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October 2014

Minutes of the October 1, 2014 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

Annual Meeting Minutes NDAE4-HYW
October 1, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.
Doublewood Inn Fargo, ND

Present: Jackie Buckley, Dean Aakre, Sharon Smith, Callie Johnson, Lindsay Maddock, Alicia Harstad, Ron Wiederholt, Crystal Schaunaman, Brian Zimprich, Julie Kramlich, Joel Lemer, Marcia Hellandsaas, Cindy Klapperich, Elise Regen, Craig Askim, Yolanda Schmidt, Samantha Lahman, Duaine Marxen, Karen Armstrong, Nicholas Podoll, Amelia Doll, Amanda Dahnens, Karla Meikle, Michelle Effertz, Dena Kemmet, Vanessa Hoines, Micky Zurcher, Katie Tyler, Sharon Query, Gerald Stern, Maxine Nordick, Monique Snelgrove, Mike Hanson, Donna Anderson, Mary Froelich, Brad Cogdill, Chris Boerboom, Kimberly Braulick, Deb Lee, Ellen Bjelland, Acacia Stuckle, Caroline Homan, Kari Helgoe, Sue Isbell and Carrie Knutson.

The meeting was called to order by President Sue Isbell.

Sue asked for additions to the agenda. New business item added- auction items for National meeting.

Mary gave a membership report. We have 52 members and two lifetime members. Mary will send out an email for dues for the next year.

Financial report- Mary gave the treasurer’s report. We have $8367.77 balance. Mary will call Alice to get information on the managed funds.

Secretary’s report-Donna moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Brian seconded motion passed.

Directors Report- Chris gave an overview of the NDSU study. He stated we have great things going on in 4-H, like the camp building project. Enrollment numbers and youth being served are increasing. He tries to get most of the updates out through the blog. He reminded us to apply for leadership events.

Ron gave an update on the incentive programs from the leadership team. They have been working on it for 4-5 months. They want feedback.

Learn and Lead- recognizing high performing county agents. Available annually as funds are available. $1000 cash stipend or $2000 in professional development funds for two years. Given on July 1, there will be an annual application in by December 31. Panel of peer, specialist and program leader will verify submissions. Must have basics done, reports, behavior etc. There are 15 options, need to do at least 4 or more qualify. This can be done every year. Sue will send out an email with the details.

Advanced Degree Incentive- for those that have a master’s degree or want to get one. Recognize advanced degree- $3000 added to your salary for master’s completion. If already have masters and complete 4 more items as well as basics for an additional $3000. Doesn’t affect annual increases (merit increases).  Need feedback by November 1.

The money for this comes from the $300,000 left over from the sequestration a few years ago. The selection process is not competitive.

Center for 4-H Youth Development Report- Brad stated that our help is needed to strengthen youth programing.

Brad would like to have, as a priority for the next year, professional development. He wants a team to go to a character counts seminar, strength finders for youth and specific training around camping.

4-H Animal Science program review will occur in November.

ND 4-H Ambassador review is also under way.

The Center is looking at changing the newsletter, adding conference calls, more interactive website.  All with the hopes of a different form of communication with the Center.

4-H Common Measures is becoming the evaluation platform for 4-H programing and nationally funded projects. This will be implemented in ND. It uses qualtrics. The paper 4-H Science form will be replaced with a qualtrics form as a way to evaluate the program. Other program areas will be added next.

Nationally lots of discussion on 1st generation families. 4-H youth and families. Monique is serving as the metro-contact for the group focusing on 1st generation families.

Training dates are set, watch for them.

NYSD is here hopefully everyone is participating.

Paving the Way Campaign- We are needed to help with the campaign. Lots of the materials at camp have been well used and well loved. Need to replace those items, bunks, mattresses, etc. and possibly another out-building. Easier to sell if staff participate. Can we figure out how we can participate as an association, other associations, co-workers, and county families?

CYFAR projects ended, 4-H Army Youth Development project has ended.

6 words yesterday resonated with Brad from the speaker yesterday.

Remember- Story worth telling and a mission worth doing.

Committee Reports-

Awards- Winners are: ASA- Lindsay Maddock, DSA- Dena & Rachelle. Regional & Nation winner Monique, Dean and Ellen C. for the Cloverbud publications.

Clovershop- No budget report because of restructuring. Looking at costs of materials and shipping. Karla will send out a report next week. Money was transferred from savings to help with a large order. The money was put back after the order was paid for.

Grants- Youth program grants due December 1, applications are online. Award $1400 each year. Clovershop grant is due at the same time. All the information is on the website.

Foundation Report- Gerald has forms to sign-up for payroll deduction. The foundation gave out 11 scholarships, with 54 applications. List of names will be on the website. The board is becoming a very active group. There are a few holes to fill. Unit 2, Unit 10, Eastern, Unit 6- Jay Anderson is completing is second term and someone is needed as a replacement. Looking for good people 4-H supporters and people to do the “ask”. Giving Hearts Day has been an excellent fundraiser and the Foundation will participate again in 2015.

Foundation Director Opening closed on Friday, moving to screening. There were 12 applications.

4-H Association wants to challenge the other associations to donate to “Paving the Way Campaign”, Karla M. moved to donate $500 and challenge the other Associations. Jackie seconded, motion passed.

Policy and Resolution- none

Professional Improvement- none

Programs- Sharon Query- very successful Communication Arts Event at the State Fair. Similar event will be held next year.

Public Relations and Info- none

Diversity- Sue- will be a program on differently labeled 4-Hers at the national conference.

New Business- 25 members and staff will be attending national conference. Sue will be taking a Star Quilt. There are four historic dolls- porcelain collector statues released by a company. Linda is willing to donate one.


Donna presented slate of officers.

Sue asked for nominations for each office. There were none. Dena moved that nominations cease. Sharon seconded. Motion passed.

Secretary- Lindsay Maddock

East Director- Macine Lukach

SW Director- Julie Kramlich

Campus Rep- Adrian Biewer

Callie moved to destroy the ballots. Sam Second

Sue discussed who serves on the standing committees-

Awards- Vice President

Clovershop- appointed

Diversity- NW District

Grants- Treasurer

Membership- Treasurer

Nomination- Immediate past president

Foundation- appointed

Policy and Resolution- East Director

Professional- Central Director

Programs- Campus

PR- SW Director

Sue challenged all county offices to donate $100 to “Paving the Way Camp Campaign”. Mercer accepted. Sue will send out an email.

Michelle moved to adjourn the meeting. Gerald seconded. Motion passed.

Submitted by Carrie Knutson

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