NDAE4-HYW meeting minutes from 2018. Dena Kemmet made a motion to approve the 2018 minutes as presented. Vanessa Hoines second the motion. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Angie Johnson was appointed to fulfill the duties of Treasurer for 2019, after Amelia Doll left NDSU Extension. Johnson reported that the bank account for NDAE4-HYW was previously at the Gate City Bank account in Bismarck but has now moved to the Gate City Bank account in Mayville. The account is now closer to Johnson’s office. Johnson encouraged those in attendance to register for the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) and/or the NDAE4-HYW associations by December 16, 2019. Johnson prefers the paper form compared to paying online; paper is easier to keep track of who has paid and for which. If members have paid online, Johnson suggested submitting a paper form stating that payment was done online. Once dues are paid, the member must reenroll in NAE4-HA online. Dean Aakre asked if there was a way to check to see if a member has already paid to join NAE4-HA this year. Johnson did not know. Zimprich suggested Aakre ask Crystal Schaunaman. Johnson mentioned NDAE4-HYW will be hosting the NDSU Extension Fall Conference banquet auction in 2021.

Johnson had passed a sheet of paper showing transactions in the NDAE4-HYW account since last meeting. The current checking account contains $11,350.72. Penny Nester moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Duane Marxen second the motion. Zimprich called for a vote, motion passed.

Standing Committee Reports

After a brief introduction of those in attendance, Brad Cogdill, Chair of the North Dakota Center of 4-H Youth Development (ND 4-H Center), presented an update. The first thing Codgill mentioned was STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is a priority at the ND 4-H Center. There are opportunities coming soon in STEM that Lindsey Leker is leading. Leker has secured grants. If county or 4-H program would like to get involved, contact Leker.

Vettern mentioned that the ND 4-H Center will be offering an online volunteer training course for extension agents. Registration will open soon. Vettern also mentioned that results from a 4-H volunteer study will be shared soon; North Dakota participated in the study.

Cogdill requested agents and staff to inform state staff and himself know about what areas agents feel there needs to be more work done. ND 4-H Center staff cannot work on these issues if they are not informed.

Cogdill let the group know that marketing and branding efforts were just completed for National 4-H Week – Inspire Kids to Do. Marketing tool kits are available to all extension staff on the 4-H website. The 4-H website has just finished a new website update a few months ago. Cogdill thanked those who were part of the innovation grant. New online video resources will be available online soon. Some of the videos created were able to be shared with extension staff during fall conference.

Cogdill mentioned that state wide policy on accident insurance is the same as last year. If there are any questions or if agents need more resources, Cogdill recommended contacting Erin Bain from American Income Life Insurance. Insuring the state costs $10,000 per year. When the state program fee disappeared, Dr. Lardy was certain there would be a way to fund the insurance.

Next, Cogdill mentioned the use of FairEntry. The new program was a significant investment for the North Dakota 4-H program; costing $12,000 for three years. Aakre has been collecting data to assess how useful FairEntry is. Cogdill is looking forward to the second year of FairEntry. Another potential investment was ShoWorks software. Leigh Ann Skurupey was able to use ShoWorks for free this past year. Potential cost ShoWorks on an annual basis is $1,500.

Cogdill shared that Aakre has been collecting program and enrollment data from extension agents and staff across the state. The numbers Aakre has been finding are similar to previous years. It was hypothesized that the state fee was going to hinder enrollment. However, enrollment numbers appear to be steady; enrollment was not hindered by the state fee.

Meagan Scott-Hoffman has two projects in the Social Emotional Learning as well as Life Skills Readiness. Sue Quamme and Leker are partnering up with a Native American Work grant. So far Quamme and Leker have plans in Benson and Sioux counties.

At the national level, Cogdill says North Dakota has been well represented. Youth have been successful at contests at the national level.

The national headquarters for 4-H is moving from Washington D.C. to Kansas City, Missouri. The move of headquarters has caused many people to leave; previously there were 300 employees, only 58 agreed to move to Kansas City. Cogdill says NIFA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) is going to require patience as they get things figured out.

Cogdill mentioned 4-H camp; there is concern for how to staff and how to be more effective with ND 4-H Camp. Starting now until mid-December, there will be discussions on how to staff camp. If anyone would like to assist with discussion, contact Kim Ruliffson.

Lastly, Cogdill mentioned that there will be more office staff training soon. The training will help office staff with 4-H duties

Vice President Carrie Knutson shared her report of agents who received various awards. Receiving Achievement and Service awards were Cindy Klapperich and Quamme. Distinguished Service awards went to Craig Askim and Karen Armstrong. The Meritorious Service award went to Hoines. Those recognized for 25 years of service were Rick Schmidt and Donna Anderson. The Communicator Award went to two programs; Boundaries Jr. with Scott-Hoffman and Kemmet, and Building Tomorrow’s Leaders with Macine Lukach. Congratulations to all recipients.

Meikle shared an update on Clover Shop. The checking account balance was $5,785.98 and the savings account balance was $2,256.12. Clover Shop had $17,451.00 in sales this year.

Marcia Hellandsaas shared a report on the Diversity Committee. A plan of work focusing on providing resources for youth with disabilities, ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), autism, mental health, and more is being developed. There are webinars for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth. Cogdill mentioned that there is a new Belonging committee, focused on access, equality, and belonging.

Johnson and Meikle shared information about grants available through NDAE4-HYW. Grants offered include Youth Workers Grant and Clover Shop Grant; due December 10. Applications will be available November 1.

Johnson shared there are 57 individual members in NDAE4-HYW. Ten of the 57 are lifetime members.

Kemmet gave an update from the Nominations Committee. There are several positions to be nominated; Vice President, nominees Nester and Acacia Stuckle; Treasurer, nominee Johnson; Central District Representative, nominee Paige Brummund; and Campus Representative, nominees Leker and Quamme. Voting was held towards the end of the meeting.

Meikle gave an update on the ND 4-H Foundation. Giving Hearts Day is scheduled for February 13, 2020. The Luman Ranch gifted a ranch to the Foundation. The ranch is located near Gladstone. The foundation is looking into ways to utilize the ranch. Buffalo Creek Watershed Project is underway. The project is to help with the water flow next to camp. The project also includes larger culverts on the campgrounds. North Dakota 4-H Camp also has plans for a new building called the Butler Outpost building. Meikle mentioned that the NDSU Foundation is helping secure funding for the ND 4-H Foundation.

Leker is recruiting chairs for ND 4-H Camp. Leker mentioned having at least three extension attending each camp. Leker reminded the group that a chair is the one who plans the camp. The chair of the camp does not have to do all of the teaching. A chair may delegate responsibilities to others. Leker also mentioned there is a search for a helper for Camp Warmup since Doll is no longer in NDSU Extension.

Adrian Biewer reported that there were 540 kids that attended ND 4-H Camp, 100 more than last year. The team is working on keeping camp full. Biewer was happy to report that the camp was in good financial standing, stating that camp “finished in the black, pretty good for a non-profit camp.”

Scott-Hoffman reported the 4-H Program planning meeting will be on December 3 and 4 in Bismarck. Registration will be coming soon after the first week of December. This year’s focus will be on volunteers.

Old Business

NDAE4-HYW did not have a PILD (Public Issues Leadership Development) representative this year. Hoines went representing another association. Hoines shared PILD is a great opportunity to interact with decision makers on the local and national level. Hoines was able to go ‘on the hill’ and visit with legislators.

The NAE4-HA 2019 National Meeting will be held on November 3 through 7. The conference is located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Several people from North Dakota are planning to attend.

The National Extension Conference on Volunteerism (NECV) was held in Billings, Montana on May 14 through 16, 2019. Those representing NDSU Extension were Goff, Caroline Homan, Johnson, Meikle, Skurupey, Ashley Uekert, and Vettern. Homan recalled NECV as a must-attend conference; Homan uses many of the tools she learned at the conference in her 4-H program. Vettern reported NECV is still looking for a location for the 2021 conference.

New Business

Kemmet presented an update on the NDAE4-HWY By Laws. Kemmet removed ‘Service’ from all mentions of ‘NDSU Extension Service’. Kemmet also updated the district map and verbiage on jackpot funds. Kemmet’s goal was to make the By Laws easily understood for new members. Hellandsaas moved to accept the changes to the By Laws. Stuckle second the motion. Zimprich called for discussion. Aakre amended the motion by removing the following from the By Laws:

  • Under Article VI, Section 1, Part a., removing “including.”
  • Under Article VI, Section 1, Part a., removing articles A through C. Aakre’s reason was the information was already listed under Article VIII.
  • Under Article VIII, Section 1, Part b, removing the letter ‘s’ in ‘candidates’.
  • Under Article VIII, Section 1, Part c, removing the latter ‘s’ in ‘candidates’.

Kemmet second the amendment made by Aakre. Zimprich called for a vote, amendment passed. The main motion of changing the By Laws with the approved amendments was called to a verbal vote, motion passed.

Zimprich announced that Meikle will be attending JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) in February, 2020. JCEP will be in San Antonio, Texas. Zimprich also mentioned the PILD Conference will be in Crystal City, Virginia on April 12 and 13, 2020. NAE4-HA 2020 Conference will be October 19 through 22 in Boise, Idaho.

Elections and Adjournment

Following New Business was voting for elected offices; all voting was conducted using paper ballots. Winning vote for Vice President was Stuckle. Treasurer was single-entry Johnson. Central District Representative was single-entry Brummund. Winning the Camps Representative position was Quamme.

Following nominations, Kemmet moved to destroy the ballots. Meikle second, motion passed. Zimprich passed the gavel to President Elect Meikle. Meikle closed the meeting. Kemmet moved to adjourn the meeting. Hoines second the motion. Meeting adjourned.

People in Attendance:

  1. Dean Aakre – ND 4-H Center
  2. Donna Anderson – Eddy/Foster Counties
  3. Karen Armstrong – Rolette County
  4. Craig Askim – Mercer County
  5. Greg Benz – Dunn County
  6. Adrian Biewer – ND 4-H Center
  7. Paige Brummund – Ward County
  8. Brad Cogdill – ND 4-H Center
  9. Emily Goff – Ward County
  10. MaKayla Heinz-Fleming – Grand Forks County
  11. Kari Helgoe – Pembina County
  12. Marcia Hellandsaas – McKenzie County
  13. Shelby Hewson – Slope County
  14. Vanessa Hoines – Morton County
  15. Caroline Homan – Lamoure County
  16. Sue Isbell – Sioux County
  17. Angie Johnson – Steele County
  18. Holly Johnson – Stark/Billings County
  19. Dena Kemmet – Mercer County
  20. Breana Kiser – Dickey County
  21. Carrie Knutson – Grand Forks County
  22. Sara Laite – Ramsey County
  23. Deb Lee – Ransom County
  24. Lindsey Leker – ND 4-H Center
  25. Lindsay Maddock – Wells County
  26. Duane Marxen – Hettinger County
  27. Sarah McNaughton – Cass County
  28. Karla Meikle – Morton County
  29. Kendra Metcalfe – McHenry County
  30. Sue Milender – Barnes County
  31. Penny Nester – Kidder County
  32. Hannah Nordby – Adams County
  33. Sue Quamme – ND 4-H Center
  34. Kim Ruliffson – District Director
  35. Crystal Schaunaman – McIntosh County
  36. Rick Schmidt – Oliver County
  37. Meagan Scott-Hoffman – ND 4-H Center
  38. Leigh Ann Skurupey – ND 4-H Center
  39. Acacia Stuckle – Emmons County
  40. Lynnette Vachal – Mountrail County
  41. Rachelle Vettern – ND 4-H Center
  42. Rachel Wald – McHenry County
  43. Rebecca Yarger – Dunn County
  44. Brian Zimprich – Ransom County
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