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October 2016

NDAE4-HYW Minutes

Annual Meeting NDAE4-HYW
Holiday Inn, Fargo ND
October 18, 2016

Present-Dena Kemmet, Karla Meikle, Lindsay Maddock, Brian Zimprich, Acacia Stuckle, Kimberly Fox, Vanessa Hoines, Adrian Biewer, Carrie Knutson, Maxcine Nordich, Lindsey Leker, Paige Brummond, Sue Quamme, Aimee Ellingson, Kim Ruliffson, Joel Lemer, Rick Schmidt, Karen Armstrong, Marcia Hellensaas, Sara Clemens, Megan Vig, Maxcine Lukach, Lynnette Vachal, Dean Aakre, Samantha Lahman, Emily Goff, Crystal Schaunamann, Sue Isbell, Caroline Homan, Duane Marxen, Amelia Doll, Meagan Scott, Kari Helgoe, Julie Kramlich

Call to order- Dena Kemmet

Approve agenda

Secretary Report- Karla Meikle moved to forgo reading of minutes as they were emailed to everyone prior to the meeting, Amelia Doll seconded, motion passed.

Treasurers Report- Accepted as printed.

Income $4,867.87

Expenses $5,499.54

Balance 10/14/16 $8,565.34

**Barnes County grant check that got lost in the mail had a check reissued for $90. 

Administrative Report- Chris Boerboom- Extension Director

Director Chris Boerboom thanked everyone for their support of the 4-H program.  This year’s camping season was a great success. We are in the final stage for solicitation of donors for the barn that is being built.  Staffing is almost full with the exception of one position.  4-H enrollment is up again this year.  We had another excellent state fair. 

The K-State reporting program that is being purchased is somewhat delayed, but is being worked on.  The Extension Leadership team has received questions regarding the county chair position. A document has been presented to JCEP that outlines the position and changes the title to county coordinator.  The Learn and Lead incentive program is on hold at the current time while the budget is in “shortfall”.  Plans are to resume this when the budget allows.

Standing Committee Reports

Center for 4-H- Brad Cogdill

New Staff- Sue Quamme, Meagan Scott, and Lindsey Leker.  Animal Science position is in the last stages.

He was just at the National Conference in New Orleans. The conference was based around the National 4-H Strategic Plan.  The goal is for 10 years from now that 4-H enrollment reflects the U.S. population.  There is a lot of work to do both nationwide and here in ND.  At the Center for 4-H they are now busy “hitting it” since positions are full once again.

Teen distracted driving with ND Dept. of Health, it is one of the leading causes of accidents and deaths right now with teens.  Working on programs to combat this.

Mentoring program in Sioux County is continuing and will be expanding to Minot Air Force Base.

A Grant was received to use on ND 4-H camp, for reaching out to Native American youth, new residents, etc.

We will be continuing with military connected youth but not as large of scale.

4-H policy manual is about wrapped up.  They put the brakes on it mid spring because 4-H tax exemption status needed to be worked on.  Policy manual is about to come out now except for the portion on 4-H Councils because that includes the tax exempt information.

Looking at camp management software, as 4-H online may not be the best option.  There is a cost that comes with this, so they are trying to find the best fit.

Awards & Member Recognition- Karla Meikle

Achievement in Service Awards- Joel Lemer and Acacia Stuckle

Distinguished Service Awards- Carrie Knutson and Brain Zimprich

Meritorious Service award- Jackie Buckley

25 years of Service- Marcia Hellandsaas, Deb Lee, and Macine Lukach

Educational Technology Award- Rachelle Vettern

Encouraged everyone to apply for more awards as we do great work here in ND.

Clovershop- Karla Meikle

Checking- $1,211

Savings- $4,300

Reminded everyone that the clover color cannot be altered in an incorrect manner.

Diversity-Marcia Hellandsaas

Working on development of first generation 4-H families.  They are working on enhancing our diversity in ND 4-H so it is more representative of the ND population.  Monique described the Multi-cultural educator training that will be taking place during conference. 

Grants- Brian Zimprich

Youth worker and Clovershop grants are available once again to apply for.  Applications are due December 1.  Clovershop grant has $1000 available.  $1200 available for Youth Worker grant.  Last year grants went to Benson, Stutsman, and Barnes counties.  They awarded about $900.

Membership- Julie Kramlich

48 members and 9 lifetime members (11 new members this past year)

Julie handed out membership forms.

ND 4-H Foundation-
Karla Meikle

They are still raising funds for “Bucks for Bunks” at 4-H camp to reimburse the ND 4-H Foundation. Still need some inside and outside furniture at camp as well.  4-H luncheon recognition event is on Nov. 4th

Policy and Resolution- Macine Lukach

Professional Development- Acacia Stuckle


Programs- Adrian Biewer

Joel Lemer- program planning is scheduled for January 25-26 at 4-H Camp in Washburn.  A brief committee description was given for each committee. Any new committee members are welcome but you must have approval from your District Director to join.

Public Relations & Information- Julie Kramlich

Gave dates of National Conferences for the next two years. 

Old Business-

2016 PILD Representative, Macine Lukach- Gave an overview of PILD and encouraged everyone that hasn’t attended to apply.

NAE4-HA National Meeting in New Orleans- Karla, Vanessa, Brad, Amelia, Samantha, and Dena all have a brief overview of sessions they attended while at the National Conference.

New Business-

JCEP- Next conference is in Feb 2017, Brian Zimprich will be going to Florida for it.

PILD Conference- If anyone is interested let Dena know ASAP.

NAE4-HAW 2017 National Conference- November 12-17 in Indianapolis, IN.  We would like to have a good size delegation attend the conference so think about attending.

$50 donation request from NDAAEA- moved by Brian Zimprich to donate $50. Seconded by Amelia Doll. Motion passed.

Update bylaws- We are not changing anything in the wording. However, the districts are updated to reflect the current Extension district map. Campus district will now read NDSU Campus. Amelia moved and Vanessa seconded to accept the update. Motion passed.

4-H Foundation donation- Karla Meikle moved to give $500 to the 4-H Foundation, Marcia Hellandsaas seconded.

Discussion Amelia Doll asked why we give money to the foundation to give money back to us.  It is to assist the Foundation for programming. Carrie Knutson thought it should go to Bucks for Bunks

Karla Meikle amended her motion to have $500 from our association to go to Bucks for Bunks, Carrie Knutson seconded the amendment. Amendment passed.

Voting on amended motion passed.

Nominating Committee- Sue Isbell

Election of Officers

District Directors

Northeast- Sam nominated Carrie Knutson, Macine Lukach moved to cast unanimous ballot Vanessa seconded. Motion passed.

Southwest- Karla moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Amelia Doll Vanessa seconded. Motion passed.

Campus- Sam moved to cast unanimous ballot for Meagan Scott, Amelia seconded. Motion passed.

Secretary- Marcia nominated Samantha Lahman, Karla seconded. Julie moved to cast unanimous ballot, Vanessa seconded. Motion passed.

Announcements- social for association at 6pm for pizza, bring new members.

Sam moved to adjourn, Karla seconded. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

 Lindsay Maddock- Secretary

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