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October 2007

Minutes of the October 15, 2007 NDAE4-HYW Meeting

NDAE4-HYW Minutes
October 15, 2007


The following members and guests were present:  Colleen Svingen, Maxine Nordick, Joe Courneya, David Twist, Rick Schmidt, Dena Kemmet, Sue Isbell, Rachelle Vettern, Craig Askim, Kaylyn Anderson, Julie Hassebroek, Deb Lee, Cheyanne Erickson, Denise Oase, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, Macine Lukach, Ellen Bjelland, Eugene Elhard, Samantha Roth, Beth Roth, Marcia Hellandsaas, Julie Kramlich, Dean Aakre, Linda Hauge, Brad Cogdill, Gail Slinde, Callie Maddock, Carrie Schumacher, Lesley Lubenow, Carmen Roth-Wald, Joanne Runner, Vanessa Hoines, June M. Kraft, Jodi Bruns, Sharon Query, Donna Anderson, Wendy Bengochea, Brian Zimprich, Mike Hanson, Jackie Buckley, Gerald Sturn and Peggy Anderson.


President Jackie Buckley called the meeting to order.


Secretary Report:  Peggy Anderson moved to accept the March 28, 2007 minutes as posted on the association web site. Seconded by Marcis Hellandsaas, motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Gail Slinde moved that them treasurer’s report with a balance on hand as of October 15, 2007 of $6319.82 be accepted. Seconded by Cheyenne Erickson, motion passed.  Gail also presented the 2008 Budget. Macine Luckach moved to accept the budget, seconded by Linda Hauge, motion passed.


Standing Committee Reports:

Professional Development:  Donna Anderson share that 5 applications had been received for youth programming funds. The committee is still reviewing those applications and a decision would be made after conference.

Programs:  No report given.

Policy & Resolutions:  No report given.

Member Recognition:  Donna Anderson shared that the following will be recognized in Atlanta during the National Convention: ASA – Sue Isbell; DSA – Donna Anderson and 25 Years – Brad Cogdill. She also told how simple the award application process with everything on line.

Public Relations and Information:  No report given.

Diversity:  Cheyenne Erickson shared information about the Change Agents for Diversity, activities that Gail Slinde has been sharing with 4-H groups in Ward County on Diversity and the use of Youth Dance Groups from Fort Berthold and Fort Yates that could come to events.

Membership:  Gail handed out the current membership listing with 39 members and 8 lifetime members listed. We saw a large drop in membership. She encouraged members to send in their dues soon and encourage others to join. Membership certificates were given to Carrie Schumacher and Samantha Roth. Denise Oase from Adams County, Callie Maddock from McHenry County and Leslie Lubenow from Pembina County were guests attending and introduced.

Clovershop: Krista Littlefield shared a financial report from Clovershop. Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig moved to accept the report and Gerald Sturn seconded the motion, motion passed.  It was also noted that the Glory Bee Bears will no longer be handled through the Clovershop. They can be ordered directly through the National 4-H Mall.


Administrative Report – Brad Cogdill of the Center for 4-H Youth Development

  • Brad reminded everyone of Duane’s comments about 4-H Camping ranks second to 4-H Community Clubs in providing a positive experience for 4-Hers in North Dakota. At this time Brad also reminded us of his thoughts on “Tolerate, Terminate or Transform”. This is particularly true of the Western 4-H Camp situation. We are just not ready to terminate our camping program. Recommendations are being made to keep the camping program in place with an oversight committee; that the Center of 4-H will have a larger part in the development of the program; the 4-H Foundation will play a larger role in scholarships for the camp and the Camp Association will deal with camp improvements. The goal is to have 500 campers for the 2008 season.
  • North Dakota will join 23 other states in the Positive Youth Study from Tufts University. Sharon Query will be the contact person for North Dakota.
  • The Center of 4-H Youth Development is looking at holding several face-to-face meetings around the state to look at the quality of youth programs. Key date at the moment is February 5 to host 4 to 6 regional meetings. Currently looking for hosts for those meetings. The information will be gathered and presented at a state-wide gathering on March 18.
  • NDSU Extension Service will be participating in a staff study looking at the supply and demands of staff in the NDSU Extension Service. The goal is to have staff prepared to move into retirement positions.
  • Certification of tax exempt groups – Brad will be sending a sheet with instructions on groups that use the 4-H emblem. Every club and county council along with others having access to the 4-H emblem will have to have a Tax ID number as it relates to checking and savings accounts and a complete name and address of the holder of that account. Those accounts need to be sent onto NDSU by December 1 to receive certification of their tax-exempt status. Information will be included in county boxes and sent out next week for all county staff to see.
  • Investment Proposals for the next legislative session are being developed for youth development. Looking for volunteers:  to help develop ideas on what programs to invest time and money into, not necessarily positions; willing to be advocates for youth development and help prioritize positions. Only 1 position was funded this year and will be in the area of 4-H Ag and Animal Science.


Unfinished Business:



New Business:

ND 4-H Ambassadors:  Sharon Query along with ND 4-H Ambassadors, Kaylyn Stroh, Chrisitie Dotzenrod and Ryan Heintz shared information about Extension Youth Conference and reviewed the week’s purpose and programs. The dates for 2008 are June 16-18 with the theme being “Where Are You At? Where Are You Going?”

ND 4-H Foundation:  Please consider donating to the 4-H Foundation through the paycheck reduction plan.

National Epsilon Sigma Phi Conference in 2009: Will be looking for a financial donation to help with this meeting.

JCEP:  Gerald Sturn will be attending the meeting February 20-22, 2008 in San Diego, CA.

NDJCEP:  Marcia Hellandsaas reported that a professional development committee with representation from all associations is going to be formed through the state.

PILD:  April 28-30, 2008. Duane will be looking for a representative from this association to attend this conference. Members are encouraged to use Chapman professional dollars. The National 4-H Association will pay registration cost for 1 member per state to attend.

National Meeting: Those planning to attend the National Meeting in Atlanta are Vanessa Hoines, Linda Hauge, Dean Aakre, Sharon Query, Gerald Sturn, Gail Slinde, Krista Littlefield, Brad Cogdill, Dena Kemmet and Maxine Nordick.


Other Business:

Dean announced that Shelly Parish has resigned her position at the State Fair. Shelly is our key contact at the State Fair Office in Minot. A card was passed around. Jackie also reported that former NDSU employee Bruce Schmidt’s daughter, Sarah recently had a stroke and we are encouraged to keep Bruce and Renee in our thoughts.


Elections: Marcia Hellandsaas presented a slate of nominees to the floor for the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, NW District Director and Central District Director. Samantha Roth moved to accept the slate of nominees, Macine Luckah second the motion, motion passed. Ballots were handed out, members voted. Results are:

President – Gerald Sturn

Vice President – Sue Isbell

Treasurer – Jodi Bruns

NW District Director – Gail Slinde

Central District Director – Kaylyn Anderson


Donna Anderson moved that the ballots be destroyed; Colleen Svingen seconded the motion, passed.


The gavel was given to incoming president Gerald Sturn who thanked Jackie for her 2 years of service to the association.

Marcia Hellandsaas moved to adjourn the meeting, meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Peggy R. Anderson



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