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October 2008

Minutes of the October 27, 2008 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

NDAE4-HYW Minutes

Monday, October 27, 2008

4:30 pm, NDSU Campus


The following members and quests were present:  Donna L. Anderson, Sue Isbell, Brad Cogdill, Marcia Hellandsaas, Kaylyn Anderson, Jodi Bruns, Michelle Effertz, Beth Roth, Callie Maddock, Carrie Schumacher, Joann Runner, Macine Lukach, Mike Hanson, Vanessa Hoines, Julie Hassebroek, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Colleen Svingen, Adrian Biewer, Rick Schmidt, Rachelle Vettern, Dean Aakre, Lesley Lubenow, Jackie Buckley, Sharon Query, Maxine Nordick, Linda Hauge, Nels Peterson, Craig Askim, Wendy Becker, Brian Zimprich, Crystal Schaunaman, Mary Froelich, June M. Kraft, Gail Slinde, Gerald Sturn and Peggy Anderson.


President Gerald Sturn called the meeting to order.


Center for 4-H Youth Development:  Brad Cogdill reported on several items and then had to leave. He wanted to focus on quality issues: programs, resource development, and staffing.

  • He encouraged everyone to sign up for teams and committees on the Center for 4-H Youth Development “Wish List”. There are a variety of roles to be filled that will be looking at 4-H programs and where help is needed at events and to chaperone.
  • Under resource development and quality, the center will be focusing on the 4-H Foundation and finding a replacement for Tom McSparron. The next state meeting will look at a process that will move us through looking at partners we work with and best practices.
  • Staff development opportunities - how can we make sure staff attend those.
  • Brad continues to work on his “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” list and hopes most of that work will be handled through sign ups from the wish list so sign up.


Secretary’s Report: Marcia Hellandsaas moved to accept the March 31, 2008 minutes as posted on the association web site. Seconded by Gail Slinde, motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Jodi Bruns shared the current treasurer’s report with a current balance of $5543.06 on hand. She also presented a General Operating Budget. Nels Peterson moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Jackie Buckley seconded the motion, motion passed.


Nominating Committee: Jackie Buckley from the Nominating Committee presented the following nominees to the floor:

Secretary - Callie Maddock and Julie Hassebroek

East Director - Carrie Schumacher and Colleen Svingen

Southwest Director - Sam Roth and Dena Kemmet

Campus Director - Linda Hauge and Dean Aakre

No further nominations from the floor, nominations closed and ballots were distributed.


Galaxy III Report: Gerald Sturn reported that there was an excellent turnout of members, around 29 that attended. He encouraged everyone to share information from the sessions they attended with others in the association and the rest of extension. He also informed the membership that we needed to complete the EIN information for our association just like we are asking our county 4-H Clubs to do.  Dean Aakre shared that he serves on the national Organizational Stewardship Committee and they are looking for candidates to fill leadership positions beyond the state level.


Standing Committees:

Profession Improvement:  No report given.

Policy and Resolution:  No report given.

Programs:  Linda Hauge re-enforced what Brad said about filling out the wish list by December 1. Also looking for volunteers and older youth to be involved in the process. Expectations for the committees will be set when the group is decided. Maybe some position descriptions should be developed so staff knows the time commitment involved.

Public Relations and Information: No report given.

Member Awards and Recognition: Sue Isbell reported that Craig Askim received ASA; Krista Sundquist Littlefield - DSA;  Brad Cogdill for Meritorious Service; and Brad Brummond and Mike Hanson received 25 Years of Service Awards. Sue also mentioned how disappointed she was that nobody was being recognized for other association awards because no one applied!! She will be hounding everyone this coming year. She also reported on those that received grand funding from Clover Shop. They include: Reading Make Cents - $300; Hare-Raising Rabbit Day - $340; Summer Explorer Camp - $250.

Membership:  Jodi Bruns indicated that membership forms were in the back of the room for everyone to pick up and they are due December 1.

Diversity: No report given.

Clover Shop:  Gail Slinde shared the Clover Shop Report noting that the savings balance is less because they finally paid the coordinator compensation for the pass four years. She also reminded everyone that Clover Shop would only be providing short sleeve 4-H t-shirts in 3 colors and custom order clothing. Colleen Svingen moved to accept the Clover Shop report and Jodi Bruns seconded the motion. Motion passes.


Extension Administration Report:  Duane Hauck shared information about the budgeting process and the Grow 21 web site.

  • All initiatives are posted with a description. 4-H Leadership and Camping is listed third. He was very optimistic about this and the possibility of funding another 4-H State Specialist if the initiative is funded. State funds would be used to pay counselors at Western 4-H Camp annually and a position would be put in Minot at the research center to work with the State Fair and Western 4-H Camp.
  • Duane also entertained discussion on the 4-H Foundation and how the work of the foundation be strengthen at the local level. Share your ideas with your area representatives or Duane. A question he asked association membership is what do we need administratively?
  • SBARE - Duane indicated a positive feel about our programs in 4-H, especially when the research shows impact about membership. He shared Nels Peterson’s dissertation on 4-H Ambassador and FFA Alum in community leadership positions across North Dakota.
  • A 4-H Day at the State Legislature is being worked on for this February.


Unfinished Business:

  • Gerald reminded everyone to sign up for committees and to review our committee structure to better reflect national.
  • Jackie Buckley reported on the NDJCEP meeting that was held prior to conference. Duane covered most of the information. Jerry Effertz was re-elected as chairman of SBARE. And Jim Kerzman from Mott/Regent is the new member. Jackie also mentioned that the professional development opportunities held in September went over quite well.
  • PILD is coming up in April. Think about using your Chapman Professional Dollars to attend. Let Duane know if you’re interested in going. A great opportunity for extension staff to meet with their national congressional members. Craig Askim and Nels Peterson shared their experiences from attending.


New Business:

Gerald encouraged members to help Epsilon Sigma Phi by joining the association or at least help on committees. Rick Schmidt invited all to come to the auction during the social on Tuesday evening. Upcoming national meeting dates were shared.


Election results were shared:

Secretary - Callie Maddock

South West Director - Sam Roth

Eastern Director - Carrie Schumacher

Campus Director - Linda Hauge

Donna Anderson moved to have the ballots destroyed, Sue Isbell seconded, motion passed.


Marcia Hellandsaas moved to adjourn, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,


Peggy R. Anderson





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