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October 2013

Minutes of October 23, 2013 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

NDAE4-HYW Minutes
October 23, 2013 4:30 p.m.
Fargo Holiday Inn

Members Present: Rachelle Vettern, Samantha Roth, Carrie Knutson, Callie Johnson, Monique Snelgrove, Macine Nordick, Julie Kramlich, Lindsay Maddock, Michelle Effertz, Karla Meikle, Vanessa Hoines, Jodi Bruns, Sharon Query, Linda Hauge, Sharon Smith, Ellen Bjelland, Rick Schmidt, Peggy Anderson, Mike Hanson, Gerald Sturn, Brad Cogdill, Dean Aakre, Katie Tyler, Brian Zimprich, Crystal Schaunaman, Mary Froelich, Dena Kemmet, Donna Anderson, Marcia Hellandsaas, Sue Isbell, Macine Lukach, Deb Lee, Yolanda Goodman, Adrian Biewer, Brad Brummond, Samantha Lahman, Chris Boerboom, Kari Helgoe, Karla Monson, Helen Volk-Schill, Carmen Rath-Wald, Duaine Marxen, Christina Rittenbach, Cathy Palczewski, Sheldon Gerhardt, Beth Roth.

The meeting was called to order by President Sue Isbell.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were emailed out by Carrie Knutson prior to the meeting. Donna Anderson moved to approve the minutes. Brian Zimprich seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Brian Zimprich shared the current treasurer’s report. The current balance on hand is $5,734.54. A total of $4,128 was raised at the auction. Brian went through the 2013-2014 budget. Donna Anderson moved to approve the report. Dena Kemmet seconded. Motion passed.

Standing Committee Reports:

  • Grants- Brian Zimprich- grant application notices will be sent out next week.
  • Awards- Dena Kemmet reported on the awards received at Galaxy. Donna Anderson, MSA; Vanessa Hoines, 25 yrs of Service; Ellen Bjelland and Deb Lee, DSA; Karla Meikle and Crystal Schauanman ASA, Crystal Schaunaman 1st Timer Scholarship. Sue Isbell, Regional Diversity Award and Sharon Query and Dena Kemmet, Regional and National Program Award for Boundaries.
  • Clovershop- Gail Slinde- balance on hand $3,012.48, grants awarded in 2012 $1,752.00, State Fair Plaque purchase $500.00. Karla Meikle will be taking over for Gail when she retires.
  • Diversity- Sue Isbell –Sue is the National Diversity Chairman. There is a Diversity and Inclusion taskforce at the national level.
  • Membership- Brian Zimprich- membership forms are due 12.31.13 to the new treasurer.
  • Nominations- Donna Anderson- Donna explained how the vice-president, president-elect, president and past-president offices work.
  • Policy and Resolution- Maxine Nordick- no report.
  • Professional Development- Jodi Bruns passed out a list of professional development opportunities and discussed them.
  • Programs
    • Geospatial- Linda Hauge- The 2013 NYSD experiment was a success. Extra kits are available if you need them.
    • Animal Science- Dean Aakre- A livestock quality Assurance taskforce has been formed at the national level. Brian and Crystal are looking in to a program by Nebraska.
    • Citizenship- Karla Meikle- 68 youth completed SLP. CIA is February 16 and 17 in Bismarck.
    • Camping- Adrian Biewer- will send out electronic report. Overall campers were very satisfied with camp and there was a high learning curve. Over 400 youth attended camps.
    • Public Relations and Information- Karla Meikle- continuing to market 4-H events, Hall of Fame in October at the National 4-H Center, looking for proposals for 2014.
    • 4-H Foundation- Gerald Sturn- the Foundation is assuming responsibility for camp and other programs. Trying to grow the board, short members in districts 2 and 5. Always need financial support- paycheck deductions.

Administrative Reports

  • Chris Boerboom, NDSU Extension Director- Shared that they are starting to communicate with SBARE for the next Legislative session. $1.9 million dollars was raised for 4-H Camp renovations (cabins, mess hall, new building). $950,000 was through the state. JLG will be the Architects for the renovations. There will be a donation during the Harvest Bowl game from the Mark Johnsrud family to the 4-H Foundation.
  • Brad Cogdill, State 4-H Program leader- Did a mental wellness check on the program- it made him happy! A large group at the meeting who are engaged in the 4-H program. It is exciting that the camp will be renovated, first update since the 1960-1970. Sharon, Dena and Gail have worked hard on our new plan of work. The best is yet to come, still lots of work to do.
  • District Directors- Several openings in the NW, commissioners want to refill immediately.

Old Business

  • Crystal Schaunaman was a recipient of the 1st timer scholarship. Only two are given out national. She said Galaxy was a great experience and opportunity.
  • Sue Isbell talked about the items she donated for the auction (star quilt, beaded moccasins, and a winter’s count on hide with curriculum) made by her county.

New Business

  • Standing Committee Chairs are as follows:
    • Grants- Brian Zimprich and Linda Hauge
    • Awards- Dena Kemmet
    • Clover Shop- Karla Meikle
    • Diversity- Sue Isbell
    • Membership- Treasurer
    • Nomination Committee- Past President
    • Policy and Resolution- Maxine Nordick
    • Professional Development- Jodi Bruns
    • Programs- Sharon Query
    • Public Relations and Information- Karla Meikle
    • 4-H Foundation- Gerald Sturn
    • Clover Shop and NDAE4-HYW Grants- Brian Zimprich gave an overview of the grants. Stated that there is a difference in the grant application deadline vs. when the money is received. Brian made a motion that each grant is set at $1400 and grant applications are due prior to conference and awarded at conference, starting next year. Dena seconded. Motion passed.
    • Bylaws- Sue Isbell wants everyone to look at the Bylaws and the Executive Committee will review them.
    • 2014 NAE4HA- October 26-30 in Minneapolis. Proposals are now being accepted. Sharon Query and Rachelle Vettern will help proof proposals.
    • JCEP will be February 11-13 in Memphis Tennessee.
    • PILD April 6-9 in DC, watch email to submit your name to go.
    • Rachelle shared information on Regional Volunteer Trainings. Volunteer e-Forums will be offered instead of onsite training. $100 to counties that want to host to help with food.
    • Associate Professor Brent Young with the Extension Minor program reported there are 23 students enrolled in the program, 13 will be attending our conference. Wants students to join our association. Asked if we could offer student memberships. Katie Tyler looked online and National dues are half the amount for full-time college students. Michelle moved that officers look at this issue when they look at by-laws. Dean seconded. Motion passed. He also asked if our association could provide scholarships for these students because they have to take a summer internship without pay and pay $2100 for a credit fee. Brad Brummond stated it is not any different than a student teaching position. We are not financially able to support scholarships.


  • Donna handed out ballots with nominees listed. She called for any additional nominations for the officers. Rick Schmidt questioned Gail Slinde’s nomination as president because she is retiring. The association will have to cover her expenses to attend national meetings. Gail Slinde stated she could not give the position 4 years and pay for travel because of her retirement. She withdrew her name and moved to nominate Sue Isbell as president. Karla Meikle seconded. Motion passed.
  • Results:
    • President- Sue Isbell
    • President Elect- Dena Kemmet
    • Vice President- Brian Zimprich
    • Treasurer- Mary Froelich
    • Central District Director- Crystal Shaunaman
    • NW District Director- Yolanda Goodman
    • Dena Kemmet moved to dispose of the ballots. Julie Kramlich seconded motion passed.

Gerald moved to adjourn the meeting, Yolanda Goodman seconded. Motion passed.

Respectively Submitted,

Carrie Knutson


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