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October 2009

Minutes of the October 14, 2009 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

NDAE4-HYW Minutes
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Holiday Inn, Fargo


The following members and guests were present:  Donna Anderson, Helen Volk-Schill, Carmen Rath-Wald, Sharon Smith, Peggy Anderson, Beth Roth, Sharon Query, Linda Hauge, Ellen Bjelland, Samantha Roth, Gail Slinde, Dean Aakre, Julie Kramlich, Wendy Becker, Crystal Schaunaman, Karen Armstrong, Mike Hanson, Mary Froelich, Colleen Svingen, Rachelle Vettern, Brad Cogdill, Cynthia Ketterling, Jackie Buckley, Julie Hassebroek, Maxine Lukach, Brad Brummond, Carrie Knutson, Floramay Miller, Lisa Dawson, Sue Isbell, Adrian Biewer, Brian Zimprich, Lesley Lubenow, Julie Zikmund, Jodi Bruns, Rick Schmidt, Joann Runner, Michelle Effertz, Vanessa Hoines, Dena Kemmet, Maxine Nordick, Gerald Sturn and Callie Maddock.  

President Gerald Sturn called the meeting to order. 

Secretary’s Report:  Callie Maddock passed out a copy of the minutes to everyone.  Adrian Biewer moved to accept the October 27, 2008 minutes.  Gail Slinde seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jodi Bruns shared the current treasurer’s report with a current balance of $5121.06 on hand.  She also presented a General Operating Budget.  Jackie Buckley moved to accept the treasurer’s report and Dean Aakre seconded the motion, motion passed. 

Jodi discussed the options we have for our Managed Fund Account.  Maxine Nordick moved to leave the principal balance as is and forgo any funds this year from the ND 4-H Foundation.  Peggy Anderson seconded.  Motion passed.  After discussing our options as to where and how we could invest our money Rick Schmidt made a motion to leave our funds with the ND 4-H Foundation as a 50/50 stock and bond split.  Brian Zimprich seconded.  Motion passed. 

Extension Directors Report:  Director Duane Hauck spoke to the group about several different topics. 

·         4-H Foundation money- he was pleased that we had decided to leave our money with the foundation.  Administration was discouraging associations and counties from pulling money out, as it would get complicated. 

·         Duane encouraged all county offices that no longer have an FNP program to look into bringing that position back.  He also spoke on the importance of matching funds and using programs such as Junior Master Gardener’s to connect and support the FNP program.

·         Duane also spoke about the county visits he is currently in the process of doing.  He wants to have conversations about 4-H at the county level.  He challenged us to grow our programs and increase the numbers.  We currently have 5400 youth enrolled, with enrollment going in a positive direction. 

·         Spring Conference is going to have a special focus on 4-H.

·         Western 4-H Camp.  He is pleased with the advances in quality and the number of youth participating.  He is keeping attention on and is putting forth additional efforts in the camp facilities with the hope that it will make it more of a state-wide camp with ties to the ND 4-H Foundation. 

·         He also announced that NDSU President Chapman resigned earlier that day.


Center for 4-H Youth Development Report:  Brad Cogdill reported on several items.

·         OMK camping initiative money- not sure at this time if funds will continue this upcoming year.  They are in the process of planning new camping opportunities, focusing in the areas of the Minot Air Force Base and the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

·         Extension Specialist/ 4-H Youth Development to be located at the North Central Research Extension Center has closed.  They will be interviewing 2 applicants.  Key responsibilities will be to lead citizenship, 4-H at the NDSF and Western 4-H Camp.

·         ND 4-H Foundation Staffing:  will be launching a search soon.  Working on the summary of responsibilities.  Would like to have a person in place by January 1.

·         Junior Master Gardener Program needs counties to step up and do the program.  Twenty-five counties to have the program in ND.  Contact Dean Aakre if interested.

·         Brad passed around a curriculum committee sign-up sheet with a target meeting date of January 20, 2010 in Bismarck.  There are 8 committees and we are to only sign up for 1 committee. 

·         Brad also passed out a handout with what was happening in 4-H Youth Development.


Nominating Committee:  Jackie Buckley from the nominating committee present the following nominees:

President- Donna Anderson

President Elect- Sue Isbell

Vice President- Gail Slinde

Treasurer- Dena Kemmet and Brian Zimprich

Central District Director- Crystal Schaunaman

Northwest District Director- Mary Froelich

Dena Kemmet with-drew her name as a candidate for treasurer.  Jackie moved to approve nominations.  Colleen Svingen seconded.  Motion passed.  Vanessa Hoines moved to cast an unanimous ballot for all nominees.  Dena Kemmet seconded.  Motion passed. 


Standing Committees:

Professional Improvement:  No report.

Policy and Resolution:  Carrie Knutson handed out a hand-out with the proposed by-law changes.

o   Article 1- Section 3: Add a percent sign after 50.

o   Article IV- Section 1 A and B: Districts would be divided based on the NDAEA District Map (see map below). Districts would be 1. Northwest 2.East 3.Central 4.Southwest and 5.NDSU Campus Based Staff.

o   Article V-Section 1 N:  Appoints a NDAE4-HWY representative to serve a three year term on the North Dakota Foundation Board of Directors. 

o   Article XI- Sections 8: North Central Regional NAE4-HA workshop, the NDAE4-HYW President-elect during their second year in office and during the first year in office as President shall be authorized to attend this workshop.  If another person in leadership would benefit most from attending this workshop (determined by Executive Committee) shall be then authorized to attend this workshop.  Registration fee will be reimbursed by the National or State Association as available.  (Total state reimbursement for this workshop not to exceed $100).

NDAE4HYW District Map 














 Samantha Roth moved to approve changes as proposed.  Carmen Rath-Wald seconded.  Samantha Roth moved to amend her motion in Article 5, Section 1 to include:  Executive Board appoints the representative.  Peggy Anderson seconded.  Motion passed.  Vote on the motion as amended.  Motion passed. 

Programs:  No report.  Linda Hauge did mention that 22 counties did the Bio-fuel Blast.

Public Relations and Information:  No Report.

Member Awards and Recognition:  Sue Isbell reported that Dena Kemmet received the ASA; Rick Schmidt the DSA; Linda Hauge the Meritorious Service; and Dean Aakre 25 Years of Service.  Samantha Roth received the Regional Camping Award. 

Membership:  Jodi Bruns reported that the forms are available online.

Diversity:  No report.


Clover Shop:  Gail Slinde reported that they are now only selling clothing.  The current balance in the checkbook is $3180.80 and the current balance in the savings account is $7563.11.  Sue Isbell moved to accept the report.  Vanessa Hoines seconded.  Motion passed. 


ESP Meeting:  They appreciated our donation.  Thirty ND staff attended.  It was a great conference and North Dakota was show-cased well!


NDJCEP:  Donna Anderson reported on the meeting.  They plan on giving President Chapman a gift of appreciation.  Dean Aakre moved that the Executive Committee work with JCEP for appropriate gift for President Chapman thank you.  Floramay Miller seconded.  Motion passed.

Donna Anderson also reported that the National meeting will be in Nashville February 4th


2009 NAE4-HA National Conference next week in Rochester, New York.  Fifteen members from ND will be attending.


Gerald Sturn relinquished his duties as president.  Donna Anderson presented Gerald with a photo of Native American Dancers in appreciation for all the he has done for our association while serving as president. 


Donna asked for further business:  Rick Schmidt stated that Western 4-H Camp is looking at doing additional military camps.  We need help with chairing and assisting with camps.  We need to add additional camps to get more kids involved.  If anyone has any ideas, they are to let David Twist know by December.  It is a state camp and everyone should help out. 


Sharon Query reminded members to vote online for National Offices.  There will be a blast message to all members.  All of the candidate’s bios are online.  She encouraged everyone to vote for Nancy from Minnesota as the Central Region Director.


Brad Cogdill passed out the new 4-H Foundation brochures.  It included information on how staff can participate in the payroll deduction. 


Rick Schmidt moved to adjourn the meeting.  Gerald Sturn second.  Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,



Callie Maddock



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